Wedding photographers are among the top tiers of freelancers who have a good chance of getting a high-paying gig. These people can make from $2,000 – $10,000 per shoot. In Arizona alone, there are many freelance photographers ready to take clients.

Considered as one of the most beautiful places in America, there is a lot of artistic potential if you’re a photographer living in Sedona. The city is located between Yavapai and Coconino counties in the northern part of the Verde Valley region of the state of Arizona.

It offers a pleasant lifestyle with access to nature’s wonders. Sedona also boasts multi-colored stone formations, miles of biking and hiking trails, art galleries, shopping centers, and fine dining.

The county is full of scenic landmarks that will spice up any wedding shoot. However, everything will end in naught if a photographer doesn’t handle a wedding shoot well.

If you want to join the fray and become the best wedding photographer sedona has to offer, listed below are a few things you need to avoid at all costs. This list comprises the common mistakes of photographers and tips from various photography gurus online:

Photography Mistakes That You Should Avoid

  1. Not trendy enough – Styles are changing and what you perceived as creative ten years ago, maybe a cliché today. Be up-to-date with the latest trends in Sedona, the latest poses, sceneries, and most modern styles in photography. Remember that every event you cover is an addition to your portfolio, so make every one of them count.
  2. Fail to draft a good, solid contract – Before committing in any photography gig in Sedona, have a contract ready. It should discuss everything from the number of meetings to the number of shots, price and if you have the permission of your client to use a few footage for your portfolio. Everything must be put into the contract to lessen the chances of misunderstanding.
  3. Haven’t pre-plan everything including poses – It is tiring and tedious to continually order your subject to strike poses one after another for your hit-and-miss shoot. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being handled by an amateur photographer.

This is the reason why you should talk to your clients and show them the poses you want or ask them about their preferences. Limit impromptu shots and focus more on creating a detailed shot list.

  1. Become a one-person army – You might be the most versatile wedding photographer Sedona has produced, but you can’t do everything all the time. There is no harm in having an assistant at a gig, so why not have one.

Two heads are better than one. You can also include this in your contract that you have assistants, and they are part of the price tag. You can look for on-call assistants in Sedona, much better if they are familiar with the beautiful scenery in the area.

  1. Do not listen to every advice – There are a ton of people who have helpful and constructive information. However, it is you who will decide. You need to listen to advice that fits your style and work ethic. Listening to everyone’s opinion is a big no-no, as like the saying too many cooks spoil the broth.

Wedding photography in Sedona is a lucrative business, and every budding photographer must experience handling at least one as part of experience and portfolio. So, hone your skills, plan your composition, and start taking up wedding events. Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place to be a photographer, be bold, and start shooting those memorable moments today.

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