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About 80% of people remember a video ad they’ve watched in the past 30 days. In fact, nearly 80% would rather watch a video than read about a product. About 83% of marketers claim videos gave them good ROI, too.

On the fence about using video marketing services for growing a business this year? Read on to discover the benefits of video marketing before making your choice.

After reading this guide, you can make an informed decision with your small business’ future in mind.

Read on to learn more!

1. Generate Brand Awareness

It can take over five impressions with a consumer before they begin to remember your brand. Without brand awareness, you could struggle to generate leads and sales.

Remember, about 80% of people recall video ads.

Working with an experienced video marketing agency can help you create eye-catching, branded video content. As consumers view your videos, they’ll begin remembering your brand. In time, brand awareness will grow into recognition.

You can start remaining top-of-mind with consumers to generate leads and sales in the future.

2. Improve Your SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website content rank higher on search engines like Google. Higher rankings can help you generate:

  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Website traffic
  • Credibility and authority
  • Leads and sales
  • A higher ROI

You can use video marketing services to boost your organic rankings. As you generate more traffic, you can also generate more leads and sales.

With a high SEO ranking, however, consumers might not find your business online.

You can work with an experienced video marketing agency like vivamedia.ca to get started.

3. Build Trust and Loyalty

Consumers might struggle to trust your business if they don’t know much about your brand. You can use your video content to encourage brand trust to grow.

For example, you can give consumers a behind-the-scenes look into your business. You can show them how your products are made to offer complete transparency.

In time, trust can grow into loyalty, helping you generate repeat sales.

4. Generate Engagement

You can also start growing a business with video content for your social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing can help encourage consumers to interact with your brand more often.

Boosting brand engagement can help you remain memorable with your target audience.

5. Boost Leads and Sales

Consumers can learn more about your business through your video content. You can also create video ads to generate more brand awareness and traffic. As brand trust grows, consumers might decide to give your business a try.

You can start generating more leads and sales to boost your ROI.

Now Rolling: Experience These Benefits of Video Marketing Today

Growing a business is easier with a strong video marketing strategy. Start experiencing these benefits of video marketing firsthand. With a video marketing agency at your side, you can apply the latest video marketing tips with help from industry experts.

Then, you can generate more sales to start growing your small business!

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