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There is nothing new about selfies. But, mirror selfie is definitely a skill that very few have. 

It is nothing extra but the technique of taking a snap of yourself in front of the mirror, whether it is a bathroom, a hotel’s, a hostel’s, or an elevator’s mirror. If your best friend just has shared his mirror selfie or someone from your Instagram list has shared a mirror selfie post, you better leave some good comments on it. 

Whether you want to compliment that person on their look or the poses they’ve given in the mirror selfie, here are the perfect comments for such posts on Instagram or Pinterest. 

Best Mirror Selfie Comments to Post

No matter for which platform you’re looking for comments, this first list is the right one for all. With such comments, you’re appreciating a person’s style and ability to take stunning posts. There’s no doubt that this will boost their confidence, for sure. 

Best mirror selfie comments to post

  1. You and your selfie never fail to impress me. 
  2. With such a pic, you’re making many people jealous. 
  3. Because mirrors don’t lie. 
  4. Well, your other posts are fine, but this one.
  5. Love the light reflection, it makes this selfie perfect. 
  6. Wow, you look perfect today. 
  7. I just can’t get my eyes off this picture. 
  8. You’re becoming a master at taking selfies. 
  9. Mirrors have doubled your smiles. Love this post!
  10. You don’t brag, but your pictures say so.
  11. Everything is now clear just like a mirror. 
  12. How do you look so amazing in every selfie?
  13. Share me some tips to capture the pic like this.
  14. Nothing is perfect in life, but your mirror selfie. 
  15. Love the captions, but the image. Excellent!
  16. What a great reflection of your personality and mood. 
  17. I love how elegantly I took this picture in front of the mirror. 
  18. You make me take a mirror selfie of myself right now.

Follow these tips to take perfect selfies, to make it a great click.

Funny Comments for Mirror Selfies

Want to make your comments more noticeable and laughable, leave some funny comments. Especially when your best friend has shared the mirror’s selfie posts, share your honest opinion in the most hilarious way possible, like these ones. 

Funny comments for mirror selfies

  1. I can see you bother, you’re there. 
  2. We definitely know you. 
  3. Okay, we’re convinced that you’re not a vampire.
  4. Why are you looking so sad, what happened? 
  5. Never think that you wake up like this. 
  6. Truly an attention-seeker, but this time you did it right. 
  7. I have no reason to hate or love this pic. 
  8. Your selfies actually boost my confidence. 
  9. I don’t get it, you want to show off your new phone, your abs, or your bathroom. 
  10. This proves that in the morning you first take a selfie before anything.
  11. Which photo editing software did you use to make it perfect? 
  12. Nothing is hidden from the mirror. It exposed you, Bro. 
  13. The only reasons you keep your bathroom so clean.
  14. Btw, I like bathroom tiles. I need to have the same at my home. 
  15. So what we have seen so far was all illusion. 
  16. Because a mirror can’t lie.
  17. I see you seeing yourself in the mirror.

Don’t forget to add these Funny Instagram captions for selfies to your posts.

One-Word Mirror Selfie Comments

Sometimes, you want to leave some comments on selfie posts, but don’t have any word in mind other than just ‘Great pic’. In such cases, you need to leave one-word comments that are enough to share your engagement. And it would be perfect if you also add appropriate emoji with it. 

One word mirror selfie comments

  1. Stunning
  2. Reflection
  3. XOXO
  4. Terrific
  5. Gorgeous
  6. Hot
  7. Real
  8. Perfect
  9. Streamy
  10. Glowing
  11. Awesome 
  12. Sparks
  13. Classic
  14. Badass
  15. Fit
  16. Vibes
  17. #MirrorSelfie

Found someone has shared the selfie posts, leave some Good comments for selfie posts.

Never be afraid to express your appreciation to someone. When someone posts a great mirror selfie, your comments on their pic show that their post is something that you more than like. 

Share funny or good comments on mirror selfies or anything. After all, with your engaging comments, you help them to be more confident about themselves. 

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