Smart home solutions to make your house safer Smart home solutions to make your house safer

Investing in tech updates for your home can be a lot of fun. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, there’s no limit to what you can do these days. 

Your smart home could come with an intelligent fridge that sends you a text when you’re running out of milk. With a smart speaker, you can instantly control your music, turn your television to the right channel, or adjust your lighting. 

However, it’s worth remembering that there’s more to smart tech than just having a little fun. As exciting as these tools can be for that purpose, they can also be solutions that make us a lot safer and more secure too. 

Here are some of the smart home solutions you can invest in if you’re looking to create a safer property.

1. A Residential Elevator

First, let’s start with something that isn’t a smart solution because of AI software – but could be an intelligent way to transform your home. With an elevator, you can reduce the risk that you might fall down the stairs and hurt yourself as you get older. 

These tools are great for people with mobility issues, and they’re ideal if you’re regularly carrying heavy items up and downstairs that could hurt your neck, back, and arms. 

Investing in home solutions like Stiltz USA’s residential elevators make your life more convenient, but the purchase could also protect you from some pretty common issues too, including accidents involving your stairs.

2. Intelligent Security to Make Your House Safer

Intelligent security is something that has been evolving rapidly in recent years. We’ve seen the arrival of everything from cameras that automatically switch on when they detect motion, to services that can instantly call the authorities if someone tries to break into your home. 

A smart home security solution will make your house safer by ensuring you can always watch and protect your property. You can set up the security strategy that works for you and decide who should see an alert about your home if something does go wrong. 

There’s even the option to install cameras that automatically record what’s happening when someone attempts to break into your house, so you have evidence to use if you must take the issue to the police.

3. Smarter Locks – A Part of Every Smart Home

Finally, locks are some of the most important investments you’ll make for the sake of home safety and security. For years, we’ve relied on the same keys and padlocks to protect our homes, but companies are starting to experiment with new technology that could make our homes even safer. 

With intelligent locks, you can enter your home with a fingerprint or biometric eye scan, instead of a key. This makes it much harder for someone else to break into your home. 

Intelligent locks can also send automated alerts to your smartphone when someone enters or leaves your property, making it easier to keep an eye on the traffic around your home. With these services, you can even check if you remembered to lock all of your doors. 

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4. Smart lighting for your smart home

Whether you are a night owl or want to enjoy your weekend nights to the fullest, then this gadget is the one for your purpose. 

You can transform your binge-watch experience to the next level, with smart lighting which lets you adjust the lightings as per your mood. 

Equipped with energy-efficient and safe LEDs, the smart lighting system is indeed a gadget for smart homes. Further, it also allows you to control the light setting via a voice command. 

Adjust light with your mood or interior, or adjust it according to the television backlight, and experience the new vibes like never before. 

5. Home theatre

Streaming your favorite shows on mobile or TV is the one thing and enjoying it with family and friends on Home theater is a whole different experience. No matter how large screen Television sets you have installed at home, home theater has its unique magic there. 

The advanced home theater with voice-activated AI, allows you to stream your favorite Netflix series and TV shows a lot easier. Furthermore, the supportive smart technology system also can lock your doors, turn the light off or adjust it according to the screen to enjoy your shows without any hassles. 

The advanced home theater is the smart gadget to turn your house into a smart house indeed. Equipped with the latest features and AI technology, you can transform your room into a gaming zone, discotheque, or golf room with its advanced simulator systems. 

6. Smart music is a life-changer

The next gadget is the right fit for the music lover family. Smart music allows you to stream your favorite music to each room in your house. 

Access your trending songs and music through your mobiles, touch screen, and keypads from anywhere at home. Simply tap on the keypad to create your music zone and you can change the setting or surf music library and many more. 

AI-based smart music systems will automatically start playing as you turn on the shower lights. Plugin your favorite music on shuffle more or change the complete settings as per your mood, this gadget has everything that you expect from a smart music system. 

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7. Home energy monitor

Using new technology plus gadgets to make your life a lot easier or to have a fun time at home, are quite regular things. But, what if we install that smart home solution which also saves a few bucks from our monthly expenses. 

Sounds interesting right? So if you’re constantly worrying about your higher electricity bills due to the overuse of home appliances that take excessive power consumption then you need a Home energy monitor to be installed at your home. This smart home device will track the performance of your major energy consumption devices and regularly updates you on the same. 

With this Smart gadget, you can check which one of your devices are using more energy and is the main reason behind higher monthly electricity bills. Home energy monitors analyze and track your devices and inform you about energy consumption. So that you can make the right move to replace your appliances or update them to minimize your overall bills.  

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