How to control your anger trending us How to control your anger trending us

According to survey results, 7 out of every 10 people is frustrated with some or the other things and we really need to ask ourselves, are we managing our anger the right way?

Here are some simple hacks that will help you get better control over your frustrations & anger-related issues.

1. Pause:

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Give yourself a break from whatever you are thinking or doing. Sit back and just pause all your activities & thoughts. Let things come to a standstill. Let the silence prevail. Now, reflect upon what caused you the urge to be angry though. Most of the times, we vent anger from completely unrelated things. We almost always regret the things we say when we are angry. So it certainly is a good decision to pause for a moment & think about the consequences of the words spoken or actions performed and then react to whatever feels right.

2. Count back from 10 to 1:

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The age-old formula for calming down your senses.

Do a slow and backward count from 10 to 1. Invalidate yourself from your surroundings while you count this. Counting down from 10 has really been proven to suppress the anger swelling up inside your mind. Counting also takes your conscious far away from what is making you angry and help you keep your cool.

3. Meditate:

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Meditation is considered to be a supremely effective way of managing your anger. Just go to a peaceful environment and meditate for 10-15 minutes daily. Meditation and Yoga is recommended to solve a lot of anger management issues. It is crucial to set a daily schedule for this technique to work. Early mornings are the best to get some headspace with meditation. This is going to be slow as well as long-term but a rewarding process and far better than popping pills. Also, you can meetup with a group and make some friends while at it.

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4. Vent out your anger in a trusted place:

Talk to the people who are closest to you. It could be your best friend or your soulmate, or a family member. Remember not to displace all your anger on them. Choose a wise person for confession. Emotional people tend to be good choices whenever you feel like sharing a problem.

Make sure that doesn’t disturb the personal life of that person, though! Vent a little bit of your anger on them knowing that you don’t harm them.

5. Punch that pillow of yours:

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Your most trusted and reliable possession – your pillow knows all about you: your emotions, your tears, your love and your anger. Give it a chance. Non-living things don’t react! Alternatively, you can go to the gym and do some physical training to get the punches out. Physical exercise helps with releasing stress relief hormones that will help you calm your storms.

6. Talk it out:

Confront the situation & the problem. Peacefully analyse the situation with a calm posture. Don’t aggravate the situations instead. Just express what disturbs you. Sometimes, it might be sensible to use a third party opinion.  Increased aggression, outbursts, and overreacting to situations can be a very serious issue. Therapy and counseling are fantastic ways for someone struggling with anger issues to help process them and move forward. BetterHelp is a great option.

7. Pull the root out:

Forgive_forget_let_go_ move_on trending usThis one is simple. Try to forget those things/incidents. They are not worth the harm that they’ve caused you. Things will be fine if they are meant to be. Just move on. Check out some decisions that can help you take control of your life.

8. Don’t suppress your emotions:

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Being angry, though displays manliness and power, equally makes you vulnerable. Don’t show up your weaknesses instantly, you’re turning it into a lose-lose situation. Suppressing your anger makes them more volatile. They are well under your conscious limits, but they give rise to more allied negativity within. In-expressiveness also gives rise to further misunderstandings.

Speak out your concerns. Communicate well. Talk to empathetic people who can help. Walk it out. Suppressing your anger will only make it worse and sooner or later the bubble will burst and it won’t paint a pretty picture.  People who find it hard to talk about how they feel, or the trauma they have experienced in their past, often turn anger inward. Sometimes, when a person is angry, it is easy to take anger negatively on those close to us.

9. Sleep:

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Just go back to your bed, listen to some peaceful music and take a nap. You’ll definitely feel better after taking a break. Get up and get going again! Life does not stop and you must not too.

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