19 trending series on youtube to watch this weekend. 19 trending series on youtube to watch this weekend.

YouTube is a hub of digital content and an incredible series. After the trend of short films, YouTube series, are flooded with some good or bad, and some that shouldn’t be missed.

From thriller, crime, romance to comedy you can binge-watch any, another factor for watching series on YouTube is it’s easily accessible and you don’t have to pay.  

So, if you are looking for some best youtube originals series, then here’s your list. Let’s find out some worth watching YouTube series to add to your watchlist this weekend.

Suggested 27 Trending series on YouTube

1. What the Folks – Season 4

What the folks is a modern family drama with lots of laughs and humor. It also brings small family issues like communication gaps, hardships in limelight that urban families living in metro cities. Season 4 is onair on YouTube now and you can surely binge watch it this weekend. This season gear yourself for a wedding in the house and child adoption idea.

2. Reunion – Season 2

Reunion season two is a different one, if you watched the first season it was all about a reunion of school friends, overcoming past grudges and reuniting again. This season it is a family reunion when everyone gathers in their hometown after their mother’s demise to perform rituals. 

Overcoming such loss becomes easy when you are with your family but this time it isn’t easy because everyone is a headstrong personality here. Watch how they came together and worked for better.

3. Kota factory

Indian series was filled with crime and thriller Kota factory released to touch emotions and reality check of so many.

Kota factory is an experiment that succeeded with perfect cine metro graphy. 

The story is scripted around a boy and his journey of IIT preparations in Kota, meeting with new friends, and hassles to adjust. This is black and white and worth watching youtube originals series of the year.

4. Permanent Roommates

Where living in tradition is a taboo in India permanent roommates bring some different perspectives. Series made under TVF productions that are known for bringing common topics with interesting twists and keeping them realistic.

The story of this youtube series revolves around a couple of mikesh also known as meku and tanya. Where tanya is more mature and practical, mikesh is immature and funny but knows how to make tanya smile. In the first season Tanya’s Father supports their relationship, the second season brings Mikesh, family.

5. Interns

Interns a light drama series made under girliyapa banner featuring Ahsaas channa, Revathi pillai, reshami Agdekar, and Khushbu Baid. The youtube originals series is about three interns hired by agency digital diva and their internship journey. All three individuals Lilly Ana and Viveka hold their own perceptions and thought processes. On the one hand, where ana is filled with ideas, Viveka is passionate and dedicated towards her work and on the other hand, Lilly doesn’t care much about all such things. Becoming part of their journey is like a roller coaster ride.

6. Please Find Attached

Please find attached is a dice media original series on youtube, featuring Barkha and Ayush with their common yet special story. This trending series on youtube has two seasons. Shaurya and Sanya are officemates, become good friends, and start living together.

The first season is all about the journey of strangers becoming friends and the second season is the journey of their living in.  struggles and love moments that they go through as officemates and partners.

7. Yeh Meri Family

Ye meri family is a nostalgic ride to our childhood and celebrating summer vacation back in 1998. Yeh meri family is made under TVF banner, portraying the story of gupta family from Harshu’s viewpoint who is a 12-year-old boy of gupta family. Harshu has two siblings a little sister and an elder brother. Above all Harshu’s friend is the most interesting character and listening to his observations makes it more enjoyable.

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8. The Rise

The Rise is a four-episode short web series on youtube, featuring Vikrant Messy is one of the most critically acclaimed series that bagged several awards. A story actually featuring our own inner voice of exploring the world and fulfilling awaited dreams.it shows how unpredictable life can be, no matter how much you plan. Vikrant playing the character of Shrey plans a lot to buy his dream bike and for a long ride but then faces life and its own plans.

9. Tripling by TVF

A road trip with friends is a great and common idea but ever thought of a surprise road trip with your siblings? Yes, that’s what tripling is scripted with. A story of three siblings busy with their messed-up lives hasn’t met or talked for years. The trip started with a situational mess and ends up celebrating the lost bond. Tripling is surely one of a kind putting some lights on today’s sibling bond that we lost due to busy lives and handling lives. With the success of the first season, makers released the second season of tripling which is again filled with interesting twists ad turns.

10. What the Folks

 What the folk is full-on family drama perfectly scripted by dice media. It has two seasons. Think to live with your in-laws is common but a man pushed to live with in-laws for a while can be interesting. Nikhil came to Mumbai for a short-term project told to live with in-laws for the tenure. And story revolves around the Nikhil’s struggle to adjust to the family and situational comedies that happen. This is one of the light and thoughtful trending series on YouTube, breaking some society stereotype are so it worth a binge-watching.

11. Cubicles by TVF

Cubicles, a précised title and we guess it says all. Another thoughtful approach by TVF, showcasing stories of those cubicles. This youtube series revolves around Piyush Prajapati, a fresh graduate who joins the office and his experience of becoming part of those cubicles.

It is interesting to watch how we keep on imagining our professional lives during our study tenure and what reality checks most of us get. Come enjoy the roller coaster ride of Piyush during his probation period in his office.

12. Little Things S1

Little things in a dice media series on youtube, bring the small details of a relationship. Story of Dhruv and kavya simply living and celebrating each other’s existence and finding comfort. From cherishing small moments to facing days today high and low if you have someone to share you can handle it all. Little thing delivers you a very common story and day to day incidents of two living in, and that’s what makes it special. With any unrealistic hypes or relationship fantasizes this series gives some limelight to a normal relationship where two people solving problems, exploring, helping each other.

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13. Official CEOgiri

Messed up employees, messed up interns is a common thing. Now think of a fully messed up CEO who has a social anxiety disorder. That’s what official CEOgiri is all about. A boss who use to handle his office through a drone and out of bad circumstances he has to come on the floor to save his company. The Series is all about how he handles his personal and professional mess with just three or four people standing by his side. The series takes you on a full-on roller coaster ride and Sumit Vyas did total justice with his role.

14. It Happened in Hong Kong

Going on a solo trip and finding your love isn’t it strange? Well, this is what this trending youtube series is all about. It happened in Hong Kong is a romantic Hindi web series. Two strangers on a solo trip to Hong Kong met accidentally with each other. A twist in the story comes when their past crosses their way and takes away the comfort that they found.

15. College Romance by The Timeliners.

Looking for some light comedy and youngsters-based series? College romance by timeliners would be a perfect one. Story of three BFF Karan, Trippy, and Naira and their not so common actually disasters’ love stories. Ride on the journey of a bunch of friends spending their college life.

16. Ready 2 mingle

What is your take on a modern relationship? Zoom studio presents an incredible duo of Nirav and Myra work to make the world fall in love with each other. Nirav who claims he throws perfect parties and Myra a perfect matchmaker makes a great duo. It would be a visual treat to watch the love story of a matchmaker it self!

17. The Holiday

A must watch bachelorette is here, the holiday is a full-on party and vacation and of course one of the trending series on YouTube to watch in free time. Mehek, Patrick, Arman, and Kabi are three childhood friends. Mehek gets engaged, her friend’s quire about bachelorette and came to know she won’t have any close female friends. And there starts the coolest bachelorette of the year with a male bridesmaid!

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18. Mom and Co.

A day to day story scripted beautifully by zoom studios. A relation that most of us kept taking for granted OUR MOM. This is the story of Aditya Joshi his perfect life and messed up relationship with his mom.

Come witness the journey of this mom and son duo and changes in their relation, add this youtube series to your list.

19. Minus One

How about living in even after the breakup? Yes, this is the twist of minus one, Riya and Varun start living together trying to make it perfect but, out of fights they broke up. The twist comes when they still decide to live together but as friends!!

20. Wrong Number by RVCJ

A twisted love story, twisted friendship, and a bunch of friends. The wrong number that’s where the story starts and a mess too. In search of an old friend all text of Ruchi goes on a wrong no. Fan of the twisted story, then add ‘The wrong number’, in your watch list. Of course, this one is the best plus trending series on youtube, you don’t want to miss.

21. Flames by The Timeliners

A high school love story, Rajat class topper, and Ishita new girl in chemistry tuition. Love flames already took place in season one but the second took some interesting turns. This coaching class love story will take you on a nostalgic ride of high school and coaching love stories. Places where we found our first love and gone crazy..!

22. Pitchers

A successful startup that is what we all dream for or get inspired with. When we think of a start-up directly think of Facebook, Oyo or such successful names. But pitchers give you a reality check and the struggles behind a start-up. This story of four friends working day and night to get investors by pitching their idea and hardship they go through with.

23. Reunion

Reunion the words says it all!

A bunch of school mates plans to meet again after years, where everyone is facing their own life hassles. Some old friends stay in a house together making new memories and solving some old grudges. Overall, this is the best series on youtube, for binge-watch. Especially when you’re missing your school’s days or aren’t connected with school mates, this series definitely worth your time. 

24. Adulting

Adulting, is from dice media and the best youtube originals series to watch. Starring Aisha Ahmad, Yashaswini Dayama, it’s a story of two young women fulfilling their dreams in fast-moving metro life. Sneak peek into Nikhat and Rays life trying to lead independently with some funny moments and pinch of hardships.

25. The Trip

The trip is an Indian web series starring some good actors like Lisa Haydon, Mallika Dua, Sapna Pabbi. The Series is about four best friends going for a music fest on a road trip. The trip has two seasons, both are filled with fun stories and disasters that are worth watching. Ride on their amazing with your besties this weekend.

26. The Glitch

The glitch is the latest girliyapa series starring Apoorva Arora, Sunita Rajwar. The glitch is a different story that talks about perspectives. The Series is about a shy, simple girl and her enthusiast grandma. Thier life suddenly changes with the mysterious event. As they switch into each other’s body they come across realities of each other’s lives.

27. TVF’s Aspirants

We all know that the UPSC exam is the toughest one in the country, and every aspirant preparing for it has their own struggles and journey. TVF’s Aspirants, a new show revolves around the IAS students studying in Delhi’s Old Rajinder Nagar.

Where they learn about how tough it is going to be and how discipline they need to be. This show is perfectly picturized, starring the finest actors like Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, and Sunny Hinduj. 

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