Trending capcut templates Trending capcut templates

As a video content creator or influencer, you might have heard of the CapCut app, which is an excellent tool for editing your videos and reels to share on social media. This amazing video editing app has a huge template library for every user’s need. 

The tool is great, but the real challenge is to find the perfect templates of your choice. Because there are just too many options for you. So, it’s hard to find the one that you should use to go viral. 

Well, to handle this confusion, we are going to share the list of the most popular CpaCut templates that you should use to follow the trend on social media.

List of Top Trending CapCut Templates To Create Instagram or TikTok Videos

CapCut is an online video editing app, which is user-friendly, powerful, and above all it’s free. With this advanced app, a user can make high-quality video even on their smartphone. And, its video template library is the actual magic of this tool. 

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, you can make a great video just by picking the right template CapCut has for you. Especially to win at your social media game and to go viral, you must be aware of the best and trending CapCut templates that everyone is using.

Take a look at this list of trending templates on CapCut that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Look in My Eyes – Most Popular Template on CapCut

Following Taylor Swift’s popular song ‘Look In My Eyes’, this template is also trending on social media platforms. If you want to create your video with stylish effects, this template is for you. It gained the attention of millions of social media users, so you have a chance to gain attention here.

2. Cinematic Scroll

When you have several videos created on the same theme or the same event, Cinematic Scroll is the perfect template. This template allows you to add several other videos and photos, and then it creates the whole video filled with a cinematic experience.

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3. Flaming Heart – Viral CapCut Templates for Tiktok

You might have seen a video with the Flaming Heart effect on TikTok and also on Instagram. Because this is quite popular and people use it the most in their videos. To make a trending and stylish video, this is the right template. If you wish your video to go viral this template can work.  

4. Slow Motion – CapCut Template to Create a Slow Video

The slow motion effect has always been a popular editing style for a long time. With a unique touch and more style, this CapCut template is worth creating videos with. Mainly when you are creating Instagram reels, you can apply this template to make a hit video. 

5. Love Me Like You Do – Favorite CapCut Template for Girls

Sung by Ellie Goulding, ‘Love Me Like You Do’ was a viral song and with the same name, it is a popular CapCut template. Especially among girls, this is a very popular template on purpose. The lyrics of the song express the mesmerizing melody with intense love. The template is very trending due to the love song and its unique effects, which makes it a viral video on social media.  

6. Lyrics

Whether it’s a sad song or a sigma song, no matter how the mood is, we all enjoy the video more with the strong background music. When you want to add a love song or a sad song to your video, you can do so with this Lyrics CapCut template. This template is widely popular and many creators can’t stop using it.

7. 44 Photos – Trending CapCut template for photo

If you are thinking of the perfect CapCut template to make a feel-good video with lots of memories, 44 Photos is the one. The video template can help you create a trending video whether it’s to share on Tiktok or Instagram. 

8. Amazing Blur Effect for CapCut Videos

You want to share something creative and new with your video content. Something that your audience going to love. So, the Amazing blur effect is a great template for you. This template is trending on TikTok and Instagram due to its blur effect. 

9. Photo Dump

You have some messages and Old memories to share your all photos. Then, Photo Dump is the popular CapCut template for the purpose. This template has a few more styles that you can pick as per your choice of need. This easy-to-use template makes sure your videos are creative and unique. 

10. Sigma – A Popular CapCut Templates for Instagram

No matter which social media it is, Sigma is in the trend. Following the trend, if you want to edit your video in the same style, CapCut has a Sigma template for you. Whether you’re creating a reaction video or a meme video, the Sigma template is popular and it will be for a long time.  

11. Camera Photography

If you think of the latest and trending CapCut template that is getting popular, Camera Photography is the one. This template adds an aesthetic style to your video, which makes it a creative post. Mainly if you have tons of photos to share or want to express your photography passion, you can’t miss this template. 

12. Mafia CapCut Template

If you want to add a mafia touch to your video content, you can use this template. This popular template is in trend due to the catchy song. To experience something new and follow the trend, you can apply the Mafia CapCut template to your video. 

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13. Bike Motion Blur – Trending CapCut Template for Bikes

Well, as a biker, you can’t just use any video template on CapCut. This tool has some of the best capcut templates for passionate bikers. And, this is the most popular one. So, if you want to create a video of yourself with your bike or on a long drive, this template is the best for you. This CapCut template is to show your love for your bike and your passion to drive.


14. Disney AI

Wish to create your little Disney movie or want to see your Disney avatar? Then, the Disney AI template is the one you need. This template converts your videos or photos into Disney cartoon characters. Most people use this template to transform their story in Disney cartoons, so you could, too. 

Final Thoughts

From ByteDance- the company name behind the popular ‘TikTok’, CapCut is a popular video editing application for this purpose. ‘CapCut’ app has a wide range of editing features to make high-quality videos even with your smartphone. 

All you need to do is to browse its great video templates library, pick the one of your choice, add your content and the rest will be handled by the tool. 

But that’s not enough to win on social media with your content. Along with following the trend, adding a unique touch to it makes your content popular and engaging.

From time to time, we will update this list with the latest and trending CaCut templates that help you create great videos to share on social media. So, stay tuned with us! 

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