avoid fights in your relationship avoid fights in your relationship

5 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Fights in Your Relationship

Fights are a part of every relationship a human being is engaged into. Sometimes fights are necessary to make one value his/her relationships but some fights can take an ugly turn. So, to prevent fights turning to bitter fights, here are some tips you can follow to make your relationship free from unnecessary fights:

1. Have a Control on Your Tongue

harsh words break hearts
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It’s said that “Harsh words break no bones but they do break hearts”. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we don’t realize what we speak. Harsh words leave a permanent and negative impact on the listener’s mind & this can lead to sourness in the relationship.

Hence, try not to lose your cool, to the extent where you don’t realize what you speak.

2. Watch That Pitch

try talking sweetly

Loud arguments often worsen the situation. Staying calm and giving your partner a “fair chance” to express their viewpoint can be extremely beneficial, to make things better, easier & reach a solution. A loud pitch can prove to be very negative for sorting out things.

So, try and consciously maintain a friendly, medium pitch.

3. Place Yourself into Others’ Shoes

listen to others and respect
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If you let others express their viewpoints, but if you don’t understand or are not ready to understand, then this will only increase the gap in your relationships. Sometimes you don’t even realize that your are making mistakes in your relationship and so, it’s better to place yourself into others’ shoes to comprehend their views and also respect it.

4. Change Is Necessary

dont ask them to change
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People often blame each others’ attitude/nature without acknowledging their own flaws. We know that, nobody is perfect but this is not a sufficient reason for all the flaws one has. Changing the person is not possible but one can try and change some of his / her unacceptable habits or approach for his/her own betterment.

Don’t escape, rather face your flaws and work on them.

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5. Stop the Blame Game

blame yourself not others

People often waste time and worsen arguments by continuously blaming each other for everything. The blame game also, sometimes, re-connects with past issues, which act as a catalyst in further worsening the argument. Majority of fights, diverge from the main issue when fights happened in the past or issues of the past come into picture.

It’s always better to maturely handle the issue by sitting together and indulging into a face to face “discussion” rather than an “argument” and never ever connect issues of the past with your current issues.

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