Is today’s teenager responsible enough? Is today’s teenager responsible enough?

Responsibility and Teenagers

The topic itself has been starting a lot many debates, complaints, and arguments, from family gatherings to parents’ meetings. And why not, Teenage is the time to become more responsible, the best time to start taking the responsibility as normal teenagers suppose to. Because from now they are not kids anymore. Life demands them, to grow and Be more responsible.

Teenage is a very special phase of an individual’s life. One goes through hormonal changes that bring about bodily changes as well as changes in one’s temperament. Some teenagers pass through this phase with ease while some of them have serious emotional issues.
But, Teenage is not only about all visible changes. It is the phase in which an individual develops and grows – physically and mentally.

Mental Growth is what I wish to ponder upon here. But the ultimate question is, Are today’s Teenager Responsible Enough? Are they knowing their responsibilities at this age? That can be a long list of questions for responsible teenagers. But before that, you also need to understand…

What is mean by a “Responsible Teenager”?

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

Associating this quote might not make sense at first sight but it does. Responsible teenagers are expected to act maturely and take responsibility for whatever they take up. They are expected by society to learn how to take decisions, bring up their opinions.

In order to ensure this, Parents give a certain degree of freedom to their growing Kids. Some, make the most of this and develop themselves into responsible individuals while a few take the wrong path from where, it is not easy to attain a status quo in life again.

Now, some of the young readers might say,
‘Teenagers! Oh well, they are Smart. They are Independent. They are Mature. They know what to do and when.’

While looking at it from a point of view of a Parent or a More Mature Person, they would definitely say,

Teenagers! They don’t know anything. They Blindly follow Western Culture without caring for its consequences. They don’t respect their elders and such related stuff.’

But, who’s right? Is it the Parents or the Youngsters?

That’s where the argument heats up. Teenagers often complain that their parents think conventionally and that’s the reason they consider our behavior improper and our trends too modern (useless). Parents counteract by saying that the Children are Sophomores, they lack experience in life, and thus they are not smart and mature as needed.

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But the question is,

What really defines responsibility at a Teenager’s Age?

  • Being Responsible for yourself?
  • Being Responsible for your Grades?
  • Being Responsible towards your Siblings?

Small Things like these define responsibility for a Teenager. But what our Parents and Society expect from us is too big a thing.

Is today’s teenager responsible enough? , teenager responsible
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‘They expect you to act and understand Life like a 25-year-old when you’re just 15! But, don’t allow you to form opinions and take decisions about it only because you’re just 15!’

I mean, in which book is it written that only a 25-year-old can make good decisions, can’t advise from a teenager be of any use?

I personally believe that today’s teenagers are responsible, they are smart. They are well aware of their ‘Goods’ and ‘Bads’. They Act Maturely at any given instance. However, most of us will also agree with the fact that we misuse the liberty granted to us and then we suffer.

YES! I’m here talking about a few irresponsible teenagers who make certain mistakes for which they regret throughout their lives. But, they’re no less than anyone and can be brought back on the right track if guided properly.

In a nutshell,

We’re still young to be a part of the Race, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot Run the Race…

Stay Smart. Stay Active. Behave Responsibly!

P.S. I don’t aim at belittling any parent’s point of view. It is just a way of making you realize that we are growing, though a bit slowly. You understand lives better than us. But please give us a chance to prove ourselves, we will definitely learn something which makes us a better human. Let us take our responsibility as a teenager, Let us grow on our own.

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