Instagram captions for travel photos Instagram captions for travel photos

No matter how short the trip is or how far it is, traveling always leaves you with a lot of memories. It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time traveler or doing it as a vacation twice a month, it ends up giving you the memories that you can’t resist but post on Instagram. 

To share your best travel experience, It’s not enough to just show a picture. You want some perfect captions to add to your travel photos whether it’s a trip with your friends, family, or solo. This will give you a better chance of creating engaging travel posts. 

If you feel it hard to write the captions on your own or you’ve got a lot of pictures to post, you can use the best travel captions for your pics, without much waiting. 

Best Instagram Captions For Travel Pictures

Best instagram captions for travel pictures

When you’ve been on a great vacation or traveling a lot, you don’t simply want to post pictures. You of course want some perfect captions that share the best travel vibes. So, here they are. Use these captions in your photos to share your takeaways from this trip. 

  1. Every trip is a way to explore the world and yourself. 
  2. You feel something new, you find something new. 
  3. Places like this you want to visit again and again. 
  4. Life is short, travel as much as you can. 
  5. You just simply can’t say no to this place.
  6. Travel does many good things, I advise you to do it more often. 
  7. Whether in life or travel, you better go ahead as far as you can.
  8. Travel is not to escape from the routine. It should be your goal.
  9. Nothing can heal you like the way a small travel can. 
  10. When you travel, you actually get to know yourself. 
  11. For a place like this, I don’t mind spending my savings. 
  12. Don’t be so regular, travel more often and see your best version. 

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Cool Captions For Travel Photos With Friends

Cool captions for travel photos with friends

Every time you travel, if it’s a two-week vacation or two days trip, you want to make sure that your followers connect with such pics well. Don’t look for anything else, you need to add the coolest pictures to your travel pictures especially when it’s your trip with your gang. 

  1. With friends like this, every trip is itself a festival. 
  2. So grateful for such crazy friends to make every trip a great one. 
  3. Whether it’s a small trip or a long vacation, I like to travel and I’m always ready for it.
  4. Traveling with family is still a picnic, but with friends, it is a party itself. 
  5. Never say no to any trip, because you might regret it after watching their pictures. 
  6. When I travel I make sure the entire journey is a celebration to escape. 
  7. Never wait for the perfect moment to ride. The time is now to go out and enjoy the ride.
  8. You get to know who is your best friend during the long vacation. 
  9. Travel reveals a lot about you as well as about your friends, too. 
  10. Such a perfect vacation with the best people in my life. Great experience. 
  11. Traveling with friends is always fun, then you realize you’ve to carry your bags.
  12. Not every trip is to get lost, but some to find your other-selves. 
  13. Sometimes you find a home where you have never been before. 
  14. I certainly don’t want to be average and stuck in the same place, I want to travel. 

Perfect Captions For Travel Photos With Family

Perfect captions for travel photos with family

If you’ve been on a family vacation and are about to share the best pictures on Instagram, you shouldn’t ignore this list. Here are the perfect captions for your family trip pictures, helping you save them as memorable travel memories. 

  1. Families that travel together, stay together. 
  2. You never know how amazing a family you’ve until you travel along. 
  3. By far this is my greatest family trip ever. Even though it’s the first one. 
  4. Look at those smiley faces, you’re not going to see them this happy every day. 
  5. From time to time you need a trip to strengthen your family ties. 
  6. A long vacation, good family, a place like this. Perfect escape plan. 
  7. No family vacation is boring when you don’t have to force anyone. 
  8. I’m now convinced that my family is great, here’s the proof. 
  9. We might not be the best travelers in the world, but we enjoyed it for sure. 
  10. Wanna know my crazy travel companions, here they are. 
  11. About to make the perfect family vacation ever.
  12. The great thing is your family is full of travel enthusiasts. 
  13. Vacation, your people, beuaitful location. What else do you need?
  14. You don’t need a passport, first you need a bunch of good people to travel along. 

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Funny Captions For Travel Pics

Funny captions for travel pics

In search of some funny captions to add to your travel pics? Here they’re. These funny travel captions are perfect for reliving the fun you had along the way/ Plus, it’s proof that you’ve had an unforgettable travel experience. 

  1. If you follow me, you might be traveling most of the time. 
  2. Don’t want to live it, but I’ve to with a heavy heart. 
  3. A place like this is enough to tell you how boring life is. 
  4. I’m not here to make you jealous, I just can’t help but show off. 
  5. If I ever get missing, you better find me here, next time. 
  6. Just one trip is enough to know what you’re missing in life. 
  7. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can help me travel this far. 
  8. I won’t come home if being at this place won’t cost a bit. 
  9. So, this is my secret vacation that I’ve been hiding from you all. 
  10. You want to go as far as you can, but don’t forget the gas price. 
  11. The only thing I hate about traveling is that you have to pay for it. 
  12. Every penny you spend on your travel has to be well-spent. 
  13. Those who sleep during the journey, I suggest they should be left at home. 
  14. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop myself from traveling extra miles.
  15. Don’t say I’m lost while traveling, I just want to explore more. 

Short Captions For Travel Photos

Short captions for travel photos

If you want to share your best travel moments, you don’t always have to write long captions. Sharing short captions is often a good idea since they can also convey your travel vibes as they should. 

  1. Here’s my ultimate escape plan.
  2. So you’ve found my secret location. 
  3. I’ve been waiting for the view.
  4. One picture, a billion memories. 
  5. Feeling like on top of the world. 
  6. Being in one place is never enough. 
  7. You travel just to travel, but I do it to live my life. 
  8. Well, traveling is the break that I need every month.
  9. Traveling is not a goal for me. But my routine now. 
  10. When you travel, you actually invest in yourself. 
  11. Travel not for others, but yourself alone. 
  12. I rather spend my money on traveling than keeping it. 
  13. Go further, go faster, travel lighter. 
  14. The entire journey is important, not just a destination.
  15. Be the collector of great memories. 
  16. Investing the time in new adventures. 
  17. Here’s the flashback of my awesome trip. 
  18. Not in the mood to come back home!
  19. A certified wanderer!

When in hurry don’t hesitate to leave such one-word Instagram captions for your posts.


If you’ve been on a long journey, you might not have the energy to write captions for each great picture you want to post to Instagram. 

You don’t have to do anything else, just follow this article, add the appropriate Instagram captions for your travel photos, and hit “post”. 

These provided great travel captions will help you share your experience to the fullest. 

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