‘New You’ Solutions For Men In 2021

3 ‘New You’ Solutions For Men in 2021

The New Year always brings New Year resolutions, which are often broken before the end of the first week. Instead, perhaps try some changes for a ‘new you’ rather than a for the New Year. These can be started any time, so once January passes you don’t have to feel like you’ve missed the boat.

They will also offer long term benefits that don’t come with the quick fix solutions that seem to plague the start of the year. These changes are mostly gradual, but bring drastic results over time. Not all of them are cheap, but the benefits should prove to be worth the expense.

#1 Changing your habits to improve your health and lose weight.

This one certainly isn’t about a quick fix, but changing one or two things you do every day to improve your wellbeing. First among these is to get the right amount of sleep. Studies have shown you need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep for a normal day, and if you don’t get those you’ll tend to make up for it with caffeine or calories.

Excessive caffeine will affect your sleeping habits even further and those extra calories will lead to putting on weight, which is normally the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Next on the list is making sure you drink around half a gallon of water each day, to keep yourself hydrated and finally, eating fewer meals that are take-outs or ready meals.

Just cooking one or two meals a week yourself instead of having a take out, as well as getting enough sleep and drinking more will have a gradual positive effect on your body. All this can result you losing weight and being more healthy over the course of a few weeks or months.

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#2 A hair transplant procedure

Hair loss and male pattern baldness (which you have no control over) can cause loss of self-confidence in men and lead to mental health issues. In recent times, much of the stigma attached to a hair transplant has disappeared due to several high profile sportsmen and celebrities showing the results of their procedures on social media.

Also, the myth that the procedure is painful has been dispelled, along with the belief that the results do not look natural. The only remaining question is how much does a hair transplant cost? This will vary according to how many follicles need to be implanted.

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#3 A new wardrobe (but not all at once)

This final one can be more gradual than you might think, and could be considered the icing on the cake to complete the ‘new you’.  Wardrobe makeover doesn’t involve throwing everything in your wardrobe out and replacing it in one go, which would be very expensive.

Instead, you could try replacing one or two key items each month, as your budget allows. For instance, a new shirt will stop people from noticing you are wearing the same old jeans. This method also means you can update your overall look in pace with any weight loss you are experiencing from changing your habits.

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