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With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time to start gathering gift ideas for the woman in your life. Choose something meaningful and useful.

Choosing tech gifts for her can improve her everyday life. Finding the one that specifically suits her will show it came from the heart.

What are your top options?

11 Awesome Tech Gifts for Her

Give the girl in your life the ultimate gift. Keep reading for a list of 11 cool options of the best tech gifts for women.

1. Alexa

Bringing home another woman usually won’t please her. But, Google’s Alexa is one of the best tech gifts for your wife!

Alexa can make her life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable! Some perk features include:

  • Music streaming
  • Audiobook Reading
  • Controls for everything from lighting to temperature control
  • Robot vacuuming
  • Home security
  • Trivia games

Like the wife, Alexa is both practical and fun!

2. Fitbit

If she loves living a healthy lifestyle, buy her a Fitbit! This techy gift will help her stay motivated and on track with her fitness goals!

Fitbit features include:

  • Step, meal, and sleep tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Weight watcher
  • Wireless syncing to most devices
  • Progress charts
  • Milestones and badges to reward reaching goals

This makes fitness fun! The technology also allows you to compete with friends and family to add a little edge!

Since she will wear this daily, customize it to fit her! Complete your Fitbit Charge 3 style with a new strap!

3. Nebula Mini Projector

Make her see stars with a gift she will love! Connect her new Nebula Mini Projector to youtube and project-cosmic sleeping sounds for effect. She can stream her favorite shows and Ted Talks with ease using this projector.

The Nebula comes with built-in speakers. This means she will not need to fidget with blue tooth for quality sound.

These gadgets also make perfect tech gifts for girls. Their size makes them easy to pack up and bring for a cool movie sleepover experience.

4. Bluetooth Lighted Vanity Mirror

Show the lady in your life that you love her look! Give her a vanity mirror with Bluetooth lighting.

Choose one with distortion-free glass that will reflect her smile vividly. The dimmable lights will give her optimal vision for doing her hair and makeup. They also allow her to choose the best selfie lighting to show off her look!

Lost in the options? The Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror swivels easily to help her get the best angle.

With just a tap, she can access the settings It comes with rechargeable batteries, a wireless Bluetooth speaker, and a front face speakerphone! This allows her to do all of her favorite things at once!

5. Oculus Quest

Buy your gaming chick an escape from the real world! The Oculus Quest virtual reality system offers exactly this! Virtual reality makes the gaming experience feel real, by placing the player into the first-person position of their character.

This tech gift offers more than simple excitement. Gaming helps people manifest by giving them power and opportunity to exercise their mind in a fun, healthy way.

Of course, this awesome gift of a discounted Oculus Quest requires an awesome game to really wow her! Moss will give her Goddess powers to oversee the epic journey of a little mouse, while Robo Recall: Unplugged offers that first-person shooter thrill in a robotic dimension.

Feed her dance craving with Dance Central! Or, if she tends to enjoy video crack, Beat Saber ranks in as one of the best, most addictive games!

6. Cold Press Juicer

Does she put a ton of focus on healthy eating? If so, she will love a cold press juicer.

You may think her regular juicer works fine. But, the cold press juicers extract a higher yield while keeping the nutrients intact that traditional juicers burn out with the heat.

To go with the gift, throw in a set of stylish, little mason jars. They work perfectly for juice storage and look uber chic!

7. Pivot Yoga Clothes

Gift the yogi in your life with an outfit that will take her to a whole new level in her practice! This stylish outfit will do more than keep her comfortable during the session.

Wireless sensors in the fabric will connect to the Pivot Yoga app to project an avatar of her onto a screen. They will accurately assess her movements and help her adjust the poses to proper alignment.

This revolutionary technology will take her breath away! Plus, you might enjoy watching her do more yoga at home.

8. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Starbucks recently launched this amazing new coffee that contains about 5 calories per cup and requires no sweeteners or cream! If your girl loves coffee, she will jump for java when you buy her a Nitro Cold Brew coffee maker.

This technology works by shooting nitrogen bubbles through a high pressured valve. Since nitrogen does not blend well in water, it results in a thick, velvety brew! It is one of the best gadgets for women who need their morning cup but don’t want the calories!

9. Apple Series 4 Watch

Your tech-loving lady will look stylish rocking the new Apple watch. It comes with a sleek gold band and futuristic face!

This watch tells more than time! It wirelessly connects her to the rest of the world with internet and cell signals. But, it also allows her to disconnect with a do not disturb feature.

The Series 4 also allows her 16 gigs of storage and offers series smarts. It is time for her to rock this on her wrist!

10. Smart Garden 9

If she always keeps plants around that seem to need saving, you might want to consider buying her a smart garden! This planter ensures optimal conditions for the plant year-round!

She can grow virtually anything her heart desires. This, my friend, will also blossom her love for you.

11. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Everybody loves jamming out to tunes in the sun. But, it can be a hassle to pack speakers for the beach.

You can help your girl rock out in style, without carrying anything extra. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses come with built-in wireless earbuds! She can dance to her own beat, as they keep the sound confined to her ears!

Let Technology Work for You

Make the woman in your life feel loved and understood with one of these tech gifts for her. Pick the one that best suits her style and personality!

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