Bathrooms are one of the most difficult areas in a house to renovate. It involves factors such as plumbing, water supply, limited space, and proper drainage. While a complete bathroom overhaul or any major renovations would most likely require a contractor, there are a few things you can do to make your bathroom look brand new.

  1. Install new hardware. Installing stylish and brand-new hardware such as a towel rack, toilet roll rack, coat hangers, and soap dishes can greatly improve the look of any bathroom. The beauty in architecture often lies in the small details; the same can be said for improving your bathroom. Adding stylish hardware that blends in with the theme of your living space completes the look of your house or apartment. Hardware is also often inexpensive and very easy to do yourself.
  2. Install a bidet. A bidet is a bathroom amenity that is not so popular but very useful. Having a toilet bidet can make your bathroom look like it belongs in a high-end hotel. Bidets also save you a great deal of tissue paper.
  3. Change your bathroom tiles. While changing your bathroom’s tiles is not as easy as the other things to do on this list, it also makes the biggest impact. Choose your tiles and tile color wisely. The Ceramic tile for bathroom is usually recommended over other kinds of tiles such as granite or wood.

Unlike other types, ceramic tiles for the bathroom is easy to clean and waterproof. You can search for instructions online or watch instructional videos on how to install your bathroom tiles. If you do not feel confident in doing it yourself, there are many contractors that can do it for you.

  1. Change your shower head to a bigger and wider one:

    Upgrading your shower head to a larger one will improve the quality of showers you take and improve the look of your bathroom. Larger shower heads make your toilet look expensive and modern compared to standard-sized showerheads.

  2. Install brighter lights.

    Using a dimly lit toilet is not pleasant at all and makes getting ready in the evening quite challenging. If you can add the number of lights in your bathroom, then that would be better but if you cannot, installing brighter LED bulbs will work.

  3. Add shelves or racks.

    If you have the space to add additional racks and shelves in your toilet, then it would greatly improve the look of your bathroom. Aside from the added aesthetics, additional shelving helps you store more things in your toilet and keep it organized.

  4. Decorate your toilet.

    Many people do not find it necessary to decorate their bathrooms, but adding even a small amount of decoration such as paintings or flowers can work wonders for your toilet. It is also good to consider painting your toilet a different color when decorating. Adding a touch of hominess to your toilet will make it feel more pleasant and welcoming to the people who use it.


If you think that you would have difficulty in making these improvements yourself, then it would be wise to ask a contractor for help. These improvements are simple, yet they can transform and old and unpleasant space into something that looks modern and brand new.

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