Things To Do When you are Confused In Life Things To Do When you are Confused In Life

11 Things To Do When You Are Confused In Life

 Are you feeling confused at the moment? 

And, also can’t decide what to do and where to go? Then this article is for you. 

Suggesting the best things to do when life confuses you with its ongoing challenges and choices. Of course, you are feeling lost, over which one to prefer and which one to leave. We hope that our here given tips help you to make a way out of your present situation.

Life is just like an amusement park filled with emotional rides that take us to the sky at times and brings us back to the ground in the next moment. Some days on a smooth path, another day it might be a bumpy one. These rides are filled with emotions and life confusion.

A day can be filled with happiness, sorrow, anger, and maybe with lots of confusion. Choosing a correct ride or swing, means a path for your future, for your life, isn’t an easy task. It is very confusing and might be giving you a hard time.

You don’t know what to choose, where it is going? What are the possible results of your decision? And many more confusing questions you can’t ignore and can’t escape from. We might don’t know why you are confused or what phase you are going through but we can surely suggest some ways that you can adapt when you are confused about life.

 What to Do When You Are Confused and Feeling Stuck in Life?

1. Accept the Situation

Running from any situation can never be a solution, it might be a temporary answer. But, that won’t serve you in the long run. Ignoring the situation can make it worse. Just like painkillers may lessen pain for some time, but won’t cure the wound.

The first step towards any confusing situation when you need to solve it, is to accept it. We are just habitual to run, escape, and not to think. But when we say not to think about a pink elephant you just imagined, and the same thing happens. So instead of running, you can accept it. So that, you can get clarity of your confusing life situation that you are facing right now, and later which will lead you towards solutions.

2. Try Not to Panic and Relax

Feeling Confused, confused and lost

When we try to run or cannot find the solution, it is a human tendency to get panic or develop anxiety. So, don’t panic. Think, you are just confused about life, but not lost. 

 Try to strengthen yourself, tell yourself that you can face this. Think of that situation you thought you couldn’t handle, but you did it, successfully. 

People often make the wrong decisions. Panic and anxiety often lead to negative thoughts and negative conclusions and this usually happens when we start getting scared or set some fear, so don’t allow yourself to lead towards negativity. Also, not to confuse yourself anymore enough.

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3. Take a Deep Breath

A deep breath can be magical sometimes. It won’t give you the solution. But can relax your confused mind. If you are feeling anxious, and can’t decide anything or can’t find a way, then just stop and take a deep breath.

Stop for a moment, give yourself some time to relax. Look around in your surroundings or close your eyes whatever makes you relax. Sit for some time, tell yourself you can do this, you are doing good so far.

Still, if your favorite activities like drawing, singing, or writing are not helping you in overcoming your confused life situations. Then, let whatever ideas come in your mind think of them, analyze them. But, don’t force yourself to do something, that you aren’t interested in, in that low moment.

4. Find the Pros and Cons of this Confusing Life Situation

When You Are Confused In Life

Of course, you are in a confusing life situation right now. But, taking a random decision anyway, is not a good idea. Look for the bright side, and prefer to stay positive when things going wrong. See, What are the possibilities to solve this? Analyze, Is there any way you can benefit from this confusing situation or not? Make a note and write down all pros and cons of this situation, that you can presume. 

Find and write the pros and cons of this confusing life situation, think of the future aspects and all possibilities you can see. How your decisions can affect your life, what all things are stopping you. What all can be good or bad for you. When you write all these things it gives you huge clarity about the situation and can help you to find many possible ways.

5. Talk About the Scenario

When you are trapped in any situation and you can’t see any possible solutions or hope further, definitely you will feel anxious or negative. And even a particular scenario filled with confusion won’t allow you to think beyond. Such things might limit various other possibilities or good solutions. So talk about the scenario with your friends and family. Discuss with them, ask for help in solving this confusing life phase.

You might be uncomfortable to share or don’t want to. But, try to share and talk to them who cares for you, when you are confused in life. Talk with them, with whom you are comfortable with and that someone you trust in, who knows about your nature, and the situation you are in.

So that, you don’t have to explain yourself much. You might not find a solution there. But you might find some possible ways or some good suggestions, that help you to get out of your confusing life.

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6. Learn New Skills

Confusions And Tensions, confused about life

It is often said, “If you have stopped learning, you have stopped growing”. 

And that’s true maybe, learning has nothing to do with age, no matter how old you are or what field you belong to. So never stop yourself from learning and growing every day. If you are confused about life and want to divert yourself, you can always learn and develop new skills that may help you in the future.

Learning new skills can be anything. If you have ever thought to learn something, but couldn’t then this is the right time to do so. Maybe this new skill can make you relax or the piece of mind you were in search of. It can even lead you to something big or a different opportunity in your life.

While sitting and overthinking that isn’t helping you, when you are confused in life and don’t know what to do, and where to go.

Instead of that, you can develop something new that might help you to find a new way to look into the situation and solutions that might help you to come out and live your life again.

7. Make a Bucket List

Making a bucket list can be real fun at times when you aren’t feeling good, But facing confusion and feeling anxious or lethargic when you are confused in life. A bucket list would be a good option to relax, to know yourself, and search about yourself within you.

A bucket list is a list of activities that you wanted to do, that you liked better than never did, a task or action that will make you happy, things you fantasize and you wanted to accomplish one day. Think about what you want, and what you always wanted to do. It can be impractical too; you can write anything it doesn’t have to fit in your environment.

Making a bucket list can help you in many ways. It can be a good step towards your future, it will help you to know more about yourself. It can be a fun activity and can make you relax and strengthen your thought processes to find solutions for these confusing life problems. 

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8. Read Books

Feel Free From Confusions

Books can be your best friend too. Especially in this confused life phase, when you can’t find any safer way, reading books can be a better option.  So, read books of whatever genre you prefer to the present situation or that one which excites you the most. Take out old books that you used to read, and if you can’t find any then bring some kid’s comics.  Grab this opportunity to live your childhood once again.

Considering your present confusions in life, some books can be eye-opening, some biography can give you a lot of strength or inspiration to look with a new idea or state of mind. Some philosophy books like “the secret” or “48 laws of power” can be very helpful for you, these books are filled with many aspects of human tendency and truths of life. You might find a solution or way to handle this confusing life situation, you are facing right now.

9. Stay away from any negativity

Life confusions mostly come out of situations that either is not in your control or quite challenging for you. When your thoughts and emotions are all negative, it’s hard for you to make the right decision in life. Hence, it’s very essential to disconnect from such negative sources. External or internal, negative perception just makes things more difficult and confusing than it actually is. 

Take a break and relax. Spend some time with yourself alone, go for a walk, do something you like, or listen to music. Don’t overthink about it, set yourself free from everything that bothers you. Give it time, and you’ll find the better way out of it, eventually. Simply, rushing over to find the solutions, won’t help, by any means.  

10. Set priorities in life. 

Set Priorities In Life

When you carry too many things to do and achieve everything in life, you end up feeling stuck and confused in life, overall. Control your desires, change your perspective and check what is important in your life. Just because it feels good, or looks good doesn’t mean, you need it. Stop over-expecting from yourself. Of course, you can do anything in life, but you can’t do everything alone. 

So, look for something that you want in life. Spot the difference between needs and desires. Have big goals in life, but first set the priorities in things to follow. Don’t multitask things. It’s just you who make your life look complicated, and no one else. Find your passion, a purpose in life. Find something that you like to do, by yourself. You can not control everything and you better not try to. 

11. Don’t just think. Do something. 

The main problem we face is we think of the outcome first than the actual following. We live in our imaginary world. We are the one who sets goals and we are the one who limits us. Don’t let yourself stop, by your negative thinning or past events. You are more than you can think and imagine. Just because you failed in the past, doesn’t mean you’ll in the future, too. 

Release yourself from your thoughts or past regrets. Don’t let negative thoughts control you by any means. Take action and do something. Simply by thinking, and you can never achieve something in life. But, overthinking anything definitely can limit yourself. So stop overthinking and overanalyzing the situation, and get something done by yourself.  

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Some more easy things, which you can do when confused.

  1. Try to learn a new skill which you have loved, but couldn’t do for any reason.
  2. Call your best friend (or the person you trust the most) and talk about that one day where you had a great time.
  3. Take a pen and paper and list down the reasons which you think is making you confused. Sometimes we have all the answers within.

So, that’s it. Here are our perspectives on what to do when you are confused, and can’t decide anything further in life. We also want to know your views as well. Let us know in the comment section below, What is something that helps you when you’re confused about life? Is it work at your phase? Then, it definitely worth to mention here.

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