It can be confusing to choose a handguard for your AR-15 because there are a lot of alternatives that are available. However, picking the handguard is one of the essential choices when building or accessorizing your AR-15.

The AR 15 handguard can define the usefulness of your rifle. The main function of a handguard is shielding the shooter’s hand from the warmth of the barrel while using the gun. Also, accessories can be installed onto aero precision handguard to help with one’s shooting.

When you purchase a handguard, it is better to do a little bit of research first. This will help you decide and find the right match for your needs and rifle.

Two Types of Handguards

The first step is to decide between the types of handguards you want when trying to choose a handguard that is suitable for your rifle. To correctly select the right handguard, you need to know the difference between the two and what they are designed for.

Their function and features are different and you should choose one based on your needs. It is also essential to consider the handguard weight if you take the rifles out for hunting purposes. So, to help make things easier, there are two main types of aero precision handguards, as mentioned below.

1. Free-Floating Handguards

You might want a free-floating handguard if you are looking for an incredibly sleek, tactical-style weapon. You can customize the gun to meet your exact taste due to the wide variety of options available. The free-floating handguard is excellent if the type of shooting requires extreme accuracy.

Though these handguards are heavier because they have to support their weight and accessories over their length, they’re also a bit pricey, and the installation is more complicated. Another essential advantage of a free-float type is its high stability and accuracy.

2. Drop-in Handguards

The drop-in handguard is designed just for a casual shooter as it is easy to use, and the installation is simple. It is composed of a two-piece guard held in place by the delta ring of the weapon. So, a drop-in will also be fine for you if you need a simple home defense or survival rifle.

The drop-in handguards are usually cheaper than free-floating handguards because they have a simpler design. This simplicity makes them easy and takes less time to manufacture and develop, and generally very easy to install.

There are a few crucial differences between the two types of the aero precision handguard. While both can function adequately, there are certain circumstances that you need a specific feature. Owning a gun also knows the importance of rifle modification depending on the purpose of its usage.

It can be shot for sports activities, for hunting, or will be used by a military or law enforcement. It is necessary to know your rifle and do your research before purchasing just any buffer weight. Too light or too heavy, and your gun may not properly cycle and function. You can find the best handguard that suits your needs with all the options on the market.

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