The idea of being on crutches makes most people afraid, as they picture the challenges that come along with such a condition. The most apparent problems include restricted mobility and complete dependence on others for doing the most basic things, like going to the bathroom. Another challenge that is often forgotten is being unable to exercise, which can lead to weight gain. Adding weight while on crutches could affect the healing process as well as mental stability. While still on crutches, you can see what suitable exercises you can do without causing any harm. Of course, you must seek your doctor’s advice on what is ideal for you. Also, the crutches should be well fitted to avoid any injuries due to falls or other incidents while exercising with crutches.

Still, to keep healthy and fit while on crutches, you can give some awesome products a chance.  Such products will help in the recovery process as well as lean muscle development and maintenance. You can check out MR Sustanon 500, and buy it if that meet your needs to boost both exercise and diet to keep your body fit. The following things can keep you mentally and physically active while on crutches:

Do activities that will keep your brain sharp

The brain is a muscle, too, and underworking it may make it dull and less focused, and may cause you some mental turmoil. At times, the inability to help oneself in doing the most basic of tasks may cause distress and depression. The most important thing is to keep in mind that with some good rest and involvement in activities, you will eventually get back to your healthy life. The muscles that have often been ignored can be exercised while on the road to getting back to a healthy lifestyle. The following activities may help to sharpen and strengthen your mind and your spirit:

  •         Learning a new language
  •         Reading a book that you have not had a chance to read before
  •         Getting lost in music by shutting your eyes and concentrating on the songs
  •         Meditating to maintain a positive attitude
  •         Doing puzzles
  •         Engaging in a hobby that utilizes exceptional motor skills, for instance knitting


Taking a walk while on your crutches is a fantastic exercise, as you get to make use of muscle groups that were rarely utilized before. The triceps, deltoid, and other muscles will be used more frequently; hence they will become stronger. Adjusting the height of your crutches is vital to walk comfortably and avoid damaging the nerves in your body. Also, start with short walks before taking longer ones.

Going up and down the stairs

Ascending and descending stairs is another great exercise. All you need to ensure is that you have the right equipment for this task. This exercise will increase your heart rate, thus acting as cardio.


Depending on your type of injury, swimming is a good exercise. Those who have undergone surgery should allow the stitches enough time to heal before getting into the water. Despite having injuries, the weightlessness on your legs while swimming makes exercising in water very possible. If you are worried about casts, you can use waterproof cast covers.


You can perform upper body exercises to work the biceps and other muscles in your upper body. Some activities that you can use to work the upper body include dumbbell arms’ resistance and crunches, among others.

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