Ways to overcome failure Ways to overcome failure

Failure, a state which not many can handle; is a state which has its significance in one’s life. It teaches one to be grounded, not to develop an ego and to motivate one to perform better next time. Failing is inevitable but a real MVP is the one who finds his way to overcome failure.

Here is a guide to help you to overcome the failures that you are facing in your life:

1. Gain Courage, Stand Up And be Ready to Bounce Back!

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No doubt it is difficult to cope up with failure, but what one needs, are, 3 important things to keep in mind at this stage.

  1. Keep your calm, accept the failure and just give time to settle.
  2. Stop getting affected by remarks people give you.
  3. Gain the courage, fill your mind with positivity to give another try.

After the above steps, set your goal in your mind and aim for it without any further distractions. “Instead of looking at 100 reasons to quit, look at 1000 reasons not to give up

2. Go Back, See What Went Wrong

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Many-a-times, we are very confident about our preparation whether in a school exam or a meeting at work. If things, didn’t go as expected, why not try and look back again, to know what exactly are our weak points and if we require improvements?
This exercise will not only familiarize you with your weaknesses but can help you focus on those weak areas to make them strong. Always remember, “Mistakes are your biggest teachers”

3. Work on Weakness

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Once, you know what your weaknesses are, comes the tough part! You need to work upon them, day and night to overcome them. Many people lose their patience in this process. But you need to understand, if the failure was so easy to overcome, then the value of your efforts would always be hidden!
Lionel Messi said “I start early and I stay late; day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success

4. Motivation and A Goal

You don't have to see the whole staircase you just have to take the first step quotes

What motivates you? It’s very important to have a motivating factor in your mind when you want to achieve something. The motivation can be of any sort or any kind. Be it money, be it luxury, be it happiness. Being aware of your specific goal combined with motivation (here, encouragement) can bring out the real flavor of your efforts!

Check out the Tips to gain motivation

5. Have Confidence

A fairy won't come and solve your problem

It is necessary to have confidence in yourself, but in this process, again, be cautious about not getting carried away and be very careful about not having put the prefix ‘over’ before confidence!
This over-confidence can ruin the efforts that you took.

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6. Learn a Lesson From Your Mistakes

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One of the major reasons why people fail over and over is because they repeat the same mistake again and again. Every successful person you will see around or you might have heard about has also made tons of mistakes in life and they got succeed because they tend to learn from every mistake they’ve made and did not repeat them. Mistakes are okay as long as you do not repeat them and instead learn from them. Learning from every mistake would take you one step further to your goals in life.

7. Avoid Trying to Be Perfect

Nobody is perfect

Nobody is perfect in life, none of us is a perfectionist. Rather than wasting time in making perfection put your time in getting the maximum output because at the end of the day what you will have to show is how much amount of work you have done throughout the day. Experience people say you keep wasting your time in getting perfection then you will never be able to remain consistent in life and without consistency, you will achieve nothing.

And this might be one of the reasons why you fail. Therefore to overcome failure avoid trying to be perfect and be consistent.

8. Have a Role Model

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Follow the path of someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, follow their guidelines to overcome failure. Read about how hard they’ve worked all day and night and how loyal they are towards their work. Learn from their experiences.

Having a role model doesn’t mean you will achieve exactly what they have achieved but this depends on how loyal you are towards your work, how do you manage things, how productive you are, how do manage your time and many other look-alike factors.

PS – You just don’t always need a role model to transform towards a successful life because in the end self-growth is all that matters.

9. Do Not Complicate Things

The moment you start to complicate things is the moment you get lost in all the details. And these specifics will dishearten you & will lose hope. Simply keep things clear and easy. Even if you have a difficult problem, it’s often a simple solution that will give you the answers you’re searching for.

10. Build the Expertise to Solve Problems

One of the possibilities to overcome failure is to develop skills in managing your problems and in creative thinking. Such critical skills would help you to think more flexibly about your situation, and will also open you up to possibilities and opportunities you would not usually have encountered.

11. Failure Is the Part of the Success

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When time gets difficult, the most irritating people say is to stay positive and calm. The concept of positive thinking has been misused, misconstrued, and abused through us all. Despite what we pay attention to, it has nothing to do with smiling and being happy with the whole lot that occurs to you. Anyone who says this is either lying or crazy. Positive thinking, rather, is used so that we will learn, grow, and evolve from what we experience from life. This does not mean to try and fail. It honestly approaches that in case you are confronted with a setback, recognize it isn’t your very last destination. It is a stepping-stone on your journey that is getting you to in which you need to be. When we do enjoy difficulties in life, it’s far to get down on ourselves. It is ok to get disillusioned and disappointed. Our goal, however, is to not stay down.

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