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Today, thanks to the explosion of streaming services, more television and film are being created per year than ever before. That means a lot more opportunities for people across the creative trade to get real, paying work. 

If you’ve always wanted to be an actor, this is as good of a time as any when it comes to getting started. Acting is not an easy profession, no matter what the media might portray it as, and you’ll have a lot of hard work ahead.

However, it is possible. You just need to learn how to become an actor with no experience. If you’ve never hopped in the ring before, so to speak, that’s no reason that you can’t start now. What do you need to know? 

Read on, and we’ll walk you through the basics. 

Further Your Education

If you don’t have any experience up to this point, that’s more than fine. However, you will want to start to hone your chops as an actor. It may be worth looking into local acting classes in your area.

Even if you don’t always agree with what your acting teacher says, you’ll be getting real experience acting. It’s time you spend stepping into roles and scenes that will be the most valuable.

The more you practice your craft, the better you’ll be at it. Studying the great actors of history and watching their films for inspiration can also be a great aid.

Look at the performances that won Best Actor or Actress. Look at screen legends like Judy Garland, Marlon Brando, John Wayne, and more. What did they all bring to the silver screen that made them so special?

The more familiar you can be with this star quality, the better. 

Audition, Audition, Audition 

Acting, as we mentioned, is an incredibly competitive profession. There is a huge swath of people all around the world working to become professional actors, and many won’t make it. 

The only way to ensure you get a foot in the door is to work hard and compete for roles. The way you’ll do that is by auditioning. 

You can join acting databases like Actors Access and Backstage and browse their public listings. If you find roles that you feel like you’re a good fit for, you can apply, often with a self-tape, which you’ll do at home. 

Network and Meet People

Acting, like all professions, is just as much about who you know as it is how you do your work. Take the time to think about any and all connections you currently have to the entertainment industry.

Is there anyone you could grab a coffee with that might be able to give you some advice or guide you on your way? 

Odds are, you’ll need to eventually know someone who can connect you with an agency if you want to start getting more serious work. Movie casting is done through big agencies. Getting seen there will all depend on your friends, community, and connections. 

How to Become an Actor With No Experience

Do you want to learn how to become an actor with no experience? The above information should provide a basis for you to get started.

There’s a long and exciting road ahead, but if you can master these basics, you should be able to get a career started on the screen or stage.

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