Remarks for nursery students Remarks for nursery students

Need some positive and effective remarks for nursery students? This post will help you. 

Here, we share the list of the report card comments and feedback on kindergarten students’ class performance. Whether it’s for a particular subject or regarding their behavioral performance, these are good examples. 

Anytime, when you feel like your most review comments look and feel the same, you can make it specific by following such ideas. This makes it easier for you to explain the good things about the kids as well as the areas of improvement, clearly to their parents. 

Remarks & Comments for Nursery Students’ Performance in Class

Remarks & comments for nursery students’ performance in class

As a teacher, you want to write your effective remarks on a particular subject. In case it feels hard to write comments on report cards for 30-40 students, the following list of remarks may be helpful. 

  1. I think he loves this subject and pays attention to it, more than any other subject. 
  2. He enjoys learning and started asking the right questions, which is a good thing. 
  3. She takes this subject seriously and wishes to treat other subjects the same. 
  4. His participation and involvement with this subject are impressive. 
  5. She always comes up with new answers, it seems she just loves learning. 
  6. When studying he’s focused and asks questions when required. 
  7. Nothing to worry about her performance in this subject, she’s great at it. 
  8. She’s showing enthusiasm to learn it, which motivates me to keep teaching.
  9. He seems to be learning this subject quickly, and his performance is also improving.
  10. It’s hard for him to complete a task he started, he gets easily distracted.
  11. Always eager to help others and get along with others, well. It is evident that you raised him well. 

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Positive Remarks to Give Nursery Students in Report Cards

Positive remarks to give nursery students in report cards

It is worthwhile to praise kids who are born intelligent and stay involved in class in most activities. Such positive comments make them feel appreciated as well as parents to feel proud of their kids. 

  1. Your child is undoubtedly a great student. Also, well-behaved in class.
  2. Along with studying, he also enjoys interacting with his classmates. That’s good. 
  3. She studies so well, and she also takes care of her fellow students.
  4. Wow, such a creative mind he has. I’m genuinely impressed by his performance. 
  5. She shows excitement to learn and is very curious about new things. 
  6. He learns things faster than other students, he is truly a brilliant kid. 
  7. At this age, he has developed great communication skills. That’s great to see. 
  8. Exceptionally obedient and smart student, also very proactive in all activities.
  9. Learning really fast and developing new skills better than anyone else in the class. 
  10. When it comes to learning new things, his excitement is on the other level. 
  11. She is a reliable student who cares for others and also values the class rules. 
  12. He is brilliant in the study as well as in the extra activities. 

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Kindergarten Report Card Comments for Improvement 

Kindergarten report card comments for improvement 

When students are not doing their best or their performance is not satisfactory, you better leave supportive comments. These are not meant to discourage them, but to make the parents feel confident that you and they can work together to make things right. 

  1. It is difficult for him to understand this subject, and we need to talk about that. 
  2. Very eager to participate in the class activities and all, but not so eager to study. 
  3. When it’s a group project he’s the best. The struggle is there when doing it alone.
  4. He seems to feel disconnected during the study. I hope for more involvement.
  5. I’m impressed with his performance in most subjects. But in maths, we need more. 
  6. Regarding studies, she’s the best student in the class. Yet she’s shy. 
  7. She’s facing a constant struggle to learn English, so she needs to practice more.
  8. The performance is certainly satisfactory, but he can do better than this. 
  9. When working alone, he performs the best. Social skills need to be improved.
  10. The problem lies in his consistent performance. He failed to provide equal efforts. 
  11. A blessed girl with a sharp mind. I’m sure she’s going to be a leader in the future. 
  12. I’m so impressed with his confidence and how he manages himself.

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Preschool/Nursery Report Card Remarks on Behavior

Preschoolnursery report card remarks on behavior

Academic performance is all fine. And, It’s also important to keep improving the child’s behavior in a new social setting and how he/she interacts with the other kids. You may use these comments as a teacher if you want to highlight positive attributes and potential improvements in a student’s behavior. 

  1. Sometimes, it’s hard for him to adjust to his fellow students. 
  2. Overall, good with his study, but we need to work together on his class behavior.
  3. Nothing serious, but first we should focus on making his class behavior better. 
  4. I notice that he has a constant struggle to connect with his classmates. 
  5. I think we need to work on his social skills, as he has difficulty interacting with others. 
  6. His academic performance is truly good. It is better to work on his behavior also.
  7. Mostly I see him with two or three friends. He needs to be social and open more.
  8. He loves doing things on his own but has hesitation to share with others or to help. 
  9. It’s hard for him to get along well with class rules. Expect your help in this case. 
  10. We always need to give her direction on what to do and what not to do in class. 
  11. He’s such a well-behaved kid in our class. Other kids learn good things from him. 
  12. Her behavior in class has changed so far. We are very happy to see the improvement.

Short Remarks For Nursery Students

Are you looking for short but direct remarks to share on nursery students’ performance? So here is the right list for you. This list covers the simple, short, and straightforward comments that are on point in discussing students’ performance and behavior in class. 

  1. He is very supportive of his peers. 
  2. She follows every class rule. 
  3. Good to see that he’s improving. 
  4. Such a talented and intelligent student. 
  5. Listen to every instruction carefully and follow it. 
  6. She is a confident and hardworking student. 
  7. His performance in math is excellent. 
  8. Very sincere and does his homework on time. 
  9. She works well with her peers. 
  10. He struggles to concentrate in class.

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Final thoughts

Well, the thoughtful comments and supportive remarks on reports are very crucial to appreciate the students who perform the best. It boosts their confidence and helps parents to feel proud of their kids. 

While improvement comments assist parents in managing their children’s performance or classroom behavior.  

In the end, all that matters is the effective and clear remarks for nursery students. That actually helps kids and parents to improve in a certain area, guides them, and encourages them to keep doing their best. 

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