Ways to get out of friendzone Ways to get out of friendzone

It’s common for two friends to fall in love with each other. But being in the friend zone doesn’t have to be that awful. It’s possible that, even after being friends for years, the other person may not feel the same for you. You may see them as ‘more than just a friend, but in there are eyes, you are not more than ‘just a friend’. 

Everything has a tag in today’s world, be it your love life or work life. Now, if you’re wondering and asking yourself the question, “Am I in the friend zone?” then you probably are.

Because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t ask yourself that question.

While it seems impossible to get out of that zone or such tag, there are some best ways not to get friend-zoned from the early stage.

You can date the girl or boy you like. However, you need to stand up for yourself and clearly express what you feel about that friend to avoid getting friend-zoned at the beginning.

If you want to date or have a real relationship with your long-time friends, you need to be aware of approaching them, especially how to avoid being in the friendzone.

Here are some ways to not get friend-zoned:

  1. Don’t Wait Too Long to Dodge the Bullet

    If you really like someone and want them to date you then what is stopping you, don’t wait for too long. What if you wait for the right moment and then it’s too late, it is one of the most common reasons to get friend-zoned is that a guy or a girl took too long to make a move. So, don’t wait until it’s too late and you end up in the friendzone.

  2. Breaking the Stereotype is the Key

    You find yourself in that friend zone because you adopted that nice guy or best friend tag and stick to it for a long time. Don’t be someone that you’re not, start standing to yourself and for yourself, the first step towards it is to get out of all those tags and hear the words let’s just stay friends.

  3. Maintain the Mystery

    Often times, staying mysterious is proved to be very attractive for a guy or a girl, so don’t just spill everything about yourself, keep some cards to yourself and play mysterious. If you just open yourself to someone too quickly, you might act needy and a bit naïve. So, maintain a balance about what to share and what not to, always remember this.

  4. Be Extremely Clear You Dont Want to Be in the Friendzone

    It won’t take you anywhere if you hide your feelings and run from situations that might not end in your favor. Sometimes you just need to be clear and specific with your intentions, be perfectly clear and feel free to express whatever you feel and then learn to handle the outcomes.

  5. Express Wholeheartedly

    The simplest way to not get friend-zoned is to express whatever you feel about that person, this might seem like a suicide mission to you but trust me it is the only way to have some clarity in your life and in this way you’ll learn about how they feel about you. So, express wholeheartedly so that you don’t get friend-zoned.

  6. Make Romantic Gestures- a Great Way to Not Get Friend Zoned

    One of the most common mistakes people do to get friend-zoned is that they don’t make a move or be romantic sometimes. So, it is important to make numerous romantic gestures in order to not get friend-zoned and actually have a shot at dating someone you like in real life.

  7. Good or Bad Times?

    It is important for a guy or a girl to stick around no matter what, whether it be good days or bad. If you really like someone you need to really learn to be there for them in harder times when they need you the most.

  8. Learn to Stay

    One thing you should keep in your mind forever is that people always remember the one who stays, so you should learn to stay whenever they need you. You should show how much more worthy you’re and what all you can offer to this relationship, don’t give up in their tougher times learn to stay for them to heal with you by their side.

  9. Make Them Feel Special? – Best Hack to Not Get Friend Zoned

    Making grand gestures and making them feel special is one of the best ways to not get friend-zoned because that clearly shows that you’re more than a friend and you want to be there for them and deserve more than right now. Romantic gestures never get old fashioned it is also one of the sweetest ways to show someone your love towards them.

  10. Don’t Pretend to Be Someone You’re Not

    Pretending to be someone that you’re not will take you nowhere, so stop acting like you’re her boyfriend or girlfriend. Stop lying to yourself and the other person, express what you feel without thinking about the outcomes because it is better than pretending any day. Also, the response can be in your favor also you never know, this is one of the key ways to not get friend-zoned.

  11. Don’t Play Too Nice

    You need to stop being too nice or else you’ll remain that nice guy who people pay attention to, this doesn’t mean you should be arrogant or something it just means you need to learn to maintain the balance so that you don’t lose your true self trying to woo someone, this is one of the important ways to not get friend-zoned.

  12. Act Too Needy

    No one likes a needy person around them, so don’t ruin your shot at something meaningful by acting needy or else you’ll be considered as some random creep. As some might say act accordingly not too needy and not too arrogant you just need to find the right place in between them and everything else be fine, so that you do not get friend-zoned.

  13. Jealousy Won’t Help! Trust Me

    If you don’t want to get friend-zoned then stop being jealous learn to stay calm and trust the other person, if you get jealous or insecure you’ll weaken your relationship with them nothing else, instead you should trust them and do your part happily and even after that it doesn’t work then understand that it wasn’t worth it.

  14. Be Supportive: A Tool for Not Getting Friendzoned

    Be supportive of their decisions even if you had something else in mind and after that explain them calmly your point of view would help your relationship grow and that will show you’re more than just friends, yet another way to not get friend-zoned.

  15. Just Ask Him/Her Out

    A common reason that guys or girls get friend-zoned is that they don’t ask them out just because they’re shy or scared that they’ll get rejected, so in that case learn to accept rejections people because that’s the only way to proceed in life without any regrets.

  16. Play Hard to Get

    Always play hard to get don’t just fall onto your knees, show them that even you have various options. Take your time, think about it, and sleep on it if you want but don’t just rush into something acting all needy because that might just take you to the friend zone.

  17. Always check your friends’ reactions and How they behave around you. 

    It’s your friend, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t hide your growing affection for them. Whether you express your feelings clearly or not, but your friend may have sensed there’s something more than friendship now. Every time you compliment her or say something to him, observe their reaction. Do they pay attention to it, give that special look you want, or change the topic and try to avoid it? This is a good way to learn whether your friend is also feeling the same way for you or not.

  18. Don’t be possessive, you don’t have to pressure your feelings on them. 

    Agree that you have an intense feeling for your best friend and carry that special feeling for a long time. But that doesn’t mean you should be possessive and try to control them. When you do so, you are not only putting pressure on your best friend but also ruining their impression of you. 

    It’s all fine to have feelings for your best friend, but forcing them to love you as you do, that’s not a good option at all. You better accept their decisions, give them some space over trying to change their feelings and personal self, just for you. 

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