College is not only about studying but also about relationships, both friendly and romantic. When you live away from home, have many complicated assignments and exams, lead a new social life and have a serious relationship at the same time it may be hard to keep the right balance. This becomes especially hard when you see many of your single group mates hanging around and enjoying their freedom.

However, if you decided that you need this relationship and really want to make it work, you need to learn how to manage your relationship in college to find this very balance.

Keeping the relationship and study balance in college

So, how can you arrange your schedule to fit there your assignment deadlines, shots of tequila, hanging out with friends and spending time with your loved one? There are a few simple ways to achieve this:

  1. Be honest. University is the time when we have our first serious relationships lasting more than two months. If you have never been in one, the first rule you have to keep I mind is being honest. If you are overwhelmed with studies, tell your loved one about it. If you miss a date because you want to spend some time with friends, let her/him know. Be honest and share your concerns and you will be able to work it out together.
  2. Study together. If you have no time to spend with your boyfriend/girlfriend because of your studies, study together. Each of you has their strong and weak sides and you can help each other complete the assignments faster. For example, if you are doing bad at Math, you can ask your loved one – can you do my assignment for me? or if you are both struggling with your research papers, you can look for a science homework helper online.
  3. Focus on priorities. Remember why you are here, and your priority is getting a degree. If missing a date will make you more productive, it should be done. Also being in college, apply for all interesting jobs you want to try, even if the internships are in other countries. You should never make plans based on the plans of your boyfriend/girlfriend, as scarifying your interests is at least unwise.
  4. Don’t listen to single friends. You probably have friends who enjoy being single, have a few dates a week and live their best life. Every time you hang out together they try to convince you that college is about getting new experiences and dating different people. Avoid such talks unless you agree with their opinions.
  5. Leave space for private. Even if you study in the same group or live on the same campus, you should not forget that you are two separate people and don’t need to spend all the time together. Support your partner if they want to join a team or hang out with people you don’t know, as everyone needs to have some space and spend some time without each other.

Try to manage your schedule to keep up with the studies, spend time with your loved one, do some sports and hang out with your friends. Yes, it will be difficult but if you share your thoughts and concerns with people you love, they will understand and support you in this.

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