Trending apple watch faces Trending apple watch faces

Who doesn’t love the Apple watch? Well, we love the Apple Watch, its features, its designs, and almost everything. Well, most of us keep exploring its health features, trending watch bands, and technicalities, but one thing most of us miss often is trending apple watch faces. You can style your apple watch just by changing and trying on faces for it; whether you are going for a party, official meet, clubbing, or sports, you can change the face that goes with your mood and event.

Here are some trending apple watch faces to go for this year-

  1. Infographic Apple Watch Face for Sports Activities

Infographic apple watch face for sports activities

This one is for those who want everything on the screen, a very well-designed look that shows multiple things on the main screen. This face holds a very sporty and tech touch. This face comes with eight complications on the screen; you can adjust them according to your wants.

  1. Numerals Duo Watch Face Trending in Millenials

Numerals duo watch face trending in millenials

Numeral duo watch face is for the coolest Apple watch users; in this one, you can watch time with big colorful numeral digits on the screen. Although no doubt this one is Gen Z’s favorite face, color and number look cool and pretty on the screen. 

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  1. Toy Story Apple Watch Face for Cartoon Lovers

Toy story apple watch face for cartoon lovers

Apple never fails to impress its users; knowing that Toy Story has a great fan following in our generation, they decided to release a toy story, Apple Watch faces. This category has multiple options to try; you can choose your favorite character for the wall. So please choose your favorite and set it on your watch wall! 

  1. GMT Watch Face for Corporate Meetings & Formal Outfits

Gmt watch face for corporate meetings & formal outfits

We can’t deny that GMT adds a corporate touch to your watch; you can enable a secondary time zone on your watch face with GMT. You can customize color combinations according to your choice; this look also allows four complications on four corners of the watch with Rolex touch on the dial.

  1. Memoji Apple Watch Face Adding Fun in Daily Routine

Memoji apple watch face adding fun in daily routine

Got a memoji set-up in your phone? That’s great because now you can transfer it on your apple watch face too. We are not surprised with this face, the way everyone loved memoji, most of us knew we would get it on watch. You can stock your favorite characters and use them on your watch face and make it colorful. One more feature that you get with memoji face is customizing the info panel on the bottom accordingly.

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  1. Chronograph Face Always Classy

Chronograph face always classy

Watch design discussion and collection is always incomplete without a chronograph. Since most of us are switching towards smartwatches, Apple thought to provide our favorite classy dial as a face to its users. And no doubt we are in love with the design; this design displays a tachymeter by default. You can change different dials by tapping on the dial and green button.

  1. Stripe Face Perfect for Sports Lovers

Stripe face perfect for sports lovers

Stripe faces give your watch a trendy and sporty touch; you can play with stripe colors, no. of stripes, and direction of stripes. This face doesn’t provide complications on the face; to add a face, you can have an inset circle or square with complications on corners. What is your favorite strip combination?

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  1. Modular Compact is a Must Try Apple Watch Face

Modular compact is a must try apple watch face

Modular Compact is for fitness lovers and who like heavy data on the wall of their watch. This one is a bit different in look, but surely one can try once; you can customize face color and choose between digital and analogue with complications.

How to make the best use of Apple Watch Faces?

Despite all the best features, apple faces are the extra features that help to give your watch a greater plus comfy look. Tons of watch faces are available to download and then customize according to your purpose. 

But, before going with any faces, you better check your software models, as not all faces are available for each model. At first, every face seems perfect, but you need to consider other technological features as well. 

In order to get the most out of your watch face, first, know what your general usage is and what application you need the most. You can find the face of your choice with the right designs and themes from Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app. Also, refer to the available features of the suitable one and add it to your collection. 

When everything seems perfect, download the watch face. Customize the face the way you want from changing the color, positioning apps, to adjusting them almost effortlessly.

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