Replies to ‘get well soon’ Replies to ‘get well soon’

If you’re sick and isolated at home or hospitalized, you may be receiving ‘get well soon’ texts from the people who care about you. And depending on who is saying so, you can reply to that by expressing your sincere thanks for their caring nature. 

But, every time ‘thank you’ is not enough. In return for such great care they show, you want to show them your respect the right way. 

Here are some formal, good, and better ways you can respond to ‘get well soon’ wishes received in person, in a text, via mail, or a card.

1. “Thanks for your good wishes.” 

If you don’t want your responses to be limited to emojis or thank you, you can add some good responses like this one. This is also a short and simple reply, but it is much better than just thanking them. 

2. “Thank you so much for taking care of me.”

This one is a good response that you can share to ‘get well soon’ from your friend or a family person who takes care of you. They are the people who need to be respected and appreciated for the prayers and efforts they put in for your better health. 

3. “Yeah, I feel a lot better.”

As a reply to a get-well-soon message from one of your colleagues or someone from your workplace, this is the proper response. Also, you can share it with your family members to relax them and not to worry too much about your health. 

Get well soon message replies 

4. “I hope to get back to work soon.” 

A completely formal reply to get well soon message and mail from your work. You want to show your colleague or boss that you’re concerned about the work that is pending due to your health condition, but with such a response you show that you’ll be back at the office soon. 

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5. “Thanks to your blessings, I certainly will.” 

Such a nice reply you can say to make someone feel at ease and not to worry too much about you. It shows how you’re better to take care of yourself and they don’t have to be too stressed anymore. 

6. “Yeah, I already feel well now.” 

Thanks to the doctor, timely treatment, and the well-wishes from your nearest people, your health is coming back to normal. That’s how you express with such replies to get well soon, showing your recovery has already started. 

7. “Working on it.”

If you get the get well soon or get well soon message repeatedly, and you’ve run out of things to say, just reply with this funny response. Especially to your best friend, who has ordered you to ‘get well soon’, that you accept that command and start working accordingly. 

8. “Can you make ‘sooner’ to ‘now’?”

Everyone knows that it’s not in your hand to get well soon, but to make fun when your bestie keeps reminding you to get well soon, this is your sarcastic answer. This way you inform your best friends to say “get well now”, hoping you will get better ‘right now’ as they say.

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9. “Let’s hope for it together.”

You clearly have no idea how much time it takes to recover. But, there are also some get well soon messages that keep coming. And when you’re left with nothing, this one is your good response, hoping to make the recovery process faster. 

Ways to reply to get well soon

10. “Yeah, It will be sooner.” 

Show how eager you’re to get back to normal and get out of the hospital bed. After talking to the doctor and nurse, they informed you about your faster recovery and that’s what you inform the one who visits to see you. 

11. “It’s not in my hand.” 

This one is a good response, especially when the doctor is already there. When your family member or friend says to get well soon, you are giving credit to the doctor or nurse who is helping you cure. You also ask for the doctor to share how long it takes for you to fully recover, with this kind of a reply. 

12. “Why are you in a hurry?” 

Let’s assume that you’re on bed rest and finally taking a break from your busy life so far. And this could be your fun reply to get well soon. In your response, you express that you aren’t in a rush, but rather want to let your healing abilities do their job while you take enough rest. 

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13. “Same to you, Bro!”

It’s a bit of a confusing response to others, but your friend will handle this well. Because they know what you really mean when you answer this one. With this reply, you show that, no matter what, you can’t be a normal and boring person like the rest. 

Good replies to get well soon wishes

14. “It’s not my job.” 

Of course, such a direct and straightforward response, you can say it. After all, saying get well soon is just a formality and no one knows how long you have to stay laying in a bed and when you’re going back to normal. 

15. “Better say it to the doctor.” 

Whether it’s over Whatsapp or in person, everyone keeps saying get well soon over and over. You’re enough of it. And this is a good response when your doctor is nearby. It’s a fun reply that even makes the doctor or office staff smile while syringing you. 

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16. “What happened to me?”

Well, you are not losing memory and forgetting what’s your name, but for making a mood light you can answer with this funny response. You relax them by telling them you are fine and that there is no need to worry because you are normal as always. 

17. “Not just ‘well’, I want to be the ‘best’.” 

Such an optimistic reply you can ever share with anyone. It expresses your positive attitude towards someone who says ‘get well soon’, and it kind of makes them feel happy that you’re strong enough to take care of yourself.

What to respond to 'get well soon' wishes

18. “Of course, that’s why I’m here.”

Well, you’re hospitalized and on medical rest, that’s not preparing you for the next college presentation, the obvious thing. With this response, you use your wit to calm down the tension. Also, that shows that you’re a hopeful and positive person who is going to get better sooner than ever. 

19. “Yeah, I’ve to and I will.”

Especially when you get the get well soon message from someone from your workplace, this one is the appropriate reply. Due to your illness, you’re away from your work. You’ve been quite active in your life and work, and you can’t stay in a situation like this any longer. It shows your ‘never give up’ attitude and shows that you’re ready to get back into normal life.

20. “I know I have to.”

You’re such an important player or employer of your team or company. So whenever you get a text ‘get well soon’ this is the best reply to give. It shows your dedication to your job and game. You hope to get well soon faster so that you can be there on the time when your team needs you there.

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21. “Thank you for everything you do for me.”

When it’s your friend or the closest person who takes good care of you and wishes that you get well sooner, you can share this response. Having a such person who desires only good for you, is a special feeling. You’re feeling lucky and can’t thank them enough for everything they do for you. But from time to time you could express how thankful you’re because of them.

22. “I’ve blessings of people like you, so I will soon.”

You are really happy that you have such people around you during this time. Someone who wishes for your good and hopes to get normal. It’s such a blessing and you acknowledge that. To keep their best wishes and prayers, say this to those who say ‘get well soon’.

23. “Now as you say it, I think I will be back soon.”

Express the positive approach to someone’s ‘Get well soon’ greeting. This reply you can give to your friends, family or coworkers from the job. You accept their wishes and show that you feel good about it.

24. “You have no idea how much I’m missing the work.” 

When your coworker or someone from the work wishes you ‘get well soon’, this is how you can accept it. For some reason, you’re on a bad rest and if it takes more time, show that you also hoping to get well faster because you’re worried about your work. You want to go to the office sooner and get back on track, and expect to get recover faster.

25. “So you think, I am enjoying being here?”

This is a funny reply to give your friend who says ‘Get well soon’. It already seems that you also want to get back to normal as you are so fed up with being on bed rest. Be careful that you share this reply with someone you feel comfortable as it sounds sarcastic that you are annoyed. Your friend knows how to handle it right, but your relatives don’t.

In the end, it’s the timely treatment and medication that will help you return to normal, and not just ‘get well soon’ wishes. 

You get these wishes and messages from your friends, family members, and connections, and it shows that others care for you and are praying for your health. 

Thanking them is okay, but sometimes you also want to respond to them with something funny and hopeful that releases any worries they may have about you.

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