Feedback comments for kindergarten students Feedback comments for kindergarten students

Kindergarten is like the first building block of a child toward a successful professional life. In kindergarten, every student is a star that shines brightly, and their report cards are like snapshots of their education journey. As a teacher, it becomes important to provide feedback that supports their growth, celebrates their small achievements, and encourages them to do better. 

Here are 40 thoughtful comments to inspire and uplift Kindergarteners on their academic journey.

Positive Comments for Kindergarten Kids 

Positive comments for kindergarten kids 

Kids are not easy to handle they simply absorb everything, as an educator serving positivity and handling them with care is a must. Adding comments to their report card is essential, that can help them to improve in the future. Here are some positive comments to add to in report card of a kindergarten kid.

  1. Your enthusiasm for learning is remarkable! Keep exploring and discovering new things.
  2. You have a fantastic imagination! Your creative ideas are so good.
  3. You are a kind friend to everyone in our class. Your attitude makes our school a better place.
  4. Your curiosity is inspiring! Never stop asking questions and looking for answers.
  5. You have a beautiful smile that lights up our classroom every day. Keep smiling & shining.
  6. Your creativity shines through in every activity. Keep exploring and expressing yourself.
  7. You listen and follow directions, you do a great job. 
  8. Your kindness to your classmates is heartwarming. You make our classroom a better place kido.
  9. You are making great progress in all the subjects. Keep practicing.
  10. You are a quick learner and pay attention to every detail. Keep it up.

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Comments for Improvement for Kindergarten Students

Comments for improvement for kindergarten students

Being a teacher is a great responsibility, good comments can help them to improve a lot. As a teacher, you can add comments and mention the section that has scope for improvement. Explain to them how small changes can help a kid in the long run.
Scroll below for comments on comments for Improvement for Kindergarten report card.  

  1. Your child is making progress in your reading skills! Keep practicing and you will be a reading superstar.
  2. Remember to practice math problems. With a little patience, you’ll be able to do addition and subtraction in no time.
  3. Let’s work together on improving your handwriting. Practice tracing the letters and writing your name neatly daily.
  4. You do great in class discussions! Try speaking a little louder and clearer so everyone can hear your fantastic ideas.
  5. Continue to practice your craft work, this will help you in innovating.
  6. You did hard work when faced with challenges. Try your best and you will succeed.
  7. Your positive attitude will help you a lot, try to invest more time in revising.
  8. You will become more independent in your tasks. Keep up the good work.
  9. Your curiosity about the world around you is appreciated. Keep exploring and discovering.
  10. You are great friends with your classmates. Be nice and supportive.

Feedback Comments for Kindergarten Students

Feedback comments for kindergarten students

In a report card, feedback for average students is a must thing for a teacher. It is good for their upcoming sessions and exams. The feedback can be for academic performance or overall improvement.
Here are some feedback comments for Kindergarten students

  1. I appreciate your positive attitude in class. Your eagerness to learn makes teaching a joy.
  2. Thank you for being a helpful friend to your classmates. Your kindness is appreciated.
  3. You have a unique perspective on things and I love hearing your thoughts and ideas during our lessons.
  4. I am proud of how you have handled the challenges this semester. It is admirable, keep going.
  5. Your growth this year has been remarkable! Keep up the fantastic work and the sky’s the limit.
  6. Your efforts in-class activities are commendable. Keep participating and sharing your ideas.
  7. Keep practicing coloring and writing. This will help you in creative parts.
  8. Your willingness to help others is appreciated. Continue to be a caring and helpful friend.
  9. You’re becoming more confident in expressing yourself. Keep talking and sharing your thoughts.
  10. You do a fantastic job of taking turns and sharing with others. Keep practicing kindness.

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Encouraging Comments for Kindergarten Students

Encouraging comments for kindergarten students

Encouraging students is the teacher’s duty. One must add encouraging comments to kindergarten students’ report cards. This helps them to boost their spirit.
Scroll below for encouraging comments for Kindergarten student

  1. Believe in yourself and you can do anything. You are capable of great things.
  2. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Learn from your mistakes and improve them in the next session.
  3. Your positive attitude and determination inspire your classmates every day. Keep chasing your dreams.
  4. I see a bright future ahead of you! Keep working hard and you will achieve amazing things.
  5. Remember, every step you take is one step closer to your dreams. Keep going with confidence.
  6. Your love of learning is evident in everything you do.
  7. Consistency in completing tasks is admirable. Work hard and never give up.
  8. Your positive attitude towards challenges is inspiring. Overcome obstacles with confidence.
  9. You are making great improvements in your social skills. Keep interacting and making friends.
  10. Your eagerness to learn is a joy to see. Keep asking questions and seeking knowledge.


Kindergarten is a magical time full of fun, discovery, growth, and learning new things. By offering positive, constructive, and encouraging feedback, we can empower Kindergarteners to embrace their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and reach for the stars. Let’s continue celebrating their progress, nurturing their potential, and inspiring them to shine brightly on their educational journey.

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