4 places to visit while travelling to utah 4 places to visit while travelling to utah

Utah is a large outdoor state that includes dozens of ski resorts, national parks, and attractions that you will definitely not find anywhere else. Crossing the road through the state of Utah, you will discover all these hidden secrets of the state through picturesque and secret routes that explore its true beauty. In Salt Lake City you can enjoy the days skiing and enjoying all these cultural sites in the city. 

In St George and Moab, you can also enjoy all the outdoor activities that include hiking, cycling, and even horseback riding for all of you looking for something different. Because the altitude in the state of Utah can vary from region to region, this also leads to the climate difference that prevails in each region. Most areas of the state are available to the public all year round, with the most important ones listed later in this article. Keep reading to find out:

1. Zion National Park

Zion National Park has one of the most spectacular sceneries in the entire state of Utah. Its impressive waterfalls and the characteristic red of the rocks make this place one of the most important places to visit. In the spring, you can take a special bus to tour the entire area of ​​the park, while during the winter, you will need to use your own vehicle to be able to cross this area. Do not forget to cross with your car and the Zion-Mount Carmel motorway, which will offer you an incredible view of the surrounding area at the end of the route. A great experience that gives you the opportunity to get in touch with rural life.

2. Arches National Park

Stunning stone arches and imposing dunes create a special and fascinating setting to explore. More than 2000 stone arches create a space that surpasses all imagination and impresses every visitor. The easily accessible and picturesque paths of the park allow you to see up close this fantastic scenery. This park is located outside the city of Moab, at a higher point than the city itself, which is surrounded by dozens of parks and various organized campsites in the area.

3. Salt Lake City and the Mormon Temple

When one thinks of the city of Salt Lake associatively, his mind goes to a city directly connected with skiing and various winter sports. All this is happening because a short distance from the city, several ski resorts are considered the top in the state. Of course, Salt Lake City is an ideal travel proposition for the whole year and not only for the winter period. 

Observing the various attractions of the city, one will contact the imposing Mormon temple built in the 19th century and is one of the most characteristic parts of the city. Of course, only Mormons are allowed to enter the temple, but that does not stop you from observing the magnificent view of this temple from the outside.

4. Park City and nearby Ski Resorts

The mountain town of Park City boasts some of the best ski resorts in Utah. High-quality winter resorts with state-of-the-art facilities and ideal conditions for every type of skier. From Park City, you can use your car to visit other equally interesting alternatives nearby. An ideal solution for your travels, in case you do not own a vehicle, is to rent a car from a reputable company such as Enjoy Travel, which offers you every type of car you need for travel in all its parts. The state of Utah. It should also be mentioned that Park City organizes the Sundance Film Festival, which is widely known to people of spectacle and cinema.

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