Compelling reasons to earn your bachelor's degree Compelling reasons to earn your bachelor's degree

Degrees are expensive, they take time to earn, and sometimes, a degree can’t promise a prosperous career. For these reasons, many students leaving high school find themselves wondering if tertiary education is really worthwhile.

Whether you have pressing questions like, “what degree should I do?” or “is a bachelor’s degree worth it?”

Your Resume Will Stand Out

Even though a bachelor’s degree can’t secure a successful career path, it can increase your chances thereof dramatically. With a bachelor’s degree, your resume will stand out above candidates that don’t have the valuable qualification.

Earn More

A bachelor’s degree will take you about four years to complete. Within this time, you will learn everything you need to start working in your chosen career. Even so, it’s beneficial to continue your education after obtaining your bachelor’s degree, even if you decide to enter the workforce.

Nevertheless, having a bachelor’s degree behind your name will automatically increase your earning potential. In fact, reports show that those with bachelor’s degrees typically earn about 40% more than professionals in the same role who do not have this qualification. What’s more, the average earnings for professionals with bachelor’s degrees is about $64,869 per annum.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Those who have bachelor’s degrees are significantly more likely to enjoy their careers than those who don’t. This is because those who pursue degrees are set in their career paths, while those who don’t plan on getting a degree are more likely to settle for any job that pays the bills.

Career Confidence

There’s no doubt that a degree can provide an abundance of career confidence. On the other hand, starting a job with no relevant skills or qualifications can be pretty stressful. Having a bachelor’s degree means you will already have a clear understanding of the industry and job role responsibilities.

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Be More Employable

Employers know that candidates who have devoted their time to obtaining a degree are serious about their careers. As a result, degrees render professionals substantially more employable. And if you’re more employable, you’ll find it easier to land high-paying careers, and you’ll typically experience shorter periods of unemployment.

With so many compelling reasons to get your bachelor’s degree, there’s no doubt that it’s worth your while to start looking into course options. While you can consider studying the traditional way, you also have the option of part-time and online learning.

With online learning, you can get your degree online. Moreover, online learning is typically more affordable, and it also allows students to work while they earn their degrees, which enhances affordability even more.

Therefore, even if you can’t afford the tuition fees for renowned traditional universities, you can still afford to get your bachelor’s degree. That said, once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree, you should pursue a postgraduate degree before completing a master’s degree in your field of choice. Most students stray from their education after obtaining a master’s degree; however, you can still take your education and career further by getting a doctoral degree in your field.

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