Europe must visit place Europe must visit place

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor the beautiful Buckingham Palace, and it’s not just about marvelous architecture but also the beautiful valleys. Europe is full of beautiful architecture, nature, and adventure. Depending on your choice and budget, you can choose a destination to visit, from Monte Carlo to Spain.

Planning a visit to Europe?

If you are planning a visit to Europe and are confused about where to visit, this article will definitely help you  choose one. Some things that you can consider while choosing destinations are-

What is your budget for travelling to Europe?

Traveling budget is an important factor while choosing a destination; it includes your flight budget, stays, and food. You can opt for hostels to stay in and choose public transports or electric bikes once you reach your destination and avoid unnecessary shopping. Such things can help you in cost-cutting.

10 Cheapest & Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe


Hungary europe must visit place

Hungary is one of the best places to visit in Europe without spending a huge amount, and the cathedral and thermal bath are the main attractions. People usually prefer to spend their time in Budapest, but you can also explore nearby villages, downtown and nearby cities like Miskolc, Eger. You can also experience a luxury European dinner without spending a huge amount.

  1. Czech Republic- The overlooked Gem

Prague europe must visit place

The Czech Republic is one of the beautiful European countries and a cheap option for architecture lovers. This country is popular for its gothic cathedral church and castles there were built in the medieval period. You can get great food and stay options at very low rates. And a fun fact about this country is that “water is cheaper than water.

  1. Bulgaria- The adventurous spot


Bulgaria is always considered on top of the list of cheapest countries to visit in Europe. You can always get a good deal on flights and hotels in Bulgaria. You can also enjoy the beaches of Bulgaria if you move towards coastal towns, and for a city like an experience, Sofia is a great option.

  1. Poland – A place for Newly wedded 

Poland in europe

One of the most romantic places on earth, Poland is one of the cheapest options for planning a honeymoon or a trip with your partner. This country is full of life and beauty: landscapes, castles, and many historical places to explore.For sea lovers you can choose to visit the north and for mountains choose south Poland, as this country is also rich in culture and history you can go to Auschwitz Museum and Birkenau Camp to know more about its history.

  1. Latvia- Discovering History

Latvia europe must visit place

Latvia is not a popular option from Europe, but it is a great country to visit for a beautiful experience. The country is full of European culture, greenery, and beautiful history to experience. If you want to experience old Europe at a low price, choose this, as this place isn’t popular like France and Italy you can get very cheap deals here.

What is your purpose to visit?

The purpose is another important factor to consider before choosing a country or destination. Whether you are going on a solo trip or with friends, is it a honeymoon vacation or something else. You can also choose according to your mood if you want to try something adventurous, beautiful countryside, sometimes with nature or architecture. Some destinations are rich in nature and some in architecture.

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Best places in Europe for Adventure Sports

  1. Germany- Ski on Beautiful Bavarian


Germany is a great option for adventure sports lovers; you can go skiing in Bavarian and go for a great rafting session and sledding. Adventure sports on one side you can explore the rich yet disturbing history of Nazis, there are so many castles to visit and mouth-watering food options on German Streets.

  1. Iceland- Harsh Mountains to Mesmerising Waterfall


While I talk about adventure and Europe, how can I forget Iceland, a perfect country for hiking, backpacking, fishing, and what not!

You can go kayaking, road trips, and eco-tours; I assure you waterfalls in Iceland will mesmerize you with their beauty. Harsh mountains and bubbling earth will make your journey more exciting and adventurous. And yes, how can you forget northern light, one of the most beautiful experiences you can have.

  1. Ireland- Climb on Dublin to Blarney

Nice place in europe

Want to climb and hike on beautiful European mountains?

No better place than Ireland, explore the adventures in northern Europe that has become an adventure paradise. Dublin, Galway, and Blarney are some of the most amazing destinations to choose in Ireland.

  1. Scotland- Dive into Lap of Adventure

Scotland europe must visit place

When you think of Scotland, the first thing you can think of is the beautiful train journey and famous scene from Harry Potter.  But believe me, Scotland is much more than this; you can explore beautiful greenery and adventure sports like river rafting, scuba diving. Then, when done with adventure, you can embrace grand castles, theatre at night, museums, and landscapes.

  1. Switzerland- Make Snowman in Matterhorn


Favorite honeymoon destination, but what I would suggest you  go for an adventurous trip?

Switzerland is full of adventure; climb the Matterhorn and snowy peaks track for the alpine lake. You can do almost everything hiking, climbing, camping, and whatnot. Don’t forget to shop for delicious chocolates and famous Swiss watches while returning!

Weather and timing when you visit.

There is always a perfect time to visit a particular destination; when you are selecting a place, consider thinkin g about the month you will be visiting or if you are available. And when you know this will help pack and make a checklist of essentials.

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