Aside from being one of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto is also well-known for its breathtaking lake scenery and the iconic CN Tower. Apart from that, Toronto is an excellent place for destination weddings and wedding venues as well. It’s no wonder that Toronto flower girl dresses, wedding planners, and wedding photography are all popular online keyword searches.

The Berkeley Field House, for example, is a perfect venue for garden weddings with its amazing indoor and outdoor spaces, white walls, and lovely garden patio space. For those who want a winter wedding, The Arts & Letters Club is the perfect venue.

Apart from the venue and the kind of wedding you want to hold, your bridal entourage’s dresses for the flower girls, bridesmaids and other important people should also get special attention.

Here are some grand color schemes you can choose from for your bridal entourage.

Sea shades: Baby Blue, Powder Blue, Tiffany Blue, and Teal

If you’re planning a beach wedding, a breathtaking backdrop and a sea of blue gown entourage is the perfect combination. Just like the sea color, your wedding motif is smooth and refreshing to the eyes.

A combination of champagne 

To achieve a relaxed and warm vibe during your wedding, go for neutral-colored dresses in champagne for both your bridesmaids and flower girls. This kind of muted color motif is best for any style of wedding you’re planning to have, especially for rustic-themed or outdoor settings.

If the color scheme is quite bland for you, your designer can add sequins and beadwork to glam up your bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ dresses. If you’re not familiar with a designer who can customize wedding dresses for you, you can search online for  Toronto flower girl dresses or Toronto wedding entourage dresses to find specialized boutiques.

Play with pastels and bold colors combined

Pastel colors are mostly delicate and sweet. Then again, more than being soft and subtle, pastel colors mesh well to create a more cohesive look. If you want to dress up your bridesmaids in different styles, go for this kind of color scheme. Even if one bridesmaid wears pastel pink and the other in pastel blue, they will all still look color-coordinated.

To accentuate your entourage’s look, you can add such bright accent colors as lime green or copper to the pastel mix.

Emerald and Sage Green

Adding emerald and sage green into your entourage’s dresses is a great way to bring nature and some earthy and fresh vibe into your garden wedding. The even greater thing is that the groomsmen can also wear emerald green-colored suits.

Tan and dusty pink

If you opt for a more romantic, relaxed, and low-key feel, a combination of dusty pink and neutral colors is a great idea. Earthy shades make the classic pink look girly and sweet.

Light pink and Baby blue Combination

If you want to add some serious sweetness into your big day, go for a bridal entourage motif that mixes light pink and baby blue. You can think of the cotton candy as your inspiration for this color scheme. If you combine both tones, they’ll look fresh and lovely for a day photography session.

Plus, your lovely flower girls will surely love the fun and sweet color combination.

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