Trending non technical presentation topics Trending non technical presentation topics

If you are about to give a presentation as a student or employee, you need some topics that you feel comfortable presenting. If it’s possible, and you can select your topic, go for some non-technical topics for your presentation, first. 

When you want to make your presentation purely educational, that either educates or spreads awareness about a particular subject, the non-technical are the best topics to cover. In this article, we are sharing not just the best but the trending non-technical presentation topics for you. 

List of Non-Technical Presentation Topics

List of non technical presentation topics

Here is the ultimate list of the presentation topics for your PPT, seminars, group discussions, or college projects. Whether you are looking for the right topic for your school or college presentation or need good group discussion at the office, we have a separate list of non-technical topics for that purpose.

General Non-Technical Topics for Students

General non technical topics for students

For normal classroom discussions or PPT presentations, you need topics that your fellow students can relate to. You need topics to talk about some important topics or from current affairs. So here are the best general topics that make them worth presenting as part of your school or college project. 

  1. How to develop leadership skills in the young generation? 
  2. Type of population: Causes, effects, and solutions
  3. How’s the world doing after covid-19? 
  4. How does technology shape your life and the future?
  5. What makes learning a musical skill a must?
  6. How does tourism affect wildlife and how to stop it from getting worse? 
  7. Population growth: Dangers that waiting for us
  8. How to transform from reels to real life? 
  9. Child development in joint and nuclear family
  10. Copyright and trademark policies
  11. The dangers and best practices of Virtual reality
  12. What is green technology? 
  13. Are eco-friendly products eco-friendly? 
  14. Is it time to go for renewable energies? 
  15. How can work-life balance be possible? 

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Good Topics for Non-Technical Presentation for College 

Good topics for non technical presentation for college 

If you need some good topics for your college presentation or research project, this is the list for you. Here are the non-technical topics that make meaningful presentations that your teachers might approve of due to their usefulness. 

  1. Developing the entrepreneurship skills
  2. How does social media invade your privacy? 
  3. Best practices and techniques to improve communication skills
  4. How does an online payment system work? The non-technical way.
  5. Discussing the investment options for you
  6. What is financial freedom? The concept you want to know. 
  7. How can you achieve financial freedom and its challenges? 
  8. Traditional ways of selling and e-commerce. 
  9. Jobs that AI could never take place of the humans
  10. Can any nation be self-reliant without any support? 
  11. The family business: Pros, cons and opportunities
  12. Cosmetic surgeries: The dark side of a shiny surface
  13. Why is going out of your comfort zone important?
  14. The implementation of human rights the right way
  15. What is the law of attraction? How does it work? 

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Non-Technical Topics for Presentation in Office 

Non technical presentation topics for engineering students

As part of the employee interaction or to train the new employee, most companies arrange office presentations. If you are selected to give a presentation and you want your topics purely educational and non-technical, this list of the best covers some ideas for you.

  1. What is constructive criticism and its importance at work? 
  2. How to manage work life balance? 
  3. Is AI a threat to manpower and the future job market?
  4. Business First vs Employees First Policy
  5. What do modern workers expect from their employers?
  6. How to use AI to make the most out of your time?
  7. How can you do more in less with technology? 
  8. The danger or technological advancement in human skills
  9. Is the customer really kind? How to treat the kind right? 
  10. Is profit the only goal for the company? What else is more important? 
  11. How is competition so important in every industry? 
  12. Women’s empowerment at work
  13. What makes teamwork the most important factor for profit? 
  14. Are company employees the real investments?
  15. Employee involvement in business planning and strategizing

Non-Technical Presentation Topics for Engineering Students

Non technical topics for presentation in office 

Well, the engineering field is itself a technical subject. But still, it’s not challenging to find topics that are non-technical. There are some best non-technical topics you can discuss which are part of the engineering field, that most students won’t think of.

  1. How to improve the communication skills of college students? 
  2. What would be the world without engineers?
  3. The latest technology and gadgets that we might get to see shortly
  4. Are online customer reviews trustworthy? 
  5. How can you make the best out of your 24 hours? 
  6. The best care options engineers have despite their core skill
  7. Creative thinking a helpful or harmful feature
  8. How can local businesses use e-commerce? 
  9. What makes honesty the best policy for any connection? 
  10. How to secure your online identity and not be so vulnerable? 
  11. Are space projects and investments worth it?
  12. Should you judge someone based on their degree or certificate?
  13. The important changes that are a must in the education system
  14. Technologies that are so helpful in learning
  15. What makes engineering a unique field than the rest? 

For students of engineering, here are more presentation topics for engineering projects.

Best Non-Technical Topics for Group Discussion

Best non technical topics for group discussion

If the purpose of the group discussion is to develop communication within the team, there must be good topics that most will relate to. If you expect the most participants to be involved in the group discussion, you can opt for the non-technical topics from this list.

  1. Is there anything good about social media?
  2. Developing the etiquette to use the mobile in a good manner. 
  3. How can students leverage online learning along the regular schooling? 
  4. Co-education or education based on gender?
  5. Importance of soft skills in child development
  6. Various types of vitamins and their importance
  7. Meditation and yoga: How can it change your life for good?
  8. What do we need to be happy in a real sense? 
  9. How to enjoy life and live it to the full extent? 
  10. Is rural development attainable? 
  11. How do you manage the money you earn in a real sense?
  12. What makes traveling the best practice to take a break from life? 
  13. Group discussion on any current affairs
  14. Are there any options for hard work? 

Final Thoughts

So that is for today’s post. Now you have the best and trending topics for non-technical presentations. Such types of presentations are a good choice for many reasons. Whether you are giving your first presentation or you want a topic that the general audience can relate to, you should pick non-technical topics that are good enough. 

You might be an engineering student or office employee, the non-technical presentation helps you to build confidence to present your thoughts and work on your presentation skills. If you find it challenging to give a detailed presentation or get used to creating PPTs, such a non-technical presentation could be a good starting point. 

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