5 Reasons to Use an Atari Emulator: A PC Gamer’s Guide

Looking to feel the nostalgia of playing old video games from back in the day? Trying to get your hand on original hardware like the Atari from 1977 can be tough and expensive, as the machines are becoming harder to find, making them more valuable. The games are following the same path.

But there is a solution that can not only make your life easier but also save you money.

Here is why you should use an Atari emulator to play all of your favorite games.

Saves Money

The biggest benefit to using an emulator is the money you’re going to save compared to buying the rare hardware and games.

Most emulators include several generations as well. So instead of having to get an Atari 800 emulator as well as an Atari 7800 emulator, you instead will just need one.

If you’re trying to decide what emulator you should choose, learn more about here. The link breaks down the best emulators for Atari out there and how to play them on your Windows device.

Access to More Games

Chances are that the games you enjoyed the most are going to be rarer than the consoles themselves. A good portion of games have already been emulated and you can quickly download them.

You can even check out games that you never played before.

Higher Definition

While you can’t change the fact that most games were only 8-bit, you can change the quality of the output.

Because you’re not going to be going through analog displays, the games tend to have a higher definition. Though you can keep the low resolutions if it helps keep that nostalgic feel.

Able to Use Different Controllers

Imagine using an Atari Jaguar emulator and you have to use the controller that it was originally purposed for. Chances are that you’re not going to have a great time.

Emulators allow you to use a different gamepad or even the mouse and keyboard. It is not only more comfortable but also more customizable. You will more than likely need a wired connection though, as Bluetooth devices don’t seem to work well.

You Can Stream Games

If you have a following on a streaming platform like Twitch or YouTube, you can stream an emulator pretty easily.

This saves you the time of having to convert analog to HDMI with a converter, which takes up an HDMI slot that you need for both streaming and your monitors.

Use an Atari Emulator Today to Experience These Games Like Never Before

By downloading and using an Atari emulator, you can experience everything that you loved about your childhood when it came to video games. You can even check out those games that you were never able to get. They can be brought to a higher quality to experience them like never before, or you can stick to the resolution you remember.

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog if you want to learn how to relive your childhood even more. Know someone that loved the Atari? Share this article with them so they can play their favorite games again.

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