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Don’t rush, here are the creative plus unique gifts for girlfriend, to give on her birthday.

If you have been in a relationship for a while now, you know how important it is to celebrate important dates, including your girlfriend’s birthday. You also know that it is not simply the thought that counts but that you should go the extra mile to put a smile on her face by getting a thoughtful gift.

If you are still wondering what to give your girlfriend for her birthday: We found 24 unique gifts she will be sure to love!

Creative Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend To Amaze Her

Creative birthday gifts for girlfriend to amaze her.

There is a saying, “To know is to love.” If you know your girlfriend well enough, you love her. Picking a gift is easier if you know your girlfriend and what she fancies.

Here are some of the creative ideas for the 15 unique gifts you can get on your girlfriend’s birthday:

1. 3d Moon Lamp- Unique Birthday Gift for Her


Every Bollywood hero claims to bring moon and star for her girls. So we thought why not, I agree that’s a miniature but no one specified for the original one. 3d moon lamps looks so beautiful, and your girl friend will surely love it no doubt.

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2. Certified Star- Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend


Star is not tiny they just look tiny so you can’t bring them, but I got an amazing idea!

How about naming a star after her?? That will remain for years right there in the sky and will keep on shining.

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3. Birthday Star Map- Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Her


Have you ever sat silently and saw stars for hours with your girlfriend, surely that would be a moment you will cherish for years. Now think of the star position on the day when she was born. Gifting her star map can be a beautiful idea and most precious gift that she can think of!

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4. Customized Poem- Personalized Birthday Gift

Customized poem personalized birthday gift

Words are magical and powerful than anything. Giving a customized poem especially made for her would bring a special smile. You can get it framed or write it on a scroll, she would love that.

5. Sketch- Creative Birthday Gift


We keep our love in photograph but why not sketch that love on canvas. Sketch of your girlfriend would be something that she won’t expect and will surely surprise her. Get her smiling photo on canvas and make her day more remarkable!

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6. Musical box- Birthday Gift for Her


Musical boxes are lil tiny gifts that bring a big smile, you can get them easily from various sites. Almost every girl loves harry potter, you can choose this unique gift for girlfriend. What else can be great that harry potter musical box!

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7. Magazine- Trending Birthday Gift


Gifting a magazine is a trending idea, think of a magazine filled with all the special moments, write-ups, and poems just made and designed for your girlfriend. A magazine specially printed for her with her memories to make her day more memorable.

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8. Caricature- Quirky Birthday Gift


Caricature can be a fun gift idea for girlfriend, to give that won’t make her smile only, but she will laugh her heart loud. They are the render images with simplified features of the person. You can get a cut-out with a stand and she would love that.

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Suggested Thoughtful Gifts for Girlfriend, That You Can Also Give

Suggested thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

9. Pachu Stone- Best Birthday Gift

If your girlfriend loves gemstones, emeralds to be specific, you can get her a Pachu stone. It is believed to bring about wealth gains, career success and new opportunities. To know the detailed benefits of wearing a Pachu stone, check out this article.

10. Musical Wine Glass– Useful Birthday Gift

If she is both a music and wine lover, this is one of the best gifts for girlfriend, that you can get. The musical wine glasses can play up to 12 different notes.

Imagine enjoying some wine, over some laughter, and some musical notes coming from the glass. It doesn’t get better than this!

11. Proud Body Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit- Unique Birthday Gift

Congratulations to you if you are both expecting your little one. Understandably, she will be concerned if you are comfortable with all the changes to come, and the changes happening to her body. Indeed, craziest yet creative birthday gifts for girlfriend, Isn’t it?

Assure her that you love her all the same by getting her this creative gift. It has paint that is safe to use and you can add an edge to her maternity shoot by making it creative and colorful. It’s also a great way to say she and the baby add color to your life!

12. Aromatherapy Shower Kit– Latest Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

The shower is the place where your girlfriend goes to calm herself and wash away the tension and worries of the day. You’ve probably complained about her spending too much time in the shower while you stand waiting. This thoughtful gift makes the bath a therapeutic space for her and she will love it.

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13. GoPro Action Camera– Ultimate Birthday Gift

If your girlfriend is usually out and about and the adventures that make her come alive, it would be best to have such moments captured. Now you will get to see what you at times miss out on and hopefully join the fun soon.

14. Lavender Spa Blanket- Romantic Birthday Gift

If you can’t take your girlfriend to the spa, you can bring the spa to her by getting her this blanket. Lavender is a scent that helps in muscle relaxation, pain relief, and sleep.

The Lavender Spa Blanket will soothe and relax your girlfriend since it has aromatherapy properties. In addition to this, she can heat or cool it before using it.

15. Candy Cake

You can make a DIY cake if your girlfriend has a sweet tooth. This is a handmade gift made with love. A bonus is you don’t have to dash to the store when cravings hit because there will be enough candy. Don’t forget that nothing can be more surprising than giving her handmade things on her birthday.

16. Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scar

This makes one of the unique gifts for girlfriend that comes in handy if your girlfriend travels frequently. The scarf will keep her warm and if she needs to rest her head, it can be inflated into a pillow. It will serve her well, giving her both comfort and style.

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17. Gym Bag

A gym bag is a practical idea if your girlfriend is a fitness junkie and frequents the gym. You can get a bag that shows her personality or one with humorous messages. Examples of the messages to be imprinted on the gym bag are “Cardio is hardio” and “After this, we’re getting pizza.”

18. Make-Up Bag

Travelling is fun and packing not so much. You have probably been met with a raised eyebrow when you ask your girlfriend “Do you need all of that?” To make it easier for her to get everything ready, you can buy her a make-up bag.

19. Purse Organizer

Women’s bags hold a lot of things and they are sometimes considered to be a bottomless pit. You can make a DIY purse organizer for your girlfriend. No more fumbling as she looks for keys!

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20. Personalized Frame

To make her a personal and unique gift, you can opt for a frame in which you can put some photos of wonderful memories shared. You can also personalize it more by adding impressions stating how much you love her and so on. What a better way to be in her mind each day, than being on her apartment wall.

21. Bubble Tea Making Kit

Is your girlfriend is a bubbly one who also happens to love bubble tea? If so, get her a bubble tea making kit. It will make it easier for her to enjoy her favorite drink on the comfort of her home. The bubble tea making kit also comes in a variety of taste buds that will excite her taste buds.

22. Slush Cuppy

Your girlfriend may be a cool lady who also enjoys cold drinks. Slushie lovers love the Slush cuppy and no longer need to go far to get an ice-cold treat. With the Slush cuppy, you can easily make slushies.

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23. Wine Subscription Box

Wine lovers enjoy having their drinks according to the themes. Each bottle of wine may be selected depending on the mood or reason to celebrate.

A wine subscription box is the best birthday gifts for girlfriend to ensure she can say yes to more winning and no to whining about the various happenings. She can make the selection of the wine she wants and it will be delivered to her.

24. A Musical Book

A musical book just made for her, select some photographs from childhood till now and print suitable Spotify code for each picture with a sweet note. 

Paste all this in a scrapbook and give her chocolates and a flower bouquet. Surely one of the sweetest gifts she deserves.

Trending Celebration Ideas to Make her Day more Beautiful

Trending celebration ideas to make her day more beautiful

1. In-house Birthday Date

A cozy in-house birthday date is something we should normalize and celebrate. In our busy schedules quality time is something she wants, you can plan a romantic midnight birthday date. You can use balloons and flowers to decorate, with her favourite snacks, champagne, and, of course, a cake. Planning a rom-com on Netflix for the night would be like a cherry on the top.

Inhouse birthday d

2. Booking a Theatre 

A special movie premiere just for your girlfriend on her birthday, something she didn’t expect. These days, you can easily book a small theatre for personal shows with your friends and family. So, you can surprise your girlfriend with a special premiere of her favourite movie with her friends.

Booking a theatre

3. A Musical Celebration

If your girlfriend loves music, why not make a birthday musically special?

You can book a cottage or decorate a dreamy setup under stars on an open lawn for the celebration and book a singer. Convey him the list of her favourite songs to make her birthday super special and fun.

Booking a theatre

4. Quarantine Celebration


Can’t go out for a celebration? You can plan one at your place; there are multiple decor options available on sites like Amazon and Flipkart; you can order them and decorate a room filled with balloons, lights, and photographs. You can call her friends and family on Zoom for her cake cutting. Believe me, she will be super happy.

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Plan on What to Give Your Girlfriend for Her Birthday

Plan on what to give your girlfriend for her birthday

You now know what to give your girlfriend for her birthday. Always plan in advance and make prior appointments if necessary to avoid last-minute rush and any other inconveniences. She will definitely appreciate your gifts if you present them well.

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Have something special and unique gift ideas as a birthday present? Then, let us know what is that creative birthday gifts for your girlfriend that she’ll remember forever.

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