Problems that edtech industry can face in 2023 Problems that edtech industry can face in 2023

We know one thing for a fact; the technological trends had a breakthrough after the pandemic, and it gave birth to the EdTech industry having the most spotlight than ever before. The shift was drastic and revolutionized the EdTech industry for good. Even though the pandemic ended, EdTech became a big part of the education sector and continues to do so. It paved the way for future advancements within the EdTech industry to spike in 2023. Technology is constantly mercilessly evolving, and we’re seeing technologies like artificial intelligence, metaverse, virtual reality, and crypto shape the future. So, where does education technology stand in all of this?

Well, with every innovation and advancement comes a fair share of challenges, and that’s what we’re going to shed some light on within the EdTech industry. Here are some problems the EdTech industry will face in the year 2023. Have a look!

Insecure Personal Information

With the incline in technology, tech gurus, and geeks worldwide, hackers and cyber terrorists are also rising, formerly in a traditional educational environment that separated home and school life without any sort of unwanted mingling between the two. Still, lately, one major problem that keeps getting worse is one’s personal life and information on display for the entire class to see—other than this, hijacking screens and profiles and sharing inappropriate data across the application.

Digital Gap

One major problem in smooth sailing in the EdTech industry is the unavailability of access to computers, the internet, or proper usage of technology in some areas even today. Most underdeveloped countries, rural areas, low literacy rates, or low-income communities lack the privilege to utilize education technology. This gap only became more apparent during the covid 19 pandemic when everything went online, and a big chunk of people could not connect with the world around them.

Evolving Trends

Another significant problem that might affect EdTech is the tech industry. The trends in the tech industry are constantly evolving at the speed of light, and keeping up with them can be a struggle in the future. News updates from famous EdTech influencers and the education industry allow you to have an insight into the changing trends to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the clients and evolve with them by staying up to date.

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Rising Competition

The Edtech industry is constantly becoming more and more competitive as newer platforms and launches are surfacing to aid the widespread industry. Making your mark in this industry is more complex than ever, but at the same time essential to stand out in the crowd. It is crucial to have a unique selling point to be distinguished from the ruthless competition.

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