7 Reasons to Keep Calm And Intern in A Start Up 7 Reasons to Keep Calm And Intern in A Start Up

7 Reasons to Intern at a Start-up

Summer break is the time which turns you lazy and makes you play long hours of Subway Surfers and Candy Crush. But to make this summer break into an exciting and learning experience, internship is your step.
Internship is a medium to gain first hand work experience before you get into the corporate world. While when you intern in a big firm, you are given a task which you need to be completed and you cannot sneak here and there. While talking about a Start-up, it is a fully loaded experience. Here I give you the reasons why you should intern in a start-up!!

1. Work Directly with the CEOs

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up

The team is generally small so you get a chance to work directly under the CEOs and also see how they work and run the start-up. It can help you to grow yourself to a better manager or an entrepreneur. They guide and mentor you. Not only that if you put up a valid point they would even listen to you and try to implement it if possible.


2. Informal Atmosphere

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up
Start-up is a place where you do not feel like you are going to work. No formal clothes needed, you can wear your casual clothing. The bosses are really cool and have fun during the evening time. At majority places there are no fixed timings and you can even leave early once in a while. All are of nearly same age so the fun never ends, it just increases…


3. Gain Knowledge of Multiple Fields

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up
Well, in a start-up you are hardly confined to any role. Being a naive you get a chance to observe and learn about various fields. If you are pursuing Bachelors in Commerce,you can get a chance to do your internship in marketing, in HR, in content writing, in making important calls and in designing field all at one place. Not only that if you are lucky the computer engineer may also teach you his skills, same in others.All in package!


4. Create Networks Easily

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up
Start-up is a medium through which you can get a chance to meet people frequently. Whether it be the interns from other colleges or cities, or with the other start-up initiator, or if they deal with other companies you can get a chance to build relations with them as well. Being a student of a college you cannot make these contacts easily but by being an intern, the task becomes easy.


5. No Bureaucracy

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up
In a start-up we can hardly see any fight amongst the people who push others to go ahead. You may find few people who work together, fall together and also rise together. There would hardly be any fights amongst the employees and the interns. All work as equal here. No long hierarchies to be followed.

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6. Want to be an Entrepreneur? It’s surely for You.

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up
If you have a desire to be an entrepreneur and want to gain an experience, then start-up is for you. Being an intern you get a chance to observe the start-up from scratch. You are working with the CEOs, so you can know how they work and thus you can get a mentor. And if the work inspires you, you can get a business idea through it as well. Not only that, it has been seen that interns turn into the owners of the same start-up.

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7. Makes You Feel Like a Family Even after You Leave

7 Reasons to Intern in a Start-up
The relationship of the employer and the intern does not break in the start-up after you leave your internship. Rather you get a friend who is more experienced and you get a chance to learn and get guidance from them in the future. And I am sure when you will leave you will be the part of that start-up family.
After reading this you might be interested in interning in a start-up. So don’t waste your summer break this year and make it LEGENDARY!

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“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”  ― Richard Branson

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