Amazing comments for whatsapp dp Amazing comments for whatsapp dp

Comments aren’t limited to social media. You can always compliment your loved ones and your crush on different platforms like WhatsApp for their display pictures. Commenting on WhatsApp DP is a great way to start a conversation or a short catch-up. Of course, if you didn’t comment on your best friend’s new WhatsApp DP, then you might be in great trouble!

Landed here in search of some good comments for a WhatsApp DP? Well, you are on the right page, whether it’s the best friends DP or for your loved ones, once we have something for all.

Cute Comments for Befriends DP

  Cute comments for befriends dp   

It is not about a comment but being best friends; it is your duty to comment when they change their DP. So, a comment can be one of those rare moments when you are not making fun of your best friend but passing your love.

  1. My girl always knows how to rock.
  2. That’s my girl, that’s my babe.
  3. Who said you are not perfect! Who said that?
  4. Don’t know what is more hot, the sun behind you or the girl in the front.
  5. Ruling so many hearts in the contact list.
  6. Hot babe in a cool party, woo-hoo..
  7. Can I get credit for my photography please?
  8. Might miss my flight if I kept adoring you.
  9. Slaying it, killing it in the dp.
  10. Can you stop looking so good, I need to get z+ security for you.

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Beautiful Comments for Girls

Beautiful comments for girls

Girls always love taking compliments; if you want to start a conversation or little catch-up, well this would be a perfect idea. You can use these comments for a girl, and she will surely love that.

  1. You look stunning in this picture girl.
  2. I am simply adoring your dp.
  3. You look elegant and very sophisticated in your dp.
  4. Beauty got a new definition.
  5. Your pictures are always beautiful but this one is the best so far.
  6. How you always manage to look so pretty.
  7. That charm on your face, pretty!
  8. Lit and inspiring picture it is, keep smiling.
  9. What is the secret of this confidence?
  10. And you always manage to make me smile and wonder.

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Cool Comments for Boys DP

Cool comments for boys dp

Commenting on a boy’s DP is one of the rare moments, but this moment exists; if you like a guy commenting on his DP can be a nice idea, to begin with. So what are you waiting for? We have already made a list of some good comments for boys DP.

  1. Yo bro who got you smiling like this.
  2. That is how my bro poses.
  3. Girls out there in your contact list going crazy man!
  4. Dp with swag and looks.
  5. Setting new bars brother, what a dp!
  6. That’s my rockstar in the dp.
  7. Touching new heights, what’s next?
  8. Someone partied hard yesterday.
  9. My friend looks super handsome!
  10. Killing it in the Dp.
  11. Watched your new DP and I’ve to say you look awesome.
  12. I’ve just checked your DP, looking dashing, Bro!
  13. It is such an inspirational message, Loved it!
  14. You look totally unrecognizable in this new dp.

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Lovely Comments for Cousins Dp

Cousins are like first partners in crime; it’s a different bond; they play an important role, they are family who acts as a friend when you need them. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we usually don’t catch up, so commenting on their DP would be a nice idea for a little catch-up and pass your love.

Lovely comments for cousins dp

  1. Sophistication is our legacy, no doubt it is on a new level.
  2. Copying that swag from me, that’s alright!
  3. You can give me credit for this click.
  4. How do you always manage to look so good man!
  5. Momma said that it was okay….
  6. Slaying in the dp.
  7. Got looks from mum and swag from paa.
  8. Obsessed with your pic!
  9. Stop looking so good, you are the new crush of my friends.
  10. That chubby panda aged so well.
  11. Never know about this avatar! Looking great. 
  12. Totally unrecognizable. Take it as a compliment.
  13. Great picture. You could give credit me for taking that picture for you.
  14. Not this what you can call DP. I can’t tell you how much I love it. 
  15. This is by far the best Whatsapp DP you ever have. 
  16. You’re known for your unique photos. How did you create that? I want to know.

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Sweet Comments for Your Partner

Sweet comments for your partner

Partner is someone who stands by your side no matter what; you don’t need to shop for something expensive every day to make them feel special. Noticing small changes and appreciating them can make them smile, like commenting on their DP.

  1. Your dp making made me smile.
  2. You always know how to look stunning.
  3. That’s my man, always stunning, always handsome!
  4. Is that love of my life in the dp?
  5. I didn’t know you had such a beautiful twin, take some styling tips from her
  6. I really want to go on a date with the girl in the dp.
  7. Darling, you make me crazy.
  8. Every time I feel low, I simply look at this face.
  9. Honey your DP is my source of positivity.
  10. Falling in love with my girl/boy.
  11. What a creative DP it is. Which trending instagram filter did you use?
  12. Looking so lovely brother! Sorry, you’ve always been like this. 
  13. Seems like you’re hired a professional for this. 
  14. Why don’t you start modeling, then?
  15. Thanks for this beautiful message, it indeed makes my day.

Funny Comments for WhatsApp DP

Well, funny comments don’t have to be mean to your friend or anyone. It has to be pure humor and not hurtful. Also, you need to check how comfortable your connection is. When this friend takes nothing seriously from you, here are some funny comments to leave on their WhatsApp DP. 

  1. Look at that attitude! I don’t like it though. 
  2. When you are done showing off, please give me my shirt back. 
  3. Looking too good in that picture. I wish I could say that. 
  4. And the credit for getting this pic goes to none other, but me. 
  5. I think that the previous DP was much better than this. 
  6. So you think, this picture will make him like you?
  7. Oh, it’s you? You are so unrecognizable in this. 
  8. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard to have a perfect DP.
  9. You think this will make you look good than you actually are. 
  10. Good luck with this picture. I hope you get someone to like you. 

Compliments to Give on Someone’s WhatsApp DP

You want to sound genuine when complimenting someone’s DP on WhatsApp. You could mention their personality and looks that have your attention. And, if you need some ideas of what compliments you can give, here is the list for you. 

  1. I never checked anyone’s DP, but yours. 
  2. Yeah, we all know that you are so good-looking.
  3. Love your style, you always have just perfect DP. 
  4. Always impressed with your pose. Can you teach me some? 
  5. Oh, what a lovely picture this is. I remember when we took it. 
  6. How come your DP is so perfect like always? 
  7. This picture is too good to make your WhatsApp DP. 
  8. Just can’t get over with how creative this picture is. 
  9. I was missing you and now I am missing you even more.
  10. Seeing this picture, I wish to meet you right now. 
  11. So many memories with this DP. Thanks for posting it. 
  12. I don’t want to stalk you, but you make me. 
  13. Stop distracting me with your such beautiful DPs.
  14. I know you make this your DP for me, Right?

So, these were some great comment suggestions for WhatsApp DP; you can use them for your loved ones and make their day. Remember, small efforts can bring a smile to the faces you always adore.

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