Stripe Launched in India Officially

Stripe is one of the most well known payment gateways when it comes to reliability and security. Stripe in India, finally launched Stripe is known for being one of the best payment methods & looks like it’s now here in India and things are definitely going to turn around. With so many payment options in India fighting including Amazon, PhonePe, Google Pay, PayPal & many many more – it is going to be super insane to see if leading websites switch to Stripe India payment gateway or not. Is Stripe going to work in India? Whether you’re in India or … Continue reading Stripe Launched in India Officially

Why Do Some IT Projects Fail?

If only software quality assurance analysts get a penny every time they hear that question, they would be rich by now. Most information technology (IT) projects fail due to a myriad of reasons. The more common ones are the limited budget and the very tight timeline. The 2015 Chaos Report released by Standish Group revealed a disturbing trend in software rollout. The company tracked the success rate of software development projects from 2011 to 2015 and found that only an average of 28% came out unscathed. The common thread that unites all successful projects is the adoption of qa services … Continue reading Why Do Some IT Projects Fail?

5 Hottest Factory Automation Technologies in 2019

Nowadays, we are gearing towards the transition to the industrial revolution 4.0 where there will be an exponential growth in productivity, advanced analytics, and software-led system configuration. Automation is one of the building blocks of the new industrial revolution and it has paved the way to a faster and precise production system. Human participation is reduced and productivity is optimized. The physical infrastructure of our existing industrial factories is being bridged into a more digitalized and automated system. Let’s discuss some of the hottest factory automation technologies in 2019. 1. Autonomous mobile robots Roaming around the production and inventory warehouses … Continue reading 5 Hottest Factory Automation Technologies in 2019