Online tools to use for editing instagram stories Online tools to use for editing instagram stories

Instagram continues to thrive as one of the best social media platforms for content creators. Particularly, only YouTube beats the website when it comes to sharing videos. Statistics show that more than 95 million videos are shared on Instagram daily.

If you’re an Instagram content creator, or perhaps you create ads, you need a good story editor. You may also want to download and then edit stories others upload. If that’s the case, you first need Instagram business tools like Getinsta that let you download stories instantly.

Generally, the right Instagram story editors will help you make videos and reels that better engage your target audience. Check out the best three below: 

1. Canva — Best for Instagram Video Story Ad

When it comes to online video editing, you can’t skip Canva. It’s unarguably the most popular available, and it works for editing about any type of visual media. In other words, you can leverage it to edit not only stories but also reels and other content.

One of the top advantages of Canva is that it’s easy to use. So, even if you’re new to Instagram story editing, you have no problems using the tool. The interface is intuitive, and the editor is quite fast.

Perhaps what you’ll appreciate about Canva the most is the templates. You’ll find professionally designed video files for different content, including Instagram stories. That means you won’t need to always start creating your videos from scratch.

Canva is available for both desktop and mobile users for free, but you can get the Pro version for more features and templates. 

2. Veed — Best For Instagram Creators

The second best online tool for editing Instagram stories is Veed. Particularly, we recommend it for Instagram creators because it allows multiple users to collaborate among themselves. Hence, it’s a professional tool.

Veed self-describes as the fastest way to make quality videos. While that’s subject to arguments, the product is indeed fast, especially when it comes to direct teamwork. Multiple creators can connect across different locations and design successful Instagram stories. 

If you don’t want to edit from scratch, that’s workable as Veed also features templates. Notably, most of the templates available are useful for creating branded content. You can easily discover the best ones thanks to the swift filtering features.

Suppose you regularly create Instagram stories of the same pattern — like for a particular brand. You’ll further appreciate Veed because the tool lets you keep your designs as templates. So, the next time you want to edit, there are only a few tweaks to make.

You can get the Veed app, but it typically comes with limited features. So, for the best editing experience, use the online website. The tool is available for free with pricing kicking off at $12. 

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3. Flixier — Best for Instagram Reels

More than one million people use Flixier to create videos for different social media platforms. Instagram isn’t an exception, and you’ll appreciate the tool for creating reels. It’s a reliable tool for crafting engaging videos that’ll move people to take action.

Notably, you don’t need to sign up to use Flixier. You also don’t need a long time to learn how to edit stories and reels with it. The developer kept the platform’s build simple, such that you can handle light editing tasks in under three minutes. 

While Flixier doesn’t demand an account, you’ll likely need to access advanced features. That’s only feasible when you subscribe to a premium plan. The good news is that Flixier plans are relatively affordable.

Up your social media game 

Content creators, businesses, and individual influencers can leverage the top online editing tools above for editing Instagram stories. Each one is top-quality, and, at the same time, easy to use, and are free of charge. 

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