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How to Write Trending Topics for Guest Posts

Guest writing is an amazing experience for a writer to create inspiring, unique, and relevant content for various types of audiences. Although it may be difficult to come up with a perfect writer’s formula for every subject, the majority of trending topic ideas must be studied before you even start to write an outline. An idea may be excellent and written in a good tone, yet if it is not popular or deals with a narrow scientific field, it will not become the next trend.

The secret key is a preliminary analysis of available media content and a synthesis of what is being in-demand online. As a guest writer, your task is to sort all the information mess and make it accessible for a wider audience. Once an average guest post embodies a friendly tone with an explanation and a neutral review, it motivates for deeper research, thus creating a catchy trend.

5 Expert Tricks to Write Trending Topics for Guest Posts 

  • Adapting complex topics for a mass audience 

The most important part of guest writing is capturing people’s attention with interesting research in a clear language. If there is a particular topic that is currently in the media, see if there are stereotypes or misconceptions that can be explained. For example, in subjects like Nursing or Computer Science, there are specific terms or concepts that are unclear for the mass audience. As a result, an average person needs an explanation instead of complex scientific data and the same encyclopedia definition that does not tell much. Once there is an original text that describes an old topic differently, it quickly becomes popular.

  • Discover unusual Wikipedia topics 

It is not surprising that the majority of Internet users visit Wikipedia as they look for a quick homework answer or statistical data. There are also exotic pages that still need detailed information to be added. The worst failure of novice guest writers is using information from existing drafts. It leads to serious plagiarism risks and may even decrease the target website’s popularity. In order to avoid any trouble, always check your content via a plagiarism detector or ask a writer from this website to do it. Such an approach analyzes original text and helps to eliminate similarities by highlighting the text in question. Most importantly, it is free and one can use it for the original essay or web content checking online. Paraphrase existing text, implement quotes, and check again to see the post’s originality index.

  • Analysis of trending news in target countries 

A perfect example is Brexit discussion or challenges of Arizona’s heat, which would be suitable for relevant countries. What it means in practice is the analysis of the local news and social forums before you write for American or European websites, so it includes specific news and relevant stories for the small to medium communities. If there are protests in France that make a trend, describe the events and use the names that are relevant for the target country. See the popular search keywords by region feature, which allows you to see where a certain topic is most popular or where a different phrasing is used to bring up a specific subject or an event.

  • Research Reddit, Twitter, and Quora for ideas 

As any successful guest writer will confirm, trending topics are usually born out of social networks and public forums like Quora and Reddit where people come to ask questions and discuss all the latest news. A major advantage of such networks is learning what is popular as one finds out what interests an average user and what kind of information is lacking. In most cases, there are experts who visit such sites once in a while to share their knowledge, which helps a great deal when struggling to understand a subject or a technical term. It works the same way with Twitter where the most popular tags can be brainstormed for applicability.

  • Influencers, public opinions, good quotes 

Regardless if you are an experienced writer or an expert, any trending topic requires evidence or proof that confirms an argument. It means that a good quote, statistics, visuals, references or a call to action are required. This is exactly what top influencers do as they discuss the trending topics by using their popularity while mixing public opinions with their personal influence. The guest posts must be vivid, flexible, and reliable in order to let the followers find all the necessary information without a need for additional information. An only exception is a reference link to verified content that goes beyond the original website’s scope.

Writing Style Matters 

Finding an awesome trending topic will not lead to instant success if the guest post contains grammar errors, unclear structure, plagiarism or repetition of information that can be obtained elsewhere. A trending topic has to represent an original language, good writing style, and the little details that make a particular author recognizable. Use real-life stories, share movies or book references, keep neutral, and always support information with verified facts. It will not only keep things interesting but will show that an author respects the audience and walks the extra mile to share only the best content.

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