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Whether constructive feedback or positive comments, each is important for your managers. You want your managers to feel appreciated for their great performance, while you also need to make them feel supported when they fall behind the expected level. 

Being in management, or as a team player, if you want to share feedback comments with your manager, we have prepared some examples here. In this article, we will discuss some positive, constructive, and negative comments you can give to the manager based on their managerial performance and leadership role.

Positive Feedback to Make Your Manager Feel Appreciated

Positive feedback to make your manager feel appreciated

Positive feedback makes your manager feel respected for their performance and skills. But you also need to be sure that your positive comments are unique and not regular. So let us share some unique and positive feedback that boosts your manager’s confidence. 

  1. Having you on board makes me feel confident to take on more challenges. 
  2. We can achieve this big goal and that’s all because of your strategic approach only.
  3. I’m so inspired by your ability to lead the team toward the goal. 
  4. Your prompt decision-making and managerial skills saved us really. 
  5. Appreciate your positive attitude toward every new strategy. 
  6. You are not just a great manager but also a trustworthy leader that this company needs. 
  7. You have proved why you are the best manager in this company. 
  8. You always make your team feel motivated and lead them greatly. 
  9. With your positive influence, you contribute to creating a supportive work culture. 
  10. You have proved your excellence over and over again. 
  11. Your solid communication skills help us to close this deal.
  12. You have the talent to make your way out of the most complex situation. 
  13. I can see how committed you are to your work and this company. 
  14. I have been seeing you growing as a hardworking manager. I value you. 
  15. All thanks to your experience we can overcome this big challenge here. 

Good Comments for Your Manager’s Leadership Skills

Good comments for your manager’s leadership skills

If your manager proved their excellence in handling the team and driving a positive outcome, here are some good comment examples for you. This section is about showing appreciation towards the leadership skills of a manager in your company. 

  1. I like to thank you on behalf of the whole management, you did a great job. 
  2. I appreciate that you are flexible enough to adapt to new situations so easily. 
  3. I think this is a big project and only you can handle it better than anyone else. 
  4. Your role in this project is going to be very crucial. And I’m sure you are ready for it. 
  5. Regarding the deal that we just closed, I like to give you full credit for this. 
  6. You have played a key role and we can make it happen only because of you. 
  7. It is so easy to work with you, you are an experienced, smart, and visionary leader. 
  8. Your positive influence makes the work environment so relaxed and workable. 
  9. With your recent performance, you have shown us your true potential. 
  10. This company is very grateful to have a talented manager like you. 
  11. I would like to thank you for your consistent commitment to leading the company. 
  12. You truly add value to this company and I have some great plans for you. 
  13. You make my work a lot easier with your unique and creative approach. 
  14. The suggestions you shared in the meeting are truly appreciated. 

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Example Feedback for Managers from Employees

Example feedback for managers from employees

Being a team player or employee, you might feel hesitant to express your feedback to your manager. That’s understandable. But when your manager gets appraisal or needs support, you could try these example comments for a manager to make them feel respected.

  1. I can’t thank you enough for your regular support and guidance. 
  2. Thank you for always thinking beyond the line and leading us greatly. 
  3. Working with you is such a great opportunity, I learn something new every day. 
  4. I’m thankful to have you as my leader, I feel like moving in the right direction. 
  5. Thank you for being so upfront about your work expectations in this task. 
  6. I always feel confident having a meeting with you, thank you for inspiring me. 
  7. With your work, you make us work harder and improve every day. 
  8. I’m feeling so encouraged to work with you on this challenging task. 
  9. You have shared some of the best tips that changed my whole perspective. 
  10. Because of you, I feel more confident in the work I’m doing here. 
  11. Thank you for always keeping the positivity in the team. 
  12. I’m a great fan of your leadership skills, good to work with you. 
  13. You are the most experienced and powerful leader I have ever worked with.  
  14. Seeing you giving your best to justify your role in this team inspires us the most. 
  15. It’s so inspiring to work under you. You are the best manager I know. 

Constructive Feedback for Manager to Help Them Improve

Constructive feedback for manager

When your manager faces challenges to accomplish what’s expected, it’s your role to guide them. Maybe they need to improve in some areas and have to change their strategy, which you know better. And with constructive feedback comments like these, you can help your manager.  

  1. Appreciate your recommendation, but we have some other priorities here. 
  2. You should know that the situation is different here. We need a new approach. 
  3. I find your suggestion very helpful and I also have added some feedback on that. 
  4. You have played an exceptional role, and I hope you keep doing the same. 
  5. The strategy you suggested, I think that’s not going to work in this case. 
  6. I think there’s a better way to do it. We should try that from now on.
  7. Expect to make dedicated efforts from your end. Because it’s a crucial task. 
  8. We need more discussion on this topic because I think this concept isn’t clear to you. 
  9. Your performance can improve if we have applied a different approach here. 
  10. Not sure what went wrong here, but you should consider this. 
  11. I told you that this is going to be challenging. No worries, we will work on it. 
  12. I know that you gave your best efforts, but that wasn’t enough, though. 
  13. Appreciate that you want to have full control but it’s good to delegate some tasks. 
  14. We can see that our plan didn’t work this time. We need a new option now.

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Negative Comments for Manager to Correct Them

Negative comments for manager 

It’s not easy to provide negative feedback to your manager, but you have to do it. When you have no choice but to be honest with your manager and expect the change or improvement, here are some negative comments examples. 

  1. The performance isn’t up to the mark, we need some discussion on it.
  2. We are far away from our number, let’s discuss what went wrong. 
  3. We are in the challenging phase and this is when your managerial role is crucial.  
  4. I think we have no time to strategize correctly and we have to face this result. 
  5. This isn’t a time to fake promises, but you have to be clear if you can do it or not. 
  6. You should be aware of this situation. If you warned us, we could do something. 
  7. Because you did the exceptional, we have higher expectations from you. 
  8. Please provide the report on what happened and why we failed this time.
  9. Your strategy didn’t work this time. We need a detailed plan for the next term. 
  10. Appreciate your suggestion, but I don’t think that this is the right time to follow this. 
  11. Thanks, but I see that you don’t seem confident in your plan, Are you? 
  12. What happened to creativity, this isn’t the best work you are known for. 
  13. I would appreciate it if you were frank about your expectations.
  14. I felt that lately, you found yourself defocused from work. What’s going on? 

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s positive, constructive, or even negative, feedback comments always matter. Especially when it’s about managerial roles, your words are even more important. At the time of the appraisal, you want to make your manager feel appreciated and valued. Same when they need some support, your constructive feedback works as guidance. 

Overall, with the discussed feedback and comments examples for a manager, you can express your views on their performance, leadership, and work etiquette. If you feel hesitant to give your manager some feedback or seek some unique comments, you can try the shared examples here. 

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Why is feedback important for managers?

As management, your feedback to the managers in respective departments helps them to understand their performance. If feedback is positive it makes your manager feel appreciated for their performance, whereas negative or constructive feedback works as a guide for them. 

What are some examples of positive feedback for managers?

Here are some examples of positive feedback to give your manager: ‘You have played a great role in this project’s success.’, ‘Your dedication throughout this project is appreciable.’, ‘I’m very confident that you can lead this project better than anyone else.’.

How can I provide constructive feedback to my manager?

It happens when a manager fails to accomplish the given task or goal. Here your constructive feedback works as a suggestion for them. In your review mention very clearly what went wrong and how they can improve in that area. 

What should I do if I need to give negative feedback to my manager?

You need to be very clear and upfront when giving negative feedback to a manager who needs to improve in some area. Talking clearly about your expectation and their limitation works in both favors to achieve the desired results. Importantly, it prevents any misunderstandings that can hurt your professional connection when you stay honest about your expectations. 

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