Popular deposit methods that works with indian online casinos Popular deposit methods that works with indian online casinos

There are many ways to deposit money into an online casino account. Today, due to the influx of online payment gateways and wallets, it is easier than ever to deposit money.

In this list, we take a look at the popular Deposit Methods which work with Indian Online Casinos. Almost all popular casinos for Indian players will have a combination of these available, if not all.

How to deposit money

Deposits are normally very simple to make on most online casinos. This is because deposits are one of the ways casinos make money. Moreover, the quicker deposits are, the faster you can start playing online. Legal, trustworthy casinos that follow laws and regulations suggested by the Government of India, generally do not ask for a deposit fee.

Normally, players should be able to simply sign-up, deposit the money, and start playing. You might see a minimum deposit amount mentioned. Most casinos also have a minimum deposit amount you have to match in order to receive the welcome bonus. There are also lots of casinos where the minimum amount for the first deposit is fairly low like Sona9, BetShahIndia etc.

Legal online casinos normally do not ask for a KYC or verification before receiving the deposit. That usually happens when you ask to make a withdrawal.

However, before you start playing, it is always a good idea to take a look at the documents they might ask for in the future so that your winnings don’t get stuck.



This payment platform has become a prevalent method for online casinos today. This is because this prepaid payment platform puts the best of all payment methods together. You can use Astropay as a prepaid e-wallet, or it can be used as a prepaid card.

You can also top up your Astropay balance using a plethora of options such as Gpay, Paytm, UPI, and many others. Just choose a method that is the most convenient for you.

The only downside is that since the platform is used exclusively for gambling, chances are this is not already downloaded on your phone like others on this list.

However, if you are planning on playing at online casinos for any length of time, Astropay makes transactions extremely simple. It even eliminates the legal hassles of Withdrawals, which can be lengthy, especially if you are using two different methods for deposits and withdrawals.


Today you can deposit directly from your bank, thereby bypassing limits that many platforms apply to their daily transactions. Direct bank transfers are a little more lengthy than a small transaction through platforms like GPay but it’s worth it if you are a high roller and looking to play with serious amounts of cash.

Bank transfers are best left to the pros because new players can get swept up in the excitement of the moment and lose track of their finances.

However, if you’re still looking to go a little above the limit to perhaps get the best welcome bonus or something similar, Net Banking may be your best option. It’s direct, swift, and is done through your bank, meaning your transaction is protected by the protocols of your bank.

It’s also great if you are not familiar with apps and new systems. Net banking has been around for a long time and is familiar to most of those who know how to use the internet.


Paytm is an online wallet that is made in India. More importantly, it accepts both deposits and withdrawals. This is why it is often a favored payment method for Indian players online. Paytm allows users to use multiple forms of payment.

You can use UPI, debit cards, NetBanking, prepaid wallets, and bank transfers to name a few. Unlike most other payment methods, Paytm also allows EMIs on payments and Paytm Postpaid.

Paytm is an extremely safe and secure way to make transactions. You do not need to mention any card or bank details on a merchant site to make transactions.

All you need is the Paytm ID. This protects you from phishing attacks, and since you need to pay on the app instead of on the site, all your payments are secured through their systems.

Paytm also does not require any fee for making transactions, unlike some other payment methods. However, sites with Paytm always have a minimum amount for both deposits and withdrawals.



Gpay is Google’s very own payment platform. Unlike most other payment methods, Gpay maintains its security without extensive verification or KYC processes. All you need is a phone number that is connected to your bank.

Generally, in India this means that the phone number is also associated with your Aadhar Card and Gpay accepts that as valid proof.

Moreover, Gpay’s system allows users to pay online without entering their financial details on a merchant site. This reduces the risk of phishing drastically.

Plus, the app is locked with a pin, and you need a different pin for each associated bank to transfer money in any way. This means that even if your phone is stolen, your data stays safe.

GPay allows bank-to-bank transfers, online banking, and even directly paying bills through their app. It also allows players to pay through UPI at UPI betting sites. Smaller transactions on  are the easiest through Gpay. They even ask you if you are sure about the amount so that you don’t make any errors while transferring.

Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard are international payment cards that use their own specific network to facilitate transactions throughout the world. For casinos, it is fairly easy to use their cards for both deposits and withdrawals.

Visa and Mastercard are favored methods for long-time players since bigger amounts are easy to transfer through Visa or Mastercard.

Moreover, Visa or Mastercard usually allow transactions only with an OTP, which changes every time you need to make a payment. This means that even if your card details were to be exposed, without your phone, it would be impossible to make a fraudulent transaction.

Add that to the international nature of these cards, and what you have is an easy, secure, and hassle-free way to transact internationally.

The only issue that could be associated with using these methods is that during withdrawals, they might demand that your name on the site must match that on the card.

To circumvent this, you can sign-up with the same details given on the card, or simply use a different withdrawal method.


In this age of technology, everything is becoming digital. Cue the rise of Cryptocurrencies which are decentralized virtual currencies. The system is set up in such a way that counterfeiting is almost impossible to do.

However, it is in its early stages and there have been questions about its values’ steadiness. The 2022 crypto crash stands as a testament to it.

However, the positives aren’t to be dismissed. Due to the fact that it is a decentralized currency, it is very easy to use for casinos. There are no rules against gambling that cryptocurrency wallets hold against you.

Moreover, it is a great safety net in case banks go bankrupt. Plus, it is an international form of currency and can be used anywhere that allows crypto. There are also special crypto casinos where payments are done exclusively through crypto.

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