Motorcycle riding tips Motorcycle riding tips

While riding a motorcycle may be something that a lot of people see as a great method of urban commute, not a lot of these potential motorcycle enthusiasts would dare to go on a long voyage on their motorbike. Concerns that they have are usually closely tied to issues of safety and the overall organization of the journey. Still, with just a couple of motorcycle traveling tips, you can mitigate the majority of these potential hazards. Naturally, going on a group motorcycle trip is a unique experience on its own; however, even going out there on your own can be an incredible experience.

1. Always carry a spare key

The key that’s on you can easily be misplaced, pickpocketed or lost. After all, late-night biker parties seldom go without heavy alcohol consumption, which means that losing a motorcycle key may be a substantial risk. This is why you should always have a spare one. You can either entrust it to a companion or place it somewhere on your bike. While the latter may sound as risky, if you zip-tie it or duct tape it to a place where no one would remember to look for it, this method might be quite reliable. Needless to say, this is a commonly used method amongst bikers.

2. Use trash compactor bags

When carrying your luggage, there are certain items that absolutely have to be kept dry. Sure, you’re advised against traveling during a colder part of the year, but a sudden downpour can occur even when you least expect it. While your saddlebags may look the part, they’re not always waterproof, which is why you should take an extra step of precaution. One such idea is to keep the most valuable items in trash compactor bags, which are much more durable than standard garbage bags. In fact, they’re so convenient for this, that they’re used by a lot of bikers out there.

3. Customizing for your own convenience

The fact is that you can really look at any guide in order to find all the items you need on your ride, but the truth is that every case is completely unique. This is why we suggest taking a risk on your first ride in order to come up with this list on your own. However, there are some items, like rear sets, bar and weights, handlebars and clip-ons, etc. which don’t necessarily affect the way you travel but rather your driving experience. By finding adequate motorcycle accessories to equip your motorcycle with, you can make a serious contribution to your driving experience, as a whole.

4. Inspect the vehicle every morning

Before embarking on a voyage, you need to take your bike to a mechanic in order to ensure that it’s in perfect working condition. However, there are some inspections that you have to do every morning, while on the trip. For instance, what you should check is air pressure, oil level, as well as loose or missing fasteners. If you plan to be a tad more systemic, what you should do is find the pre-ride checklist to follow.

5. Have a realistic daily mileage

One of the biggest problems with a motorcycle traveling lies in the fact that a lot of people tend to overestimate their daily mileage. Why does this happen? Well, first of all, they usually take their freeway mileage as their average and make estimates based on it. This will offset all your plans, your stops, your itinerary and more. So, always take the itinerary and road conditions into consideration.

6. Buy packable motorcycle cover

On the open road, you’ll lack the shelter that the garage provides to your motorcycle. The best next thing you can do is buy a packable motorcycle cover for your vehicle. There’s no telling what kind of mishap can occur overnight. For instance, there could be a sudden downpour or someone could spill something during a wild party. A scratch can occur in a number of ways. Even in the case of a mild hailstorm, this additional layer of cloth could protect your motorcycle from avoidable damage. All in all, investing in this is an absolute must.

The very last thing you need to understand is that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Some people just don’t feel comfortable with the amount of protection that a motorcycle provides and would always opt for something on four wheels. Also, this limits the number of people that you can take on a voyage to one or two (per bike), which means that it isn’t precisely meant for family road trips. However, if you can look past these downsides, you’re in for quite a ride.

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