Best hobbies 30s Best hobbies 30s

With so many habits and interests left in the past, men in their 30s usually feel lost when it comes to their free time. It’s always a dilemma whether to revive an old hobby or start a new one appropriate to their age, their job or their partner. Pursuing a hobby will bring a sense of purpose, provide you with more opportunities to socialize, boost your self-confidence and help you release negativity from your life. Below we listed the top 5 activities every man in his 30s could consider turning it into his hobby.

Playing games

Like many guys out here, you were probably a passionate gamer once but gave up around your 25th birthday – the symbolic age of the definite end of the adolescent era and careless youth. Ditching your PS4 probably helped you be more productive and social, but video games aren’t necessarily evil, i.e. a waste of time. Gaming as a hobby will serve as an effective stress reliever and can incite creative process in your brain. Moreover, there are plenty of board games and mind exercises, such as Sudoku or chess, that can teach you valuable qualities of the mind and keep your brain sharp.


Woodworking is a fun and extremely useful hobby for men of all ages, especially over 30. There’s something so special and attractive about being able to say “I made that” instead of “I bought that.” It’s a wonderful hobby which will provide you with a healthy amount of physical activity and help you gain a skill useful for everyone around you. Moreover, it teaches you patience and allows you to enter a Zen-like state. If you want to become a woodworking hobbyist, there are many technical schools and woodcrafts stores offering classes on woodworking basics for affordable prices.

Scuba diving

If you’re lucky to live somewhere near the water or have time to take a weekend trip, don’t miss out on exploring the marine world through a one-of-a-kind activity like scuba diving. This fun hobby is great for staying fit, it’s extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health and it is a great stress reliever. It may not be as cheap as the previously mentioned options, but it’s totally worth it. All you need to do is get quality scuba diving equipment, sign up for a diving class and soon, you’ll be a pro at discovering the underwater world.


Just as you need to exercise your body, you should exercise your brain as well. Taking up reading as a hobby has a myriad of benefits. Reading expands your vocabulary, writing and communicative skills, it opens your mind to different horizons, tackles your imagination and provides an escape from reality we all need from time to time. Moreover, reading has a meditative quality and also helps improve your concentration span and memory. And who knows, you might encounter a book which will have a life-changing effect on you. Get on Goodreads, make your “to read” list, and even start bi-weekly book club meetings with your friends. And remember, all great men of history were voracious readers.


Something most women don’t get and don’t like, but men do, is collecting. Perhaps this is because females are natural multi-taskers while men get obsessed with one thing at a time.  Plus, there’s also the primordial urge to hunt, so it makes sense why collecting is so satisfying for males. Whatever it is (baseball cards, coins, Buddhas, or really anything), do not be ashamed to collect and display it, but make sure it doesn’t turn into compulsive hoarding. Collecting as a hobby has numerous positive effects, and it may even pave your way to a career. It improves observational and organizational skill, inspires creativity and helps you foster social connections, using a common interest as an instant icebreaker.

If you think you’re too young or too old for a certain hobby, forget about it. Try a couple of different option and whatever your cup of tea is, make sure to sip it on a daily basis. It is of crucial importance for your overall wellbeing to spend your free time on things you’re passionate about. Additionally, practicing hobbies is not only a relaxing and stimulating way to spend your time but it also proves to have numerous physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits.

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