Trending & better discord themes Trending & better discord themes

Changing discord themes and customizing them as you want is quite easy. But, the real challenge is to find such a discord theme that feels perfect, agree? 

So if you have been searching for the perfect discord theme and haven’t found the right one that gives you that satisfaction and special vibes, then, no worries, we have awesome suggestions for you. 

In this article, we will share the trending discord themes that you want to check out. 

Trending and Better Discord Themes 2021

Here we have listed out the top trending discord themes that are currently popular among the various communities. This list is based on the most downloaded and liked discord themes that you want to look at before changing the discord theme.  

1. Clear Vision

Known as the highly customizable theme, a Clear Vision is the most popular and liked discord theme right now. The theme is not very dark, and with its halo effect, that makes it appealing, indeed. 

The ClearVision Discord theme is quite easy to customize with various color pallets and color effects and adjustments. You can also change text and the default background image to one that matches your community goal. 

Theme Preview: 

Clear vision

2. Dark Matter Theme – Trending on Discord Right Now

If you have been changing discord themes too often, probably you may have come across this theme many times because Dark matter is one of the trending discord themes among the gamers community. 

If you are a fan of dark and cosmic energies then this discord theme is for you. It’s frequently a version of the DarkMatter theme of Hammock. Moreover, you can also adjust its colors and text message according to limited but amazing color pallets. 

Theme Preview: 

Dark matter theme trending on discord right now

3. Discord+ Theme

For the users who prefer slick and easy-to-use discord themes, this one is the right option. The discord+ theme can be customized frequently with small efforts, but the default theme is also well made and looks impressive. 

This theme makes the right choices due to its good appearance and improved performance. Moreover, you can change the background image, accent color, and others icons’ color based on your choice without sacrificing end performance. That’s a great thing.  

Theme Preview:  

Discord+ theme

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4. Akame Ga_ ill: Trending Discord for Anime Fans

Fans of anime series can’t ignore this theme. So if you are a fan of anime manga, this is the perfect discord theme for you. Moreover, Akame_Ga-Kill is recognized as the best discord theme in anime. 

The background image is of the Akame from the Akame No Kill, and with its unique effect makes this discord theme impressive enough. There are some customizable options, but you probably won’t need that if you are a genuine anime fan. 

Akame_Ga_Kill theme is available to download from Better Discord. 

Theme Preview:


5. Frosted Glass

With its eye-catching look and healing background image, a frosted glass theme is also one of the most downloaded and trending discord themes right now on better discord. The beautiful scenery and adjusted light make this an impressive theme. 

Furthermore, this theme allows you to work with CSS stuff and change the setting and functions as you want, like something to match your community theme.

Theme Preview:

Frosted glass

6. Not Another Anime Theme

Like its name, this discord theme is also an interesting one. Indeed, this is not an anime theme yet it has some cool features that make it trending and popular, along with most other discord themes. 

The theme is already decorated with a stunning image and great features. Plus, you can also update the features if you want, with its great customization options. 

Not Another Anime Discord theme is available to download from Better Discord here

Theme Preview:

Not another anime theme

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7. Basic Background – Best Discord Theme for Regular Users

As its name says, here, you can freely change and customize the background image on this discord theme. You can also set the image theme, accent color, and text or icons of your choices. 

This stunning yet straightforward discord provides the default discord layout and gives you more access to customize it your way. This one is a perfect choice for the one who is looking for a relaxed and simply-looking discord. 

Theme Preview:

Basic background

8. Opera GX Gaming Theme

Come up with a stunning look and greater customization options; Opera GX Gaming is the trending discord theme on BetterDiscord. Plus, this theme allows you to modify it via CSS file and make it the perfect theme, the way you want to. 

Moreover, due to its better features, the theme achieved a greater amount of downloads in a short time. If Opera browser were your default browser, this theme would be the right match for you, with its red accent and appealing fonts and icons. 

Theme Preview:

Opera gx gaming theme

9. Black Hole Discord Theme

This appealing theme may not seem that rich in color, but it gives an experience like gazing at the space with its dark background image; this is another trendy and most downloaded Discord theme due to its stunning appearance.

If you’re a fan of space stuff and all, this discord is definitely worth your attention. The open space, a shining star, will give you a peaceful experience, like a peaceful night. 

Theme Preview: 

Black hole discord theme

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10. Spotify Discord: Popular Discord for Music Lovers

For those who love listening to their favorite music on Spotify, this theme is the right choice. This theme gives that vibe you have while streaming your songs on Spotify. So if you are a Spotify lover, you can try this discord theme for your community. 

The theme is greatly made and similarly looks like a Spotify on discord. Which further makes this theme creative and impressive overall. The profile, icons, texts, and most functions will certainly make you feel like you’re on Spotify. 

Theme Preview:

Spotify discord popular discord for music lovers

11. Cyberpunk: Popular Discord Theme for Gamers

Undoubtedly, this is the best discord theme for Cyberpunk fans. This discord is well developed on the theme of Cyberpunk, and you can find the close connection within. Moreover, the text is given a relevant color match, making this discord a good one to have.  

The developers give their best efforts to make this theme look greatly matched with the gaming plot. Plus, if you want, this theme comes with some great options that allow you to customize its appearance as you want. 

Theme Preview:

Cyberpunk popular discord theme for gamers

12. Discolored

Are you tired of seeing the same color theme over and over again? Need something to change? If so, then you might like this theme, for sure. This discord theme allows you to change your theme’s SVG color as per your preferences. 

With a highly customized option, you can change this discord theme to something that fits your community vibes very well. Moreover, as an add-on, this trending discord theme lets you customize and change the discord SVGs, the way you want. 

The discolored theme is available to download from Better Discord. 

Theme Preview:

Discolored discord theme

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Ready to update your discord themes?

Well,  so, this is the ultimate list of the trending discord themes that we want to share with you. 

But, before straightaway downloading any theme, it’s always better to check the required specifications and, most importantly, the security features, first. Because not every discord theme is as great as it looks or from a reliable source. 

The listed themes are just for reference that are currently trending and are popular discord themes right now. 

If you have any discord theme-related suggestion that you think makes the better match for the list, you can suggest that in the comments section below. We are surely going to update that. 

Plus, share which discord theme among the list of discord is your favorite one?

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