What does it take to develop a successful online game What does it take to develop a successful online game

Over the last decade the gaming market has grown and diversified, so much so that it now has several clearly defined subsections, each with their own target user profile. Finally, the gaming habits of players are being considered individually, meaning much more quality content is available for them to choose from. Now the industry has recognized that casual, social, and serious gamers all want different things, developers are actively producing new games for everyone to enjoy.

Gaming has evolved with the availability of new technology. PCs and consoles are no longer the most popular devices, with just over 50% of respondents choosing smartphones as their method of gaming. It’s unsurprising then that online games – those played either entirely or partly over the internet – are now the most popular on the market.

Why Online Games are so Popular

In a recent survey, 43% of players admitted to playing exclusively online games. Some of the most popular titles include Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft, League of Legends, and Among Us – a selection of titles available across PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Online games allow you to connect with other players from all over the world, widening your friendship base and allowing you to experience a wider range of opponents and playing styles.

Replayability is a huge factor. Many are sandbox in nature giving you unlimited options for what to build and how to play. Others, like MMORPG World of Warcraft, are constantly being updated and having new missions added. But because of the online aspect and the fact that so many different players are available, you could replay the same mission a dozen times and never complete it exactly the same way.

How to Develop a Successful Online Game

Online players are looking for three things from their experience: they want to be entertained, they want to learn or develop new skills, and they want to be able to socialize and interact with others. Any new online game needs to include all of these three elements at the core of its design if it wants to compete within the already crowded marketplace. When developers come up with a story or concept, they always have to work these aspects into its final design.

As previously mentioned, the online gaming marketplace is huge, and there are a lot of titles available. So, for any game to be successful, it has to stand out. How do you do this? Highlight a unique element that will get players’ attention. This could be through amazing artwork, a gripping story element, or an incredible soundtrack. Once you’ve got players’ attention you can then lead them through the rest of your game.

Another way to stand out to players is through bonuses and introductory offers, and this is the way that online casinos appeal to their customers. The online casino marketplace is also saturated with options, so standing out can be difficult. Unique themes, exclusive games, and new player incentives are all necessary for real money casinos to become successful. You can read reviews to find the top real money casinos and join millions of users worldwide playing traditional casino games and honing your skills online.

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Some of Our Favorites


This innovative battle royale multiplayer title appeared on the market in 2017 and quickly became a market leader. The developers keep adding new elements like exclusive characters, new maps and quests, and additional functionality so that players always have something different to enjoy. It has evolved from a simple battle game to include assault courses, no-build options, and single-player challenges, showing that the developers are always listening to player feedback and really care about keeping their players happy.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The Call of Duty franchise began as a story-based campaign but the popularity of its additional multiplayer modes eventually spawned an online engine offering a compelling battle royale alternative. You can tweak your settings and host a custom game with friends or drop straight into the action in the middle of an every-man-for-himself war. Warzone offers CoD’s traditional shooting mechanics and controls coupled with a variety of different multiplayer game styles, cementing it’s reign as one of the best online battlegrounds.

Sea of Thieves

There are battles in Sea of Thieves too, but this pirate simulator offers so much more. Whether playing solo or teaming up with friends, you can explore islands, hunt for treasure, trade your wares, scavenge shipwrecks, or launch attacks against fellow sailors. Sea of Thieves stands out in a market of battle simulators by having some real personality. Choose your crew of reprobates and guide them across the high seas, enjoying naval battles or raiding unsuspecting ships in the hopes of treasure. But you also have to watch your back, as other crews will be sailing close by, and you don’t want to stand out as a target.

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The most successful online games offer something that stands them apart from their competitors. A unique theme, gorgeous artwork, and innovative playing mechanics are all important, as evidenced by successful games including online casinos.

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