How Can Your Apple Watch Actually Make You Healthier

There are a whole wealth of reasons why you might want to invest in a smartwatch such as the Apple Watch. It enables easy access to key apps and features of your iPhone—including messages, calls, and emails—at any time, from anywhere, regardless of what activity you’re doing. One of the major selling points of the Apple Watch however, is its focus on health and fitness. 

The device comes packed with features specifically designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle, and as such, has evolved since its inception in 2015 to become much more impressive than simply a cellphone on your wrist. Here’s a quick overview of what this means.

Fitness features

The Apple Watch has a broad range of possibilities when it comes to improving your fitness. One of the most central of these is the activity tracker. This does far more than just count your steps! It keeps track of three separate measures: the active calories you burn each day, the amount of exercise you do, and how much time you spend in a sedentary state. The colorful ring system enables you to easily see at a glance how close you are to completing your goals each day, and the watch will even nudge you to move around if you’ve been still for too long. This last part is ideal for those with sedentary jobs—helping you to remember to move around and put your health first.

For those who are truly into fitness and working out, the Apple Watch can also track your runs. This is perfect if you find running with your phone too cumbersome. Don’t worry, you can also use it to listen to music as you go, so you won’t be missing out. While the latest models allow you to track your blood oxygen level if you’re a serious athlete, not all the models available do offer this. This also applies to the water-resistance feature. The latest models offer the best experience, for example, whereas the older series is not as good. This is why you should always compare the different Apple watches to avoid disappointment. Take a look at the Superwatches site for help on comparing these models. They have put together a helpful infographic that details the differences between the models so you can make a better decision. Plus, it is not the features you have to think about; it is also the size, display, and accessories. Superwatches has you covered in this regard, so go and take a look. 

Health features

The Apple Watch is not aimed just at gym bunnies. There are also a number of features designed to improve everyone’s health, regardless of age or fitness levels. For example, you can use it to monitor your heart rate, and the device can then warn you if your pulse becomes unusually high or low, or if you have an abnormal heart rhythm. Another feature is that it can track is your menstrual cycle, which is not only convenient, but can also alert you to underlying health issues. The watch can even alert you if you are being exposed to dangerously loud noise, helping to protect you from hearing loss.
The Apple Watch doesn’t only look out for your health during the day. It also keeps working during the night—tracking your sleep and helping you to stick to a bedtime routine to ensure you’re getting enough shut-eye. Finally, the watch can detect when you’re washing your hands and display a 20-second timer for you—particularly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. It can even remind you to wash your hands when you get home, so you can be confident you’re safe.

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