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US Labor reports show that health information technology careers will grow eight percent by 2029. These professionals have the highest in-demand career in the health care field today. They’re more in demand than nurses and doctors!

If you’re asking “what is a health information technician?” then this article is for you! Follow our helpful guide to help your career reach new heights.

Health Information Defined

The term “health information” refers to a patient’s medical history, collected to date. Medical history data includes all x-rays or lab results. Any physician’s notes on diagnoses or other symptoms are also included.

Doctors use health information to study how a patient’s health condition changes throughout time. Researchers use this data to study a population group’s health changes over time. With this information in hand, they can suggest improvements for outcomes.

What Does a Health Information Technician Do?

These professionals use databases for tracking, logging, and updating patient medical records.

Their responsibilities might cover accounting procedures. They might also provide research documentation that helps reduce errors or improve patient care.

Health Information Technician Requirements

Health information technician candidates must first enroll in an accredited associate’s degree program. Some students earn their health information technology associate degree online.

Students take courses on topics ranging from coding foundations to medical terminology. Once candidates complete their degree, they must pass their professional certification exam. This certification is called the registered health information technician (RHIT) certification.

Some examples of health information technician careers include:

Medical Coder

A medical coder reviews a patient’s medical history and then translates that history into a numeric code.

Medical coding operates on standard health care coding systems. These systems assign diagnosis and procedure codes for patient care and health statistics.

Medical coders use two different coding systems. One system is the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) system. The other system is the International Classification of Diseases (ICD.)

Electronic Health Record Developer

An electronic health record (EHR) developer designs online healthcare filesystems. These professionals ensure sure that record systems are used correctly. They also develop upgrades to improve their efficiency.

This professional also develops and executes test scenarios, then analyzes their results. An EHR developer also collects feedback from clients to create any system improvements. An EHR developer can also draft procedures that medical staff can use.

Cancer Registrar

A cancer registrar manages cancer patient historic case files. This professional collects information on cancer patients status and care plan. This information helps research studies as well as justify requests for funding.

Cancer registrars have an authorization called a Certified Registrar Tumor (CRT) certification. This certification confirms their expertise with medical coding concepts and other national standards.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Ready to start a career as a health information technician? You can start by searching for health information technician schools that can offer you your associates degree. Once you’re done with that, you can sign up to complete your RHIT certification.

If CPT or ICD coding is your strong suit, look for a position as a medical coder. If your best skills are system training or digital testing, consider a job in the EHR field..

Check out our website for more information in this career field. We can help you reach that career level where you will make a difference.


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