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There are endless benefits of hiking that probably you don’t know about, and I’m not going to lie – it was a struggle to narrow it down to just seven. I would really like to enlighten some people on how great just a simple walk can be for your wellbeing.

After reading this you will be itching to go for a nice hike surrounded by beautiful trees and plants.

Topmost Hiking Benefits That You Can’t Ignore.

1. It’s Healthy

Hiking has so many health benefits, both mental and physical. I’m just going to name a few.

Let’s start with the most obvious – with hiking comes walking, which is exercise. There have been many studies that show how walking actually makes us feel more energized, boosts our mood, and increases self-esteem and happiness.

All of that just from walking seems too good to be true, I know.

Apart from that, being surrounded by nature has a lot of benefits of its own. When breathing in the fresh air you’re also breathing in phytoncides, which are airborne chemicals that plants give off in order to protect themselves from insects.

These chemicals have antifungal and antibacterial qualities to them that also help plants fight diseases.

When we breathe in phytoncides, our bodies react by increasing the number and activity of a type of white blood cell – called natural killer cells (NK). These cells kill tumor and virus-infected cells in our bodies.

2. It’s Cheap

Topmost hiking benefits

One of the most important benefits of hiking saying it doesn’t feel like cost you anything to go for a hike. Sure, if you’re a serious hiker then you’re going to invest in some things.

But if you’ve never been hiking before, it’s as simple as getting up, leaving your house, and going for a walk. Yes, that is considered a hike as long as you’re surrounded by nature.

Plenty of the things you need for hiking like tents can be acquired for quite a cheap price, as an example check out some of the best instant tents, the price is quite reasonable and they can offer you a new experience of both camping and hiking at the same time!

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3. Reconnect with Yourself

If you prefer to go hiking alone, then it is the perfect opportunity. Actually, it’s not really an opportunity because you don’t really have much choice; for however long you choose to hike, you are left alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Don’t let that stop you from going; it’s a good thing! Everybody needs to ground themselves every now and then. We need quiet. Nowadays our lives are filled with constant noise – people, cars, construction, and technology, just to name a few.

Even though the technology is great, but there have been studies that prove how using our phones makes us less focused.

Go and disconnect from everything for a while so that you can reconnect with yourself. You never know, maybe you’ll end up learning something new about yourself.

Even if you do prefer hiking with others, whether it’s friends or family, this can still help you reconnect with yourself.
Spending quality time with loved ones and bonding with them can reset our minds, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Why do we like hiking? Put simply – hiking benefits with staying happy, and you’ll feel even more energized after a hike together.

Reasons-to-try-hiking, benefits of hiking

4. Solve Problems

The next time that you have a problem to solve, whatever it may be, and you need time to think and plan or make a decision you should go for a hike. Here’s why.

There is a study done by Ruth Ann Atchley and David L. Strayer, that shows how immersing yourself in nature while disconnecting from media and technology increases performance in creative problem-solving by 50%.

The next benefits of hiking show that there is a cognitive advantage by surrounding ourselves in nature because it is emotionally positive.

Also, I bet you didn’t know that Einstein’s daily walk was sacred to him – it helped him take some time to think and come up with solutions. While working at Princeton University in New Jersey he would walk a mile and a half there and back.

He was following in someone else’s footsteps: Darwin, who would walk for 45 minutes three times a day.

5. Hiking Improves Memory

This has got to be the most fascinating fact. I never would have guessed that hiking could improve my memory.

We know this thanks to a study done at the University of British Columbia. Researchers found that regular exercise appears to boost the size of the hippocampus (the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning).

However, it’s only with aerobic exercises, such as hiking because it leaves you out of breath at times. Resistance training, balance, and muscle toning exercises did not produce the same results.

Any kind of exercise seems to induce neurogenesis, which is the birth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, allowing your brain to flourish with new nerve cells.

So, not only will hiking improve your memory but it also helps us see and think in new ways.

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6. How about getting new friends!

Benefits of hiking with friends

Our lives have become so monotonous that we have forgotten about meeting new people. Even if we do then they belong to our professional lives. One way to break the cycle can be going on an adventure. Going for a hike can be an amazing idea. Like other benefits of hiking, you might discover new friends and an amazing company. 

Taking a trip to the mountains can be a bit risky if you are not prepared, so taking the help of a professional company is not a bad idea. They are experts and will help you explore new sites. The company organized hikes are in groups and you can meet a bunch of new people and enjoy. Also if you are meeting someone on camp or while hiking that means you guys have some common interests too.

Meeting new people and making friends can give you a memorable experience. It makes your trip more exciting and fun. You can also make further plans with your new-found friends and discover new places together!

7. Learning and exploring!

Learning and exploring don’t belong to any age group these things are lifetime. When you go hiking those places are different from the place you belong to. You get to meet new people, different languages, and different lifestyles. With beautiful scenic views. Hiking benefits you to explore small villages and people that live in. And who doesn’t like food, after so much of hard work you deserve some good food. You can try some local traditional cuisines and street food. 

Learn and try to adapt those languages, explore new art forms, and capture them. If you start hiking on a regular basis you can start your own blog or page where you can share your experiences, views, and photographs. Imagine remembering all these adventures some years later and swiping all the photographs will surely make you nostalgic.

After all these benefits of hiking, you would now admit that hiking can be really fun to try. I don’t deny the fact that all of us love doing clubbing or simply binge watch some series on holidays. But choosing hiking with friends can be really fun and something very quite profitable too.

Think of a holiday or weekend filled with new ideas, refreshed mind and soul, new friends on your chat apps, and some amazing experiences to share with the old one!

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