Trending group names for friends Trending group names for friends

Not just on WhatsApp, but on Facebook or any other messaging app, you will want to create a group for your friends that is dedicated and highly engaging.  The first thing you want to do is make sure that the name of your trending group is unique if you want to retain that friendly vibe and build strong connections online as well. At the same time, make sure the group name has some meaning to keep everyone interested and involved. 

It’s the name that makes all the difference when you are trying to build a strong community that everyone feels a part of. 

No matter whether you are looking for some unique names or want to update your friends’ group to the most trending group names for best friends, this is the only list that you need.

Funny Group Names for Friends

Funny group names for friends

If you’re forming a group just for a fun purpose and there’s not going to be any boring or casual talk, choose a name that will be interesting, mostly funny. So every time they get the notification on group post updates, they tend to check it rather than pass over it.  

  1. The GOATs
  2. Chating-Waiting
  3. VIP friends
  4. Chai not coffee!
  5. Herd of Nerds
  6. Free Friends
  7. Bad Boyzz
  8. Just craziness
  9. Awesome people
  10. The Rejectors
  11. Jokers and movers
  12. Only Geeks
  13. Group of viruses
  14. Crazy Beasts
  15. The Awesomeness

Group Names for Best Friends

When this group is for nothing just for your best friends, here are some of the best group names you can give this union. 

  1. Friendship For Ever
  2. The Herd
  3. Truly Best Friends
  4. One more selfie
  5. We the rocks
  6. The HotStars
  7. Friendly Town
  8. Fantastic Four Friends
  9. Always connected
  10. Friendly corner
  11. Weirdos
  12. Cool species
  13. Crazy-Not lazy boys
  14. Fun Hunters
  15. League of Comedy Kings

Group Names for 3-5 Girl Best Friends

If you are looking for a small group say for only a maximum of five friends in it, make its name super-unique and meaningful, overall. Need some ideas, follow these ones!

  1. Bro Codes
  2. Pro Boys
  3. Just Us
  4. Bhangra boys
  5. Supervillains 
  6. The defenders
  7. Lucky guys
  8. Friendly cabinets
  9. Three musketeers 
  10. Yes, Again!
  11. The Three
  12. It’s just us.
  13. Furious Five.
  14. We’re The One!

Unique Group Names for Friends

Unique group names for friends

It’s not a good idea to name your group with random and common group names. After all, you’re bound with the special connection, right? Why not try out some unique and creative group names for your friends that would make it feel special? 

  1. Two-cup tea
  2. Only Good fellas
  3. Brothers from other mothers
  4. Future millionaires
  5. Family Friends
  6. Dear folks
  7. Can’t talk, only chat. 
  8. Party sharty
  9. What’s up, Boys
  10. The Fast Texters
  11. Friends forever
  12. The Marvelous
  13. Mission Impossible
  14. Full to dhamaal
  15. Special 13
  16. Krazzy 5
  17. Friend Sheep
  18. It’s a private group

Further, you can also express your appreciation through these perfect comments for friends on their posts. 

Group Names for School Friends

Your connection with your school friends is such a special one. Whether you’re in school right now or just forming it to stay connected with your old friends, here are some best names for the school friends group on WhatsApp. 

  1. School Gang
  2. Pin Drop Silence
  3. Backbenchers
  4. School Days Boys
  5. My preciouses
  6. The lost boys
  7. Are you crazy?
  8. Homies
  9. Forever Friends
  10. Genius gangs
  11. Deadly Guys
  12. Extraordinary boys
  13. BestBuddies
  14. Family Not Friends
  15. We Rockers!
  16. The Magnificent Five

Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

Best whatsapp group names for friends

When you’re already on the way to creating your group name and whom to involve in it, but cannot decide what to name this group, you need this list. In this list, you will find some of the best and most awesome group names of what group for friends. Whether your group is connected through school, college, or an office, here are some perfect names you can use.

  1. Backstreet boys
  2. Dreamers not doers
  3. Lazy but crazy boys
  4. Friendopedia
  5. Friendly war
  6. Friends for sale
  7. Unstoppable Fun
  8. Three is enough!
  9. Friendship HQ
  10. The Foodies
  11. Late-night talk show
  12. Type B Negative
  13. Long Riders

Looking for the ultimate list of the best group names, you better read this one: Trending WhatsApp group names

Group Names for College Friends

Well, the college friend’s group is not limited to passing some jokes or any exam-related updates only, you want to make it to stay connected with each other. Here are some good names that you can give to your college friends’ group circle. 

  1. College Buds
  2. Late Night chatters
  3. Viral Group
  4. The most Secret group
  5. Random peoples
  6. Just Friends
  7. Secret project
  8. Non-stop chat
  9. Quietest group ever
  10. Most Boring people
  11. The Chat Show
  12. FriendZoned
  13. Canteen Crews
  14. Fabulous Fellas
  15. Gossip Gangs

Stylish Group Names for Besties

Stylish group names for besties

How can the group name sound so ordinary, boring, and regular when you have a friend with so many jokes and attitudes? Here are some stylish and supercool names for friends’ groups that make everyone feel like a valuable member of the group. And guess what, with such a special group name, they will also contribute to keeping it alive for a long time. 

  1. Small talks
  2. The Bosses
  3. Biker Boys
  4. Boss Women
  5. Diamond hearted
  6. Extraordinary legends
  7. Knight riders
  8. The Dream Team
  9. Back To School
  10. Battles of Besties
  11. Another Universe
  12. Friend Sweet Friend
  13. Friendly Vibes
  14. In the name of boys
  15. One last joke
  16. Friendly spirit
  17. Extra Roommates
  18. Proud PROs
  19. Night Talkies

Cool Group Names For Friends

You certainly don’t want to name your group that few will avoid, due to having a boring first impression. Make it the coolest group in your school or college. You can choose any one of the listed group names that other friends want to join. 

  1. PubG ProS
  2. Crazy boys
  3. Yeah, Bro!!
  4. Talk and chat zone
  5. Bhailogs
  6. Memers
  7. XOXO
  8. Coolest Group Ever
  9. Just Dudes!
  10. Fighters (Not lovers)
  11. Just ProBros
  12. PartyBoyz
  13. GamersArena

One Word Group Names for Friends

One word group names for friends

When it comes to group names or group sizes, the shorter one is better. If you don’t want to make your group name unnecessarily lengthy, but to the point overall, here are your best options. Actually, one-word group names are a nice option and can sound quite appealing. 

  1. Walkie-Talkie
  2. 3.5 Packs
  3. BROmance
  4. MadZone
  5. Creditors
  6. Hopelessness!
  7. Averagers
  8. Unforgettable
  9. MadMen
  10. Minions
  11. Beasts
  12. Unforgivable 
  13. DudePool
  14. Hangovers
  15. DesiBoyzz

Attitude Whatsapp Group Names For Friends

Around friends, your attitude is a bit different. Fine, if you all are weird for the rest world, but together you all are the one. If you create a WhatsApp group with like-minded friends, you can pick your group names from this list. 

  1. Buddies With Hoodies
  2. Elite Teenagers
  3. Dreamers and Fighters
  4. Men In Blue
  5. Freaky Friends
  6. Space Humans
  7. Only Smart Dudes
  8. The TrendSetters
  9. Proudy Guys
  10. KTM Gangs
  11. Smashers
  12. Kings Of The Streets

Well, along with that you might also want to read some one-word comments to leave on Instagram posts, as well as on WhatsApp group updates or Facebook pictures.

What is a good name for my WhatsApp group?

Like I said before, that you better work on naming your friends’ group, before adding anyone. This is because the name of the group itself serves as the first impression. And we all know how important a first impression is.

You can always use the listed best and trending group names for friends, whether on WhatsApp or Facebook. But, when you want to have your unique group name, you need to know how you’re related to such friends. Means, are you all classmates, college classmates, roommates, co-workers, cousins, or close friends?

No matter whatever name you choose, make sure such names clearly share friendly feelings, first. Due to its name, they instantly know what type of conversation this group will have.

Whether it’s group name or size… keep it short, and make it special. So that every friend happily plays their part well to keep it active for long. 

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