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Nowadays, technologies represent an integral part of education and our lives at large. Gadgets are especially valuable for students who need them for their studies and their incredibly active social lives, full of friends, adventures, and entertainment; tech devices also serve as a medium for students to buy assignment help at services like GPALabs or EssayShark. The following list includes some of the best gadgets for students. However, not every gadget is a good deal for a student. The general criteria for the list are reasonable price and efficiency of the device. So get yourself ready, these devices will not only make your classes easier but will save the budget. Also, providing you with exceptional functionality.

List of best gadgets for students

  1. Smartphone

How can any meaningful list of gadgets for students to avoid a device that is always in hands? The smartphone is a top priority in terms of gadgets. However, for students, the matter of concern is not just a brand; characteristics of the phone matter more, including utility, functionality, battery life, camera, and the price. Nowadays, it is not necessary to go over and beyond $500 to get all of that and even more. Fortunately, there are even competitive alternatives over the market, including such devices as OnePlus 7 or Xiaomi 9T Pro. They provide fast Android OC, stunning cameras to capture all memorable events, battery life of two full days, and a reasonable price tag of $420 and $380, respectively.

  1. Laptop

One thing that you probably need to survive with all of your studies is a laptop. Just like smartphones, there is plenty of choice for any budget. It ranges from expensive MacBook Air to multipurpose Microsoft Surface Pro that transforms into a tablet, and mid-range all-rounders like HP Elite Book. However, the perfect balance of price and quality is Samsung Chromebook. It is inexpensive, fast, and fully integrated with Google Suite, including Drive, Docs, Slides, and more.

  1. Smartwatch

Few people these days use their watches for time reference only. This is not surprising given how far technologies went so that devices with the price of $30, like Xiaomi MI Band 4, can provide you with an experience of the smartwatch. This tiny and inexpensive device is a must-have for students with a healthy lifestyle. It can help to track sleep patterns and organize sports training sessions. Besides, its list of features is quite impressive, including an in-built heart-rate sensor, stopwatch, timer, alarm, weather info, and notifications from your smartphone.

  1. Smart backpack

Nowadays, even such seemingly non-technological things as backpacks embrace the advantages of technological advancement. Here is the backpack from MATEIN, which features a built-in power bank with a USB charger that will keep your smartphone or laptop alive wherever you are. Except for cool technological perk, the backpack itself is quite stylish and spacious to find room for everything you need in the class or in the new adventure, including a dedicated laptop pocket.

  1. E-books

E-books, like recent Amazon Kindle Paper White, provides two advantages for students simultaneously. On the one hand, it allows you to forget those days when you struggled to navigate the campus with the pack of heavy books in your hands. You can just upload all of your course readings in it. On the other hand, it is substantially cheaper to buy e-books than hard copies, and everything that saves money for a student is great.

  1. Wireless headphones

Once again, students need practical utility combined with a reasonable price. Indeed, the brand new Air Pods Pro or even conventional Air Pods seem to be the top of the league, but many alternatives will give you decent sound and save at least half of your budget. One of them is the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, which combines two speakers inside each of the earphones so that you will have one speaker for lows and another for mid and high-range sounds. Together, it will provide your clarity and genuine musical enjoyment with a battery life of 8 hours without charging.

  1. SSD

Memory capacity matters not only in the class. In fact, in our time, it is nearly impossible to bear all the information in mind. That is why a student may need a device that will help to store the data, and at the same time, will not require him or her to carry a laptop. One might say that a USB flash drive will suffice. However, how about Solid State Drive (SSD)? This device is far roomier, and you can use it as both your standard hard drive for the laptop, and as a carry-on device. For example, the Samsung T5 SSD easily fits in your pocket; it has 1TB capacity and can write data on the speeds of 540MB/s. There are additional perks like password protection and USB cable included.

  1. Smart projector

Not every student can go to the cinema each week. Nonetheless, some devices can turn any room around into a theater. For instance, Anker’s Nebula Capsule 2 is an incredible solution for student entertainment, or those with major in arts, as it allows you to watch required movies in style, or, for instance, turn your wall into the art gallery of the museum. This tiny gadget has a battery, a sleek form factor that allows you to carry it around, say for the presentation in your classes, and it runs on Android OS and supports Chromecast, allowing to stream videos straight from the phone.

  1. Instant Cooking Pot

The final gadget in our list is not purely gadget, but it is undoubtedly a must-have for students having little time for cooking. These miracle devices are packed with programs for different dishes, so all you need is to put products inside and get your meal after several clicks. The Instant Cooking Pot can replace a dozen of kitchenware since this pressure cooker can prepare stew, soup, rice, meat, or even bakery.

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