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Ever since their emergence over a decade ago, cryptocurrencies have become very popular. The first crypto coin to be discovered was Bitcoin, which remains to be the most known. Today, several investors seek to venture into the crypto industry, primarily prompted by the industry’s increasing usefulness. Now more than ever, there’s much information about these digital currencies.

People can turn to the various channels by which such information is conveyed. Are you looking to know more about cryptocurrency investment? How can you learn about it? Read on to find out as I discuss six ways.

Best Ways To Learn About Cryptocurrency Investment


Books are a significant source of knowledge for numerous things across all aspects. Cryptocurrency isn’t left out in this. Instead, several books are available that discuss the coins and provide full details on what to know about them. Would you like to read some of these books to find out what they say about crypto investment? Whether books cover all crypto coins in general or discuss specific ones, you can learn about the trade using them. Here are some top books:

  • “The Book of Satoshi.” This book, authored by Phil Champagne, discusses bitcoin’s discovery by its anonymous creator technically called Satoshi Nakamoto. It also covers various Bitcoin topics like crypto’s economic potential and impacts.
  • “Cryptocurrency.” Given the name of the digital coins, this book (author; Abraham K. White) talks about the mining, trading, and investment of digital currencies. While it broadly discusses Bitcoin, it also analyzes other cryptocurrencies that aren’t widely known.
  • “Cryptoassets.” It’s a book written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar that explores cryptocurrencies and other related tokens. It provides a detailed historical background of the industry in an easily readable and understandable manner.
  • “Bitcoin from Beginner to Expert.” If you seriously need to invest in cryptos and become an expert, this Christian Newman’s book can help. It’s an excellent tool for starters as it discusses Bitcoin investment facts and blockchain technology, which is an essential part of the crypto industry. It also covers other cryptocurrencies’ investment in general.
  • “Digital Gold.” It’s written by Nathaniel Popper and analyzes Bitcoin’s creation, early days, developments, and compares crypto coins to gold. It’s ideal for understanding the value of cryptocurrencies and their investment.

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Online Courses

Would you like to extend your desire to learn about crypto investment further? Why not take any or, if possible, all the available online cryptocurrency courses? They will help you understand more about cryptocurrencies, how they work, and more. Examples of some best courses include:

  • ‘Securing Cryptocurrencies.’ Explores some of the primary security requirements and offers guidance on how to reduce security risks.
  • ‘Introduction to Bitcoin and Crypto Trading.’ It will help you learn how to begin Bitcoin, altcoins, and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) investment.
  • ‘Crypto Trading 101.’ This course is about how to trade cryptos for profit. It covers how to use price prediction patterns, technical analysis, and what moves crypto prices.
  • ‘A complete Crypto Trading & Investing Course + eBook.’ It will assist you in knowing how to improve cryptocurrency trading and investment. It discusses the buying & selling of cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, ICO investing, and crypto market research & analysis.

Exchange Platforms

If you’re a crypto guru, you doubtless know several online exchange platforms that aids in crypto transactions. Popular ones include; – Coinbase, Binance, and CoinDesk. Apart from providing a stage from which buyers and sellers can make crypto transactions, these exchanges also act as reliable information sources. They have either learning programs for their clients or a section where people, in general, can obtain knowhow about crypto investment.

For instance, Coinbase provides a collection of introductory courses in cryptocurrencies lacking a dedicated course. You can then get a glimpse of other crypto coins other than Bitcoin or Ethereum and understand how they work. Consult “Coinbase Learn,” a program consisting of a simple set of interactive flashcards covering cryptocurrencies basics from buying and selling to mining within a short period.

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Research Through Websites

Sometimes the best way to get what we want is by feeding the topic into a browser’s search button. Undoubtedly, that’s what you need to land on this page. The internet has made it easy to research anything, including our discussion topic “ways to learn about cryptocurrency investment.” Some of the content posted on websites are from crypto experts who have been in the industry since its inception. Meaning, if you access such materials either in video or written-article form, you can use them to know how to invest in crypto coins. Even if not all websites contain reliable content covering what you might need, Google will help filter them and give you better results.

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Cryptocurrency News and Trends

Social media usage has also helped in availing information to us when we need it. You can take advantage of the various media platforms available to learn about crypto investment. Follow people who seem to have experience in the industry and read their views on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others. Again, take precautions by ensuring that what you accept is accurate and verifiable.

People are entitled to their opinions and can post anything they like. Further, be updated on any news and trending topics about the crypto industry and use such opportunities to learn whatever is appropriate. You can always subscribe to crypto-related content or news to get notified whenever something new emerges.


Finally, friends are the most reliable and readily available sources of knowledge, especially if trustworthy. I learned about Bitcoin from a friend who later shed light on cryptocurrency trade. Do you have a friend who’s already into crypto investment and understands quite much about it? Why not ask him/her about the industry, how it works, and more? I’m sure such dear ones will be ready and willing to help if they’re unselfish. You can also check with Instant Loan for further assistance on crypto-related matters.

The Bottom Line

With each passing day, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular globally. As governments continue to acknowledge the significance of digital currencies in economic growth and accept them, be sure that cryptos will be everywhere. They’re here to stay! So, why not use the suggested ways discussed in this blog to learn about cryptocurrency investment?

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