Best travel destinations on the planet Best travel destinations on the planet

We are blessed to live on a unique planet filled with fascinating travel destinations in almost every corner of the globe. Many of them are hidden gems that only a few lucky travellers get to explore in their lifetime. Others are more popular and they are usually part of many people’s Bucket Lists or yearly vacation itineraries. Today we are going to explore some of the most captivating travel destinations across the planet. Places where you will come across the most intriguing cultures, delicious food scenes, and mesmerizing beauty.

Check out our following recommendations if you are currently working on planning your upcoming vacation or if you are simply curious to learn what are some of the best travel destinations around the globe. To make sure your next trip will go smoothly and nothing will stop you from fully enjoying it, see that you choose a top luggage delivery service that will reach your desired destination hassle-free. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than the nightmare of dealing with bags that are lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind at an airport in the middle of nowhere.

#1: See New Zealand’s South Island

If you are a big fan of brims featuring drop-dead gorgeous landscapes everywhere, you are going to love visiting New Zealand’s South Island. Discover a variety of beautiful fjords and glaciers that are part of the Fiordland National Park. This park belongs to the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is filled with a number of boat rides on Milford Sound as well as adventurous hiking trails that will satisfy hikers of all levels of preparation. During the night, you can visit the Mount John Observatory that belongs to the Canterbury University and get ready to admire the infinite stars in the sky – it’s quite a view!

If you are a glacier aficionado, you will also have the chance to summon your adventurous spirit by going to Queenstown and exploring a couple of the easiest accessible glaciers on the globe. They are found on the west coast of the island and you can drop by before or after a quick pitstop for some tasty food anywhere in Marlborough.

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#2: See The Amazing Magnetism Of Paris

Also called the City of Lights, Paris is one of the greatest magnets for tourists and visitors in the world. For good reason. While the destination might sound a bit cliche, the truth is Paris is home to some of the most iconic sightseeing attractions you will ever come across in such a small space. Ranging from the imposing Eiffel Tower, the impressive Arc de Triomphe, the impossibly large Louvre Museum, or historic Versailles Palace, you will find a variety of things to do, see, experience, and immortalize on your camera roll.

Get ready to fall madly in love with the chic cafes, tasty croissants, colourful farmer’s markets with fresh produce, hip shopping districts, and inimitable charm you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. Paris is filled with tons of small streets covered in ancient cobblestones and any of them could surprisingly bring you to the shore of Seine for a real walk to remember.

#3: Take Photos on a Dormant Volcano in Bora Bora


Exploring the unique French Polynesian island is on many a bucks-list. See the tropical majesty that is simply hard to describe into words. Explore the one-of-a-kind beaches and take the most spectacular photos in the lush jungles. Be sure you stay well rested ready for the beach parties with the locals.

Bora Bora is also home to Mount Otemanu, a dormant volcano, where you can plan a rather challenging hiking session and/or a jaw-dropping photo session. Ask the friendly locals to help you discover the best sightseeing thereby taking you on an off-road trip around the island and make sure not to leave without swimming in the crystal clear waters and laying on one of the softest sand in the world at Matira Beach. You may need to save up for this trip alone, as Bora Bora is known to get quite expensive, but everyone who has ever been there swears every cent is well worth it and they would go back in a jiffy.

#4: The Unique Going-to-the-Sun Road at Glacier National Park

Its snow-covered peaks, bright blue lakes, and over 700 miles of trails ready for hikers are some of the reasons why this park is such a sought after destination. If you love swimming or rafting on whitewater, or you would like to drive along the mesmerizing Going-to-the-Sun Road, your summer trip here will be complete. There are also thirteen special areas designated for campers, not to mention all the skiing, snowshoeing, and the rest of the fun activities for winter aficionados you could do here in the cold season.

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#5: Half Dome At The Yosemite National Park In California

Every year, millions of tourists and travellers choose to visit the Yosemite National Park in California and take in the breathtakingly beautiful Yosemite Falls and Half Dome.

Schedule a hike on the Half Dome Trail or admire the Half Dome from the Glacier point and get your camera ready – you will feel the need to take dozens of photos in a heartbeat. The same Glacier point or the Tunnel View will also introduce you to a series of panoramic views of Yosemite Falls that will stick with you long after you return home.

Take the kids along and check out the Yosemite Museum or the Indian Village of the Ahwahnee for some glimpses of impressive and intriguing history and make sure to enjoy an unforgettable camping experience outdoors.

Make your pick from the list above or research for a similarly attractive travel destination that you have always wanted to see and start planning your next trip today!

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